Howard Stern’s Daughter – Deborah Jennifer Stern Wiki

Jennifer Deborah stern is the second of the three daughters of Howard Stern. Howard stern is a popular actor, a broadcaster, and a writer, married to Alison Berns, a former actress. Despite the fame that her parents have amassed, Deborah is not known as such in the media. 

Despite this, she is also somehow a celebrity. We will discuss some of her life histories that are not well-known. This includes her relationship, education, career, family, and so many other things. Stay glued.

She Is a Daughter to Alison Berns and Howard Stern

Alison Berns and Howard Stern had three daughters together, and Deborah happens to be the second child. Deborah, born on the 9th day of May 1986, has a younger sister, Ashley jade Stern, and an elder sister, Emily Beth Stern. They live in New York City, Manhattan, to be precise. 

About her education, she studied Arts of Teaching at the University of Chicago and graduated with a Master’s degree. She also went further to research literacy, writing, and reading at the University of Pennsylvania and graduated with a Ph.D. degree.

About Alison Berns and Howard Sterns – Her Parents

Without exaggeration, Deborah Stern’s parents are both successful in their fields; they were both famous in the media. Her father, Howard Stern, was well-known as an on-air personality on the radio and the television. He is also well known on-air, he has also written some books as well. 

He started his career as a media personality at WRNW, located at Briarcliff Manor. He has since then hosted a lot of TV shows successfully. These TV shows include The Howard Stern Radio Show (from 1998 – 2001), The Howard Stern “Interview” which lasted for about a year (from 1992 – 1993), and the popular Howard Stern Show in 1987. 

Likewise, her mother, a popular former actress, had featured in many movies, including the Howard Stern Show, the U.S Open Scores, and Private Parts that span through the late 80s to the late 90s.

Her Parents Current Relationship

Howard Stern and Alison Berns are currently divorced; they are not together anymore. The two met in the university they both attended – Boston University. Howard Stern made a student film that year, which Alison featured in; that was their first meeting, and they grew to know each other better. 

They began dating not long afterward and got married on the 4th day of June 1978 when they were 24 years old. Their marriage took place at Temple Shalom Ohabei in Brookline, Massachusetts. Long after 23 years together, the two agreed to go their separate ways in 2001.

Deborah Jenifer Stern Herself

Deborah Jennifer Stern took after her mother and became an actress, although she later left the acting role to become a businesswoman. She featured in three significant movies, “Nudist Colony of the Dead,” produced in 1991, “For the boys,” which was also produced in the year 1991, and Wide Awake.

Notwithstanding, she left the acting role and became a full-time businesswoman. She founded an organization in 2007, and to date, she gives therapy services and counseling.

Her Relationship

Currently, Deborah is 34 years and is happily married to Colin Christy. They both got married on the 8th day of October 2016 and have been happy together since then. They had an elaborate wedding in the presence of a few guests. 

Colin Christy was dressed in a fitting suit at their wedding, while Deborah was also dressed in a white wedding gown. On the other hand, Colin owns two organizations, namely; Geographical Expeditions and Hapa Inaba Designs. 

Her Net Worth

Concerning her net worth, as of 2020, Deborah’s net worth was estimated to be one million dollars from confirmed sources. She is relatively financially stable, and it is confirmed that she earns about six hundred thousand U.S dollars to eight hundred thousand U.S. dollars every year from her business. In addition to this, her husband also makes quite a fortune from his companies and largely contributes to her comfort.

Her Social Media

Deborah Stern doesn’t enjoy the paparazzi that her success may attract, so she decided to stay off social media. Deborah hasn’t been found on any social media platform like Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and many more. No specific reason has been associated with it, but speculations have it that she does not want the attention. The best thing we can do for her presently is respect her wishes.


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