Cody Lane Wiki (Bio, Racing, Age, Foundation)

Born on January 3, 1996, Cody Lane is one of the great American Stock car racers of his generation.  Currently, Lane is competing in NASCAR Xfinity Series, where he is the driver behind the number 27 Chevy Camaro, sponsored by Cody Lane Racing.  While Cody is currently competing in the NASCAR series, he has competed in several other leagues in the past, those including the likes of ARCA Racing Series, as well as the NASCAR Camping World Truck Series.  Here is everything that you need to know about the racing legend that is Cody Lane.

Cody Lane’s Racing Career

Being a native to Missouri, Cody was able to begin his career in racing at the young age of just 4 years old.  While he wasn’t exactly slaying giants on the NASCAR track back then, he was racing go-karts, eventually moving up to bigger cars at just the young age of 14 years old.  Moving his racing to Tennessee during his mid-teen years, his family decided that they were going to move to Florida. 

It is here where Cody would start becoming a regular competitor at the Showtime Speedway and the Citrus County Speedway.  In fact, Cody would even end up competing in the year 2010, the race being called the Florida All Stars Tour.  He would end up finishing tenth overall in series points, as well as receiving the Rookie of the Year award for all of his hard work and effort.  Moving forward, Cody would actually gain enough attention to have a television show made out of his 2011 and 2012 racing seasons, the name of the series being ‘Blue Collar Racing’, which would be filmed by James Sherry and showcase the day in the life of a racecar driver, in this case that driver being Cody Lane.

Fast forward to March 9, 2013, and Cody would finally make his major-league stock car racing debut, that being in the ARCA Racing Series.  He would end up competing in the ARCA Mobile 200, which took place at the Mobile International Speedway.  He would be the driver of what is probably the best team you could ever drive for, that team being his family team, driving a car that was originally driven by the famous Carl Edwards in 2009.  He would start at the 18th spot in the race, eventually finishing in the 25 spot after there was a big accident that would send his car to the outside of the track in turn number 3, sending him to land into the grove trees.  With that being said, in the practice round of the event, he did end up skidding out on the track in turn number 4.  

Fast forward to Cody’s second professional race and he would end up finishing in the 27 spot, that race taking place at the Toledo Speedway.  He would then end up posting his best finish ever, that finish being at the fourteen spot at the Winchester Speedway in June of that year.  While Cody would be racing on his parents’ dime until the age of 18, once he turned 18 years old, he would only race with the money that his sponsors would pay him.  

In 2015, Cody would assemble his own team and try to break into the NASCAR Camping World Truck Series.  The race that he debuted in would be the Bristol Motor Speedway, but unfortunately, he would never get to race as the team would eventually end up failing to qualify for the race.

Taking a couple years off after the failed attempt back in 2015, Cody would end up making his return to the ARCA series in 2017.  The race would be in Daytona, the name being the Lucas Oil Complete Engine Treatment 200.  The car that Cody would be driving was actually built by a group of 75 high school dropouts, the school being in Pasco County, Florida.  After Cody showed up late to the track, he would only be allowed to have a very limited amount of time to test the track and dial his car in. 

However, Cody’s car would be one of the fastest cars to not qualify for the actual race.  Moving forwards, Cody would try to earn his way into several other racing series, all of them ending the same way.  Cody would end up showing up whenever he showed up (which was usually late for his track time), and not qualifying for any of the other races that he tried to qualify for.


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