Lionel Richie’s Ex-Wife Diane Alexander (Bio, Age & Wiki)

Diane Alexander is the famous ex-wife of world-famous singer, Lionel Richie. Although a famous dancer, she did not become famous because of how well she dances but because she was linked to Lionel Richie. Since getting into the limelight, Diane has stayed famous. Nonetheless, she does not seem to be one that is so interested in fame as she keeps her private life away from the prying eyes of the media.

Diane Alexander Height/Age/Weight

Diane Alexander passes for a tall lady. She is five feet and nine inches tall. She also has a weight f 69kg. Her weight alongside her height is responsible for her attractive physique. Although Diane’s weight and height are some of her most obvious physical attributes, she has other physical qualities that are noteworthy. She has dark brown hair, has hazel eye color, and has 8 as her shoe size. That’s not all. She has a measurement of 34-26-35 and has 33B as her bra size. Diane is also a Christian and lives in Los Angeles, California, United States.

Early Life

Duane was born on June 16th 1967 in the US. She is currently 53 years old and is an American by nationality. At the moment, not much is known about Diane’s siblings and parents. This is perhaps because she is not one of the most famous celebrities in the United States.

Diane might be famous as a dancer. She, however, is more than a dancer. She took part in a couple of movies. Some of them are “Forget Paris” where she played the role of a dancer in 1995. She also appeared in Lionel Richie’s video, “Dancing on the Ceiling in 1986.

Diane was not always a famous dancer. Before becoming a popular dancer and meeting her husband, she worked as a waitress. In addition to working as a dancer and waitress, she is also into fashion.


Diane got married to Lionel Richie formally on the 21st of December, 1995. This marriage lasted only eight years as they got divorced in 2003. Although the pair formally became a couple in 1995, they met 11 years earlier. This happened in 1984 in Los Angeles. Lionel was performing in a ceremony organized for the Olympics.

After meeting, they did not go-ahead to become lovers immediately. They stayed friends for a while. However, as the friendship blossomed, they got emotionally connected to one another. This happened while Lionel Richie was still married.

The marriage between Diane Alexander and Lionel Richie produced two children. They are Sofia and Miles. Miles works as a model. Sofia on the other hand is famous on Instagram and is also a model.

Although Diane Alexander and Lionel Richie’s divorce was one of the many divorces in the celebrity world, it became very historic because of the money involved. This divorce is no longer the most expensive divorce. It, however, was one of the most expensive in its time. 

During the divorce process, Diane did not want to leave without getting ample financial rewards. She, therefore, went ahead to request a plastic surgery budget of $20,000. This was to be paid to her every year. She did not end at that. She also requested $15,000 for clothing allowance. At the end of the divorce, Diane got about $20 million from her ex-husband.

Diane’s most famous relationship is perhaps her relationship with Lionel Richie. It, however, is just one of her relationships. The fashion designer is currently romantically involved with Dave Kenney. Before this relationship was confirmed, there was a lot of rumor that she was in a relationship. It, however, was not confirmed. According to word on the street, Diane got engaged to Dave Kenney in 2015. At the moment there are no reports of the couple’s split. This means they are most likely still in a relationship

Diane and Lionel Richie are obviously no longer together. This regardless, a lot of people still call her his wife. This is perhaps because both of them have maintained a good relationship years after their split.

Net Worth

Although Diane was married to a super-rich celebrity. She is not so rich herself. She currently has a net worth of about $500,000. She achieved this because of her many years as a dancer and her job as a fashion designer.

Diane Alexander Facts

Diane has taken part in some movies. One of these movies is Forget Paris. In addition to this movie, she made an appearance in the video of “Dancing in the Ceiling”, a song by Lionel Richie.

She is currently engaged to Dave Kenney. While everyone expects them to get married anytime soon, they have been engaged for five years and things might stay the same for a fairly long time. Dave Kenney, Diane’s fiancé works at the Ventura County Sheriff.

What Did Dain Do with Her Alimony

Diane gained a lot from her marriage to Lionel Richie. The many benefits she got from her relationship with Lionel Richie did not end in marriage. She also benefited from him financially in a divorce. After her divorce from Lionel Richie, Diane got a lot of money. Although certain people expected her to put all this money into a business, she decided to do something different. She seems more interested in maintaining her appearance than in investing heavily in a business idea.

How Did Lionel Richie and Diane Start Out Romantically?

Diane and Lionel Richie were not always lovers. They met as professionals in an event. In this event, Lionel Richie performed the song ‘All Night Long”. Although there was a lot of attraction when they first met, they allowed things to stay dormant for two years.

When this relationship started, it remained a secret for two years. The secret, however, came to an end when Lionel Richie’s wife saw them in bed with Alexander. This was in a Beverly Hills hotel. Things did not go down well as Lionel’s former wife Brenda became violent. This incident led to Lionel divorcing Brenda and getting married to Diane.


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