Is if Safe for Bearded Dragons to Have Strawberry?

When it comes to strawberries, they are going to be considered one of the most popular fruits on the entire planet.  With that being said, wouldn’t be nice if you were able to share that same delicious snack with your bearded dragon?  If you are any type of responsible pet owner, there is a very good chance that you have wondered about what would happen if you shared some of the delicious food that you eat and love with your bearded dragon. 

Taking that one step further, there is also a very good chance that you have been enjoying some strawberries one afternoon, wondering if it would be alright to share that same strawberry with your beardie?  Here is everything that you need to know about strawberries and whether or not it is a good idea for you to feed them to your bearded dragon.

What Exactly is a Bearded Dragon?

Before you can really answer whether or not it is ok for you to feed a bearded dragon a strawberry or not, you must first understand what type of animal a bearded dragon really is.  When it comes to bearded dragons, they are essentially going to be a little reptile that has been grouped into the category that is referred to as ‘desert lizards’.  This is going to be because their natural habitat is a dry, warm environment.  They are going to fall under the genus Pogona, sharing that same genus name with eight other species of bearded dragons.  The eight different types of bearded dragons are going to be distinguishable from each other and even named after the different types of spines that they are all going to contain underneath their necks and chins.

As for how bearded dragons originally got their name, it is going to be form the armor of spiny little scales that include a ‘beard’ under their chin, also being referred to as a group of spikes.  On top of that, they also have a neck that will puff up depending upon the type of mood they are in, normally only puffing up when they have been upset.  This is a defense mechanism that helps them to seem larger to anything that is upsetting them or even trying to intimidate them.  You can think of this as the bearded dragon’s attempt to be like a King Cobra snake, as that particular snake has a hood that pops out to make it look larger than it actually is to an attacker or predator.  

What Does a Bearded Dragon Normally Eat?

If you do not have a pet bearded dragon, you may be wondering what it is exactly that beardies are actually going to eat?  On top of that, you may also be wondering how exactly they eat that same food?  Do they use their razor-sharp teeth to shred it apart before swallowing it?  With so many great questions floating around about beardies and their eating habits, here is what you need to know when it comes to bearded dragons and their diets.

Believe it or not, beardies are actually going to most commonly consume different fruits, vegetables, greens, and insects.  This is because they are going to be considered an omnivore, which means that they are able to eat both meat (like a carnivore), as well as plants (like an herbivore).  

Depending upon the age of the bearded dragon is going to determine how much meat or plants they are going to eat on a regular basis.  The young and immature beardies are going to tend to be on the carnivorous side, meaning that they are going to eat much more meat than they do plants.  This is going to be at roughly an 80% meat to 20% plant ratio on a daily basis.

The adult beaded dragon, however, is typically going to do the exact opposite of its younger counterpart.  They are normally going to eat many more plant foods than they would meat foods.  In fact, as for the percentages, it is going to be a complete opposite from when they were younger, eating a diet that consists of about 80% plants and only 20% meats.

As a rule of thumb though, most bearded dragons are going to require a diet that is essentially going to be 50% plant based, as well as 50% animal based in order to maintain a healthy and long life.

Can Bearded Dragons Eat Strawberries?

When it comes to fruits, there are actually many different ones that are acceptable to feed your bearded dragon, as long as they are only fed a small amount and it is only on an occasional frequency.  And yes, strawberries are included in this list of acceptable fruits that you can feed in your bearded dragon cages.

However, you are going to need to keep in mind that there are many different types of fruits available to you that are not only considered to be extremely acidic, but they can also be packed full of sugar, meaning that they will be very difficult for your beardie to digest it all.  This is going to be the exact reason that you are going to limit the amount of strawberries and other fruits that you decide to give to your beardie, that norm being only about one time per month or so.  

As if giving your beardie some digestive trouble isn’t enough, you also have to keep in mind that bearded dragons have evolved in an area that is very scarce in water.  This means that they are not going to require very much of it, getting most of their hydration from the foods that they eat.  Since strawberries contain a lot of water, when you feed your beardie too many in a short amount of time, you are going to eventually give them diarrhea from all of the excess hydration in their system.  Once they get diarrhea, they are then going to be at a much higher risk for becoming dehydrated, as diarrhea will drain their body of their hydration.


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