Is it Safe for Cats to Have Mushrooms?

If you are in a dilemma and want to know if cats can eat mushrooms. The answer to it is that it depends. Many stores state the mushrooms are safe for cats, many of the cats enjoy eating them. However, they are not allowed to eat the mushrooms which are wild, as the wild mushrooms are poisonous. It is better though not to add mushrooms in the cat diet. You can use it as a treat sometimes at the max.

Many people who are vegetarian consider them an alternative to meat. Many of us even like them in our daily food such as pasta, stews, soups and omelets to make our food better. It is also very healthy for us. If you are cooking mushrooms in your kitchen and know a perfect recipe made of mushroom and find that your kitty is very interested and wants to take a bite.  Well, it is better to always ask your vet before you start sharing your food with your feline friend.


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Why Do Cats Want to Eat Mushrooms?

You might want to know why your cat might like to snack on mushrooms. You might want to know how they choose their food or what suits their taste buds. Food scientists have researched a lot and have proved that they don’t have sweet taste buds, but they surely can smell the flavor of umami. Mushrooms have glutamate which is also an amino acid which has a main component which is similar to umami foods.

Is It Safe for Cats to Eat Mushrooms?

Now that you know that cats may feel like eating mushrooms, you might want to think about their safety, because not all mushrooms are safe to eat. First of all, cats should not be allowed to eat mushrooms. Any fungi is not a good food for cats, be it the one in your garden or the ones you find in a forest. However, make sure you avoid the wild mushroom as it is poisonous when it comes to cats. You should never feed them to your cats. Mushrooms sold in the stores are alright to feed but make sure they don’t eat the psychedelic mushrooms, as these are very harmful. The mushrooms available in stores which are alright to feed your cats, include cremini, button and portobello mushrooms.

The mushrooms have a little amount of protein in them, so if practically looked at it, meat is better than mushrooms. It is also very easily digested as they have already adapted to this food style. However, mushrooms can help in improving the kidney and the liver functions of a cat, if they are given in very small amounts. Mushrooms have antioxidants that can prevent cancer.  If your cat is plump, it will help you reduce the weight, as it has very less fat in it. However, the cat’s body responds to mushrooms depending on their body type. Hence, it is always advisable if you consult your doctor before you proceed.

General Idea

It is common sense that any mushroom which is not suitable for human consumption should not be given to cats either.  Even the ones you buy for yourselves might not be the ones that would be good for your cats. This is a fact that cats love the taste and flavor of mushrooms and find them very savory. However, it does not apply to your cat. If the mushrooms ingested are not good, they can lead to stomach upset, diarrhea, gas and even vomiting. Having a bit of the mushroom you are having would not hurt them but still you should be very careful. Many cats have been found to love the portobello mushrooms and shiitake mushrooms. However, this should be cooked before feeding them. You should never add salt or any spices while feeding mushrooms to your cats.

Specific Problems

 Many mushrooms have various toxins such as Muscarine, Isoxazole, Amanitin or Psilocybin, all these toxins can add to severe problems for your cats. In this case you should immediately visit your vet. Do take the sample of mushroom which your cat has ingested.


If you see a symptom, indicating your cat is poisoned by mushroom, such as vomiting, lethargy and diarrhea. Take your cat to your vet. Generally, cats poisoned by mushrooms undergo usual treatment such as induce vomiting and activated charcoal administration to collect the toxins. Fluids generally IV are given to stabilize the condition of the cat. It is advisable not to give mushrooms to your cats as it leads to severe problems for the cats.


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