Georgia Football Tight End – Darnell Washington

It is no big secret that college football, or just sports in general, have been very different than they were just one short year ago.  With the corona virus affecting not only the entire United States, but the entire world, sports, especially college sports, have barely been able to get underway.  While this is extremely unfortunate, the good news is that college football has been able to successfully resume, meaning that there have been players who needed to be drafted to college teams.  One of these such players is named Darnell Washington, who has decided to commit to The Georgia Bulldogs football team.

With the addition of Darnell Washington, he has been able to turn Georgia Football (although they always seem to do very well no matter who they recruit), into a powerhouse of a college football team, helping to lead them as one of the United States very best football programs.  While a lot of this can be contributed to the outstanding recruitment that Georgia has been extending around the entire country, this is one of those times that Kirby Smart and his support team did good.  For this pickup, they had to go all the way to Las Vegas, Nevada, in order to find Darnell playing at his local school, Desert Pines High School.

Darnell Washington the Football Player

Darnell Washington is what you would consider a very physically imposing player, standing just shy of 6’8” tall and weighing in right around the 265-pound mark.  Known for what has to be most notably his ability to be a very versatile football player, he prefers to play at the tight end position and every single one of the Georgia Football coaches are in agreeance with that.  So, as a Georgia Bulldog Football player, he has been able to comfortable fit in at the tight end position.  While you may be asking yourself, what makes Darnell Washington such a great find, the answer would be because he was ranked as one of the top athletes in the entire nation.

Deciding Which School to Attend

If you are the top ranked anything in the nation, you are going to have lots of eyes on you and lots of people trying to recruit you into their program.  So how exactly did Darnell Washington land on the Georgia Football team as the team that he would play for during his college career?  

Oddly enough, it would actually be a decision that would not take Washington very long to make, as he reportedly sent in his letter of intent to the Georgia Football program several weeks before anybody knew that he had chosen a school to play for and attend.  This is going to be because Washington wanted to keep his decision a secret until he was able to announce it at the Under Armour All-American game.  But why did he decide that he would play at Georgia?  Apparently, playing for the Georgia Bulldogs Football program has been something that he had dreamed about doing since he was just a young child.

Why is Darnell Ranked so High?

When it comes to why Darnell has been ranked among the top talents in the entire country, it is going to be a pretty simple answer, that being that he is just a beast physically.  With a verified 40-yard dash speed that has been clocked at 4.75 seconds, he actually looks to be even faster than that when he is playing against other people on the field.  Essentially, for being so tall and heavy, he has the speed to get moving as well, something that is not often seen in tandem together.  What all of this means, is that when Washington is playing on the field, he not only looks like a natural, but for someone of his size, he runs routes much more fluidly than other tight ends that are smaller than him can.

As if that wasn’t enough, Washington is also able to easily run deeper routes as well, such as the post, back-shoulder fade routes, post corner routes, and of course, go routes.  While he does have a somewhat limited ability to create himself any extra space due to his length, the truth of the matter is that he really doesn’t necessarily need to create a whole lot of space as he has sheer size on his side.  It is going to be this size that makes him such a great target and easy go to for the quarterback.

Another unique aspect to Darnell Washington is going to be that he will not only run the deep routes and other shorter routes such as drags, slants, crossing routes, and flats, but his quarterback will often times toss him the ball when he is in space.  While playing in high school, the Desert High School football coaching staff would often times create plays using bubble screens and screens in order to get Washington the ball in the open space, allowing him to use his skill to get some yards after the catch.  This is going to be because he typically has no problem having to run through any would-be tacklers that may get in his way, as he has the power and the strength to do that.  As if that weren’t enough, he has also been able to add a ferocious stiff arm into his arsenal, helping him remove anybody who may try to get in his way while he is trucking down the football field.

When it comes to football players, there are thousands and thousands that want to make it to the next level.  However, of all those potential talented players, Darnell Washington was able to use his skills and physical abilities to elevate his football playing to a completely new level.  This is the exact reason why he was able to choose which college he wanted to play at, using his football skills to not only get a full ride to college, but to get the education that comes with it as well.  


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