Are Peaches Good for Dogs to Have? Pits Poisonous?

There is an age-old question about dogs and food, that question being whether or not it is safe for dogs to eat peaches?  To answer that question in just one word, the answer would be yes, your dog is able to eat a peach, but with that being said, it is going to be very important that before you give them the yummy fruit that is a peach, you know all of the details of what will happen when they do eat a peach.

What makes peaches so special, is the fact that right now is going to be the perfect time to learn all about them and what happens when you give them to your dog, August being the best month to do so as it is actually National Peach Month.  Aside from August being National Peach Month, peaches are also going to be packed full of different types of nutrients that are going to be very beneficial for your dog’s health, that is when the peaches are given to them in the proper manner.

While peaches do have the ability to provide your dog with many different nutrients and health benefits, they can also cause your dog to have some very serious gastrointestinal upset and even diarrhea when they are eaten in larger quantities.  On top of that, peaches can also cause your dog a very serious choking hazard in the form of their pit, or even a very serious case of intestinal blockage.

With all of that being said, if you are to prepare a peach for you dog yourself, there is a very good chance that the peach you feed them will be very healthy, as well as a delicious treat for your dog.  But at the very same time, you should always make sure that you check with your local veterinarian in order to be 100% positive that sharing your ‘human’ food with your dog is going to be safe for them.  Here is everything that you need to know about feeding your dog peaches.

Are Peaches Good for Your Dog?

There is no secret that peaches are packed full of tons of minerals and vitamins that can be very good for the health of your dog.  In fact, they contain vitamins C and A, and they are even very low in calories, as well as being high in fiber.  On top of that, they also contain tons of antioxidants that are going to help your dog ward off cancer and even supercharge their immune system. 

As if that weren’t enough to start feeding your dog peaches on a daily basis, they are also very capable of boosting your dog’s kidney and liver functions.  At the end of the day, the final answer is always going to be the same.  As long as you make sure that you give your dog peaches in a very proper way that is in moderation, they are going to be a very healthy snack that you do will love to eat, even being considered as a reward for a special training session.

When Are Peaches Going to be Bad for Your Dog?

When it comes to your dog eating a peach, the main danger is going to be the pit of the peach.  T/his is because pits can be very hard, meaning that if your dog tries to eat one, they are potentially going to cause some serious damage to their teeth, and even their jaws.  On top of that, the pit is also going to be a major choking hazard, or at least at the very minimum cause some type of gastrointestinal obstruction that will require surgery to fix.  This is because the serrated edges of the peach pit are potentially going to cause damage to your dog’s internal organs or mouth.  

Essentially, if you consider yourself a responsible dog owner, you are never going to want to expose them to any type of peach pit.  But for whatever reason your dog does manage to get ahold and swallow one, be sure that you watch them for any signs of a gastrointestinal distress or even contact your vet as soon as you can.  This will make sure that there are no serious complications and that your dog does not have to suffer more than they should for eating a peach pit.  

While there are going to be many different serious issues that can arise when your dog eats a peach pit, there are also going to be some less serious concerns as well.  For example, peach pits are going to contain a very trace amount of cyanide, which is going to be extremely toxic to your dog if it is consumed.  While your dog would need to consume a lot of different peach pits in order for this to really become a serious issue and have to worry about cyanide poisoning, it is only going to be one more reason that you are not going to want to give your dog peaches unless they have been specially prepared by you.

When you do take the time to remove the pit of the peach, the actual fruit is going to be very beneficial for your dog to eat.  Just make sure that you know exactly where the peach that you are feeding your dog comes from and be sure that you wash them very thoroughly.  This is going to be because there are many peaches that you will find in the grocery store that will contain some very harsh herbicides or pesticides that are going to be very bad for your dog to ingest, even being able to make them sick if they are ingested.  

No matter what your ultimate plan is when it comes to feeding your dog peaches, be sure that you spend some time speaking with your local veterinarian in order to make sure that you are going about the whole process in the safest manner.  This is going to be the safest way that you will be able to feed peaches to your dog.


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