Is if Safe for Guinea Pigs to Have Watermelon Rind?

Guinea pigs might not be the most famous pet humans keep around. However, they are one of the cutest, and it is only normal to give them the best treatment. There are lots of treats humans give their pets. But, are all these treats good for them? 

Watermelon is juicy. But is it safe for guinea pigs to feed on them?

Before finding out if guinea pigs can eat watermelon, you need to know a little about guinea pigs.


Can Guinea Pigs Have Oranges

What are Guinea Pigs?

Guinea pigs are small animals that are usually about 10-11 inches in length. Also, when fully grown, they weigh about 2.5 pounds. When properly cared for, guinea pigs can live to be nine years old. During these years of existence, their teeth do not stop growing. Therefore, they have to chew very constantly as a way of keeping the growth of their teeth in check.

Guinea pigs enjoy socializing and are playful. This is one reason they are fantastic to have as pets, especially for owners that have the time to take care of them.

How Do Guinea Pigs Feed?

Guinea pigs are not known to feed on one type of food. They stay happy and healthy by feeding on various foods. While they feed on various foods, their dishes are majorly made of Timothy hay. Of the many diets, they feed on, about 10% are gotten from different fruits and vegetables. Additionally, they need to get 30 -50 mg of vitamin C every day from their meals. 

This can come either as a vitamin supplement, from their guinea pig food, or from vegetables and fruits rich in vitamin C.

When looking to give your guinea pig the best form of treatment, you will have to feed it filtered, fresh, chlorine-free, clean water, and meals that contain little sugars and fats. Since freshwater is important for guinea pigs to do well, their water must be changed every day.

About Watermelon

Before finding out if guinea pigs can comfortably feed on watermelon, you should arm yourself with facts about this fruit. Watermelon is a famous large fruit that has a red fruit center and a green exterior. It is very watery and juicy.

There are various varieties of watermelon. Some have seeds, and others do not. Watermelon is in the same family as squashes and cucumbers. 

Nutritional Content of Watermelon

Watermelon is a nutritious fruit. Nonetheless, there are certain things it contains that might not be ideal for guinea pigs. It contains vitamin C, fiber sugar, and other minerals and vitamins.


Watermelon has good fiber content. Its fiber content is more pronounced in watermelon rind. Its fiber content is suitable for constipation and helps with the motility of the gut. Although fiber is a good thing, excess fiber can cause unwanted gut motility.


Watermelon contains a lot of sugar. You must bear this in mind when feeding your guinea pigs with this fruit. Furthermore, it includes the right proportion of water. This can help with the maintaining of hydration.

Vitamin C 

This is perhaps the most important watermelon content to guinea pigs as these animals need a good dose of vitamin C to live well.

Vitamin C plays a major role in preventing scurvy. Since guinea pigs are unable to produce vitamin C, one way you can keep them free from scurvy is by letting them have watermelons.

Vitamin C might seem like just any other nutrient. It, however, is of great importance to guinea pigs. In the absence of the right amount of vitamin C, guinea pigs will exhibit symptoms like painful and swollen joints, unhealthy appetite, spontaneous bleeding, etc.

Extra Minerals and Vitamins

In addition to being rich in vitamin C, watermelon also contains additional minerals and vitamins. Some of them are phosphorus, calcium, potassium, and vitamin A. These vitamins and minerals help the body stay healthy.

Is Watermelon Good for Guinea Pigs?

Watermelon comes with lots of health benefits. It also is not free from risks. When the benefits, as well as the risks associated with watermelon, are weighed, it is safe to say guinea pigs can feed on them moderately.

Guinea pigs will do very well when they feed on watermelon occasionally. They, however, might exhibit unwanted symptoms if you give them watermelon in ample quantity.

Are Watermelon Seeds Okay for Guinea Pigs

Watermelons are just fine for guinea pigs. The same, however, cannot be said about their seeds. Watermelon seeds should not be given to guinea pigs as they could choke on them.

Watermelon seeds are slimy, hard, and slippery. Also, they have a size that makes it very easy for them to get stuck in the throat of a guinea pig.

Since watermelon seeds are not okay for guinea pigs, you will have to take out some time to remove them before feeding your guinea pig watermelon.

How to Feed your Guinea Pigs Watermelon

To feed your guinea pigs watermelon, you will need a kitchen knife and a cutting board. Once you have these tools, follow the instructions below to feed your guinea pig watermelon.

  • Ensure the watermelon is at room temperature and is fresh
  • Cut open the watermelon and take out the seeds if it contains any seeds. 
  • Go on and cut off the rind. Once you cut it off, ensure it is discarded. The only time you will not have to discard the rind is if you will give your guinea pig a very small portion of it.
  • At this point, you should chop the watermelon into little bits and serve your guinea pig.

Can Watermelon Cause Guinea Pigs Any Trouble?

Watermelon is generally good for guinea pigs. Nonetheless, it can cause them a bit of trouble. When taken excessively, guinea pigs might deal with issues like diarrhea, bloating, gas, and stomach upset.

There are times these problems do not get worse. Other times, they lead to extra complexities such as electrolyte imbalances and dehydration. These issues might end up making you pay the vet a visit.

Is Watermelon Rind Good for Guinea Pigs

If you must feed your guinea pig watermelon rind, you will need to cut this rind in very small bits. By doing this, you will prevent any digestive issues related to taking these rinds.


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