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With so many people out there, it is not uncommon to find somebody every now and again that is just plain amazing.  Not just as a person and in their character, but by the actions that they do and how they are able to dedicate themselves to helping others achieve great things.  This very same thing is going to be something that anybody who has ever met Danni Washington is going to say about her.  So, you may have never heard about Danni Washington or any of the great things that she was able to accomplish.  If this is the case, don’t worry about a thing.  Here is everything that you need to know about what a great human being Danni Washington really is.

Who Is Danni Washington?

Born by the name of Daniel Washington (which she goes by Danni for short), she is an American activist, an amazing artist, and a presenter who goes out of her way to campaign to get the oceans cleaner from plastic and other garbage that always seems to find its way into the water.  One of the great things that she has done to help keep the oceans clean, is that she founded an organization by the name of ‘Big Blue & You’, which is a not-for-profit foundation if you were wondering.  On top of that, she is the host of a STEM-themed television show titled ‘Xploration nature Knows Best’, another titled ‘Mission Unstoppable’, and even a web series that goes by the name ‘Science the $#!* out of it’.  

Growing up in Miami, Florida, Danni actually has a Jamaican heritage.  She would eventually go on to study Marine Science and Biology through the Rosenstiel School of Marine and Atmospheric Science, which was at the University of Miami, earning her way to graduating in the year 2008.  

Danni Washington and Her Career

At just the young age of 21, Danni and her mother would team up together in order and co-founded the non-profit organization, Big Blue & You.  Big Blue & You was essentially a way for activist to team together in order to help teach the younger generation of people about all that the seas and oceans of the world had to offer, as well as the different problems that they had to face on a daily basis.  Essentially, her organization was a way to help get the word out about having everybody do their part in order to keep the oceans clean and trash free.  

Moving forwards, Danni would go on to win $10,000 for what was known as the Follow Your Heart tour, which would be sponsored by Roxy.  She would take her winnings and invest it into starting what became known as the ArtSea Festival, that would take place annually in Virginia Key Beach, Miami, which was aimed at using different crafts, designs, and even interactive stalls to help get children and younger aged people involved with different types of sciences and the ocean.  This particular beach was originally chosen due to the significance that it had as the only beach in the entire Miami area that was open for anybody of color to go to because of segregation during the Jim Crow era.  And if you think that Danni only funded the event, you would be mistaken.  She actually dresses up as the ‘Mocha Mermaid’ for the length of the event, helping encourage as many young women as she possibly can to get into marine conversation.  The event would become so popular, that Danni would eventually be honored by Caribbean National Weekly, giving Danni the honor of a ‘Jamaican Diaspora 20 under 40’, for all of the work that she has done and the time that she has committed to working with and for ocean activism, as well as their love for the ‘Mocha Mermaid’.

In 2016, Danni would began work on her very own television show that would be aired on the Xploration Station programs that would be part of Fox.  Her show was named Xploration Nature Knows Best, and it would discuss the different ways that scientists would take inspiration from all the different things in the natural world in order to help them achieve some of the major feats of innovation and engineering that they were able to achieve.  This show would end up running for two seasons and was considered a great success for Danni, as she would be the very first African American woman who was able to host their own science show.  Danni would then go on to be the co-host of the tv show ‘Science the $#!* out of It’ for two seasons, working alongside comedian Krystyna Hutchinson.  Moving forwards to 2019, Danni would end up becoming part of a team that was led by females and part of the STEM series of shows, this one called ‘Mission Unstoppable’.  

During 2018, Danni would play as an MC for a discussion panel that was at the American Black Film Festival, and then invited as a guest speaker (along with fellow ocean activist Anna Oposa) for the International School Brunel Borneo Global Issues Conference, that would be attended by the Crown Princess of Brunei, Sarah.  This would end up being a big year for Danni Washington, as she would also be awarded a Global Impact Award during the EarthXGlobal Gala, that took place in the Perot Museum of Nature and Science, where she would be alongside the likes of Nike, Garrett Boon, Buzz Aldrin, John R. Seydel III, and Parley for the Oceans.

At such a young age, Danni Washington has been able to accomplish some truly amazing feats.  Whether it be helping shape the young minds of the next generation, or using the organization that she founded to help raise awareness about the oceans, how important they are, and why the human race needs to do their best to help keep them as clean as possible, Danni Washington truly is an inspiration, a great person, has great intentions and a giant heart. 


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