Is if Safe for Bearded Dragons to Have Banana?

Bananas are tasty, and virtually everyone loves them. In addition to being loved by humans, animals also love them. One of these animals is the bearded dragon. 

Bearded dragons might love bananas. However, are bananas safe for them? Let’s assume bananas are generally safe for your bearded dragon. What is the quantity of bananas these animals can eat comfortably without facing any danger? Also, how often can bearded dragons eat bananas?

Bananas are generally safe for bearded dragons. The only issue is the frequency at which they can consume this fruit. D you want to avoid any health challenges, it is safe to feed bearded dragons with bananas one to two times every month.

Why Should Bearded Dragons Eat Bananas Just Occasionally

 Bananas are rich in minerals and essential vitamins. When they are taken in small doses, bearded dragons can get certain benefits from them. Some of these benefits are;

  • Bananas contain minerals such as calcium, magnesium, and iron. These minerals make the tissues and bones stronger.
  • Antioxidants that lower the risk of a heart problem occurring. They also lower the body’s cholesterol level.
  • Potassium, which plays a role in preventing kidney problems, reduces the retention of water and helps the muscles function at their optimum
  • They contain vitamins C and A help bearded dragons’ growth, reproduction, vision, and immune system.

Bananas are very rich in nutrients. Due to this, all your beardie needs is just a tiny bit. When bearded dragons eat bananas regularly, the outcome is not usually good. Eating bananas frequently can either kill or paralyze your bearded dragon.

Why is this so?

The reason for this is quite simple. The ratio of phosphorus to calcium in a banana is high. It is a ratio of 3:1. This means the proportion of phosphorus to calcium in bananas makes it dangerous for bearded dragons to take a lot of bananas.

Bearded dragons get to keep their bones strong by taking a lot of calcium. Beyond just keeping their bones strong, bearded dragons need calcium to stay healthy. If, for any reason, a bearded dragon feeds on a meal that is rich in phosphorus, the ratio of phosphorus to calcium in such meal has to be balanced or close to balanced. The ratio of phosphorus to calcium should either be 1:1 or 2:1. If the proportion is more extensive than this, it will be impossible for the bearded dragon to get the calcium into its system. This is because the phosphorus will bind with it and prevent it from getting into the dragon’s body system.

When this happens over a long period, it can lead to depleted calcium in the body.

When a bearded dragon regularly feeds on a meal that is low in calcium and high in phosphorus, it could suffer from metabolic bone disease, also known as MBD. This disease causes the animal to feel a great degree of pain. In extreme conditions, it could lead to paralysis. This explains why it is ideal that bearded dragons take bananas in very small doses or just two times every month.

Although very high phosphorus levels in bananas are enough reason for bearded dragons to avoid them, there are other reasons these pets should take bananas in small doses. When ripe, bananas contain a lot of sugar. Just like humans, bearded dragons will not have any issues when they take a bit of sugar. Nonetheless, when sugar is taken in excess, it could lead to various health issues. Obesity is one of them.

 When some dragons take fruits in excessive amounts, they could avoid veggies altogether. This is one reason you should make fruits a small part of your bearded dragon’s meal.

How Should Bearded Dragons Eat Banana

Now that it is settled that bearded dragons should take bananas in very little quantity, you should know how these bananas should be eaten. 

Should the bananas be peeled or not? Should they be sliced?  How should these reptiles take bananas to get the best out of them? There are various answers to the above questions because there is no exact way for bearded dragons to eat bananas. This means you will need to discover what your pet is most comfortable with. To make this discovery, you have to try out various methods of giving your beardie bananas. Some alternatives you should give a try are;

Sliced Without the Peel

If you do not want to feed your pet banana peels, it is okay to peel the banana before slicing it into small bits. 

Sliced with the Peel

If you are not scared of your pet being affected by a pesticide on the banana peel, you can slice the banana alongside its peel. This might not seem like much. Nonetheless, bearded dragons like the banana peel like they like the fruit itself. Your pet will be able to get a lot of nutrients from the banana. In addition to this, the banana peel contains extra nutrients.

It is okay to put your sliced banana in your pet’s food bowl in the absence of other fruits. However, if you want its meal to be colorful, feel free to include other fruits. Eating unpeeled bananas might not be so easy for your pet. You, therefore, need to slice the banana into very small parts, so eating it is easy. 

Unsliced With its Peel

This is very straightforward. Put an unpeeled banana in your bearded dragon terrarium. To make it easy for your pet to eat the banana, put just half. This should be left for about a day. Once it stops being fresh, take it out of your bearded dragon’s cage. 

Peeled and Unsliced

This includes feeding your pet with the banana in very much the same way as humans will eat bananas. This adds some fun to the feeding process. Peel the banana and hold it for your pet to chew.

What Fruits are Bearded Dragons Comfortable With?

Beardies enjoy eating fruits. This is perfectly okay. It only starts getting bad if the proportion of fruits it takes exceeds that of insects and vegetables in its meals. Some fruits beardies are comfortable taking are


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