Life Below Zero Chip Hailstone Wiki (Jail, Age, Arrest)

Chip Hailstone is well known for the part he played in the National Geographic channel’s reality show titled “Below Zero”. The show was about his family and what everyday life looked like for people living in Alaska. The show runs for 11 seasons, with Chip Hailstone being the leading figure and head of the Hailstone home. The reality program showcases the life of Hailstone home, their daily battle and victories, and Alaskan extremely cold weather conditions.

Chip Hailstone enjoys a large base of followership. His reality TV show fascinates the numerous fans who have never been to Alaska and who loved to know what life looked like for people living in the Alaskan deserts, far away from modern, urban life. A lot of lessons can be learned from the show, such as how much the human civilian has grown and what people living under extreme weather conditions do daily to survive. No wonder when the news of his impending incarceration, many of his fans were outraged and tried to write petitions for Chip to escape the prison sentence.

Born in 1969 at Montana, most details of Chip Hailstone’s early background, such as his education, are still unknown. There is no public record of whether he received any formal education. The most exciting aspect of his life is that he acquired most of his life skills directly from his dad, which has been useful for him since he lives in a remote area in Alaska known as Noorvik. Chip arrived at Alaska for the first time when he was 19 years old, and he automatically fell in love with the primitive lifestyle and extreme weather conditions in the area ever since that time. Chip Hailstone went on to marry a native of Alaska due to his love for the region’s lifestyle and culture. 

Why was Chip Hailstone Sent to jail?

Chip’s jail time came due to false claims that he made to state authorities for which he was later found guilty. He misunderstood two state troopers who he went on to accuse of sleeping with his daughters in 2011. The matter was brought before the court of law, and after the competent investigation was carried out about the issue, he was found guilty of making false claims and perjury and served with a jail term.

Chip Hailstone’s Parents and Siblings

A little is known about Chip Hailstone’s early life but it is on record that he was born in Montana but there are no details of his family such as his parent’s names, their profession and the names of Chip’s siblings. In addition, there are no record of whether he had the privilege of formal education.

How long did Chip Hailstone Serve in jail?

Chip Hailstone served his jail term in 2018, and although he and numerous of his fans from across the country did their best to contest the court verdict, he lost the appeal, so he was sent to jail to serve a 15months jail term.

How about Chip Hailstone’s wife?

Chip Hillstone relocated to the small Alaskan town of  Noorvik when he was just 19 and has lived a primitive rural life ever since. He fell in love with the people and way of life in the area, and no wonder he also fell in love with Agnes Hailstone, an Alaskan native. They have been married for many years now with many children.

Number of Chip Hailstone’s Children

Before getting married to Agnes, she formerly had two sons in a previous relationship, but Agnes bore him five beautiful daughters together. Therefore, Chip Hailstone has a total of seven children bearing his name.

Chip Hailstone’s Reality Show

Chip came into limelight through the National geographic channel’s reality TV show titled “Life Below Zero” which detailed the living conditions of the Alaskan people who lived below Sub-Zero temperature. Chip was the main character of the show and he showed fans around the world what people around the suburbs where the living conditions were extreme had to do in order to survive daily.

Chip Hailstone’s Weight and Height

Chip Hailstone is a man of an average stature with his height at 5 feet 8 inches and his weight at approximately 170lb.

What is  Chip Hailstone’s Net worth?

Much is not known about the other businesses or investments that Chip Hailstone may have. However, going by his role in the National Geographic’s “Life Below Zero” reality show, his net worth can be estimated to be roughly around $200,000 or less.


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