Amanda Bearse Wife – Carrie Schenken Wiki (Bio, Age & More)

If you are going to have a conversation about the most well-known and most iconic lesbian couples who live in the USA, you are going to need to mention that of Carrie Schenken and her partner, whose name is Amanda Bearse.  What makes Carrie so exciting, is the fact that she has been able to make a name for herself by being the person who was able to marry Amanda, who just happens to be a very famous television star in the United States.  Aside from Amanda being a very well-known television star, the couple are also very well known for their efforts in fighting for LGBT rights, as well as for the rights of anybody who wants to marry whoever they want to marry.  Here is what you need to know about Carrie Schenken.

Carrie Schenken’s Personal Life

Born on April 24, 1958, Carrie Schenken was originally birthed in Florida.  While not a whole lot is actually known about her education growing up as a child, she has more than likely been able to finish both her primary, as well as her secondary education in the state that she was born in, that being Florida.  As for her college education, she did not actually attend a college, which means that she does not have a college degree of any kind.  With that being said, one of the potential reasons why she was unable to attend college, was because she has worked several different jobs throughout her life that did not necessarily pay her very well.  In fact, she actually used to work many different jobs that paid her so little, that she was barely able to support herself and allow her to live.  She is however, currently 61 years old and has the zodiac sign of the Taurus.

When Carrie Met Amanda Bearse

It needs to be noted that Carrie was able to find herself a job as one of the camera technicians for a large movie industry, having to work that position for some time before she would meet Amanda Bearse.  Which, when you speak about Amanda Bearse at that point in her career, she was filming a whole lot at the time and acting in the television show, ‘All My Children’.  What makes Amanda so interesting in this particular situation, was the fact that she was not only one of the main stars on the show, but she was also acting as the director as well.  

On another interesting note about Amanda Bearse, she would actually come out publicly about her sexual preference being women in 1993.  Moving forwards, after Carrie and Amanda would meet, they would start dating for quite some time before they would decide that they wanted to get married.  Their marriage ceremony would end up happening in 2010, and they are still happily married to this day.  While they would originally meet back in 1993, they were dating since then, but were only able to get marry once the laws were changed to allow same sex marriages.  

Having a relationship and marriage that has lasted so long is something that everybody can take notes from.  What makes their marriage even more special though, is the fact that they were able to adopt two children as well.  What this means is that they have been able to build themselves a family that they can be proud of.  When it comes to relationship goals, the relationship between Carrie Schenken and Amanda Bearse is something that most people can only dream of having.  Luckily the two will continue to have such a storybook relationship moving forwards. 


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