Eugene Levy Wife Deborah Divine Wiki (Age, Married & More)

The name Eugen Levy is a household name. He has appeared taken up many amazing  roles such as Jimmy Murtaugh who was prominent in the Cheaper by the Dozen movies, alongside Noah Levenstein in the American Pie. He also starred in Schitt’s creek as Johnny, which won an Emmy award. This show was aired on major channels such as YTV and Family Channel from 1990 to 1993.

There has been a lot that has been known about this Canadian icon, but not much must have been known about his wife. The name of Eugen Levy’s wife is Deborah Devine. She also has had a few works in the entertainment industry, but she’s not as famous as her husband. 

For most of Eugene Levy’s career, he is married to the woman he loves the most.

Who Is Deborah Devine?

She was born in Canada on August 6, 1959, and was raised in there. Deborah still clings on to her Canadian nationality was tremendous pride. Levey and Deborah began to date in 1973 and got married four years later (1977). 

Not many photos of Devine are available online, but the most common is the one taken with Michelle Obama and other Schitt’s Creek cast.

The couple reiterated their vows in the presence of a massive crowd of about 300 persons. It is about 43 years now since the couple has remained married.

What Does She Do for A Living?

She is a screenwriter with projects such as Higgin Boys and Gruber, and  has Another world and The Edge of Night to her credit. Her most famous work is the Manic Mansion which she wrote. Manic Mansion was a Canadian-American sitcom her husband created in the 1990s.

Manic Mansion is the only thing credited to her on her IMDb profile.

Not much is known about her online, but the information available is quite impressive. According to SuperBHub, she works as a screenwriter, a manager and a producer.

Who are Her Kids?

They have two kids together named Dan and Sarah. Their kids have also amassed success in the entertainment industry. Dan Levy created the blockbuster TV series Schitt’s Creek of which Eugene and Dan both bagged Emmys recently.

Their daughter, Sarah, has been a part of many acting projects, one of which has been the show which she played Twyla Sands. Deborah Devine, although giving birth to thriving children, is a child of a successful Canadian singer too. Her mother, Patricia, was a successful singer who got invited to perform at The Royal Conservatory towards the end of her career. 

Indeed, Devine has quite a hilarious family which seems to be visible from the hit show; she is also fond of making jokes as well. Although the wife of the star doesn’t have an Instagram account, she does have a Twitter handle.

Deborah Devine’s Activity on Social Media

Deborah is quite active on social media, although her presence is strictly limited to Twitter. She maintains a great sense of humor on her social media page. You can be sure to find something hilarious on her page, especially when she messes with her children, hobby, or mum.

On her husband’s birthday, December 17, she gave an exciting shout out to him on her Twitter account. She goes ahead to celebrate him and ends with a compliment about how she admires his anti-ageing quality.

On another occasion, she states one reason why she loves her husband; he keeps it real. She that Eugene Levy placed more importance about not missing his golf game with his friend than hearing the award norms. It was one thing she said keeps her attracted to him; he keeps it real.

She maintains a great deal of love and respect for the family.

What Are Her Hobbies?

She has a strong pull towards music, probably due to her upbringing. Her favorite singer is Louis Armstrong, and she enjoys blues and jazz music. She also loves and enjoys movies, as well. 

She attends most premieres with her husband, and her favorites are – Sleepless in Seattle and Pretty Women.

She is also a big traveler, with a great desire to travel the world. She particularly loves to try out new places. The family is known to take vacations in France and Italy, having homes in Florida and Canada. 

There is no apparent reason why we should anticipate a special appearance from Deborah Devine on the Schitt’s Creek’s final season. She most likely would tweet about being so proud of her whole family. The reasons are quite obvious.


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