What are the Top Grain Free Wet & Dry Cat Food Brands?

If you are going to keep your feline friends healthy and happy, you will have to check on the type of food you give them. Do we have a specific diet that they should stick to? Not really.

But you can take it upon yourself and get to know your cat. Know what type of foods it loves and what types just don’t work for her or him.

You might come across cats that develop allergic reactions when they feed on some foods. In most cases, grains have been known to cause the reactions, just like for human beings. 

In that case, you want to ensure that grains don’t go anywhere near your dear feline friend. Most manufacturers always advance their grain free food as being healthy for your cat.

While that is partly true, you can’t take their word for it. You will be surprised to realize that some go ahead and add huge amounts of fillers and additives or maybe fats in the place of the grains.

At the end of the day, these might affect your cat’s digestion and maybe make it overweight. That is why we undertook a research to identify the best grain free food. Take a look.

1. Taste of the Wild (*Best Grain Free Dry Cat Food)

This was the best overall grain free cat food. Your cat stands to gain a lot of nutritional benefits from this brand. 

To begin with, it is comprised of some healthy proteins that won’t give your cat problems when it comes to digestion. They have been obtained from whole foods including peas and chicken.

In fact, the proteins account for 42% of the total ingredients. Besides, it also has about 4% fiber which is necessary when it comes to digestion. It will also keep your cat satiated for long periods, and will help if you don’t want it to gain weight.

Even better, the fat content has been kept at the minimum. The serving contains about 390 calories and fat only accounts for 18%. 

No artificial additives or fillers have been included. Instead, we have some essential vitamins, anti-oxidants and mineral salts to boost your cat’s immune system. 

Taste of the Wild is the best brand for both your young and adult cats.


  • Has a high protein content
  • Can be used for cats of all ages
  • No artificial additives


  • The carb content is high
  • Inadequate hydration

2. Blue Buffalo Wilderness

In the second place, we present this Blue Buffalo Wilderness grain free cat food. It has everything your feline friend would need to satisfy their sweet tooth and keep them healthy.

To start with, it features deboned chicken as the main source of protein. This would be your cat’s favorite given their natural attraction to meat. Plus, it also includes other plant-based protein components.

The proteins account for about 40% of the total components, and will go a long way in helping your cat develop those lean muscles.

Moving on, it also features some essential vitamin supplements and mineral salts that will be vital in replenishing your cat’s skin. 

As far as the nutritional content is concerned, it strikes a balance between healthy carbohydrates and healthy fats – they account for 18% of the total components.

Blue Buffalo has a 4% fiber content and each cup serving contains a calorie count of 435. Finally, the brand contains some fatty acids to support your cat’s body growth and some magnesium.


  • Has a high protein content
  • It supports skin and coat health
  • Has no preservatives


  • Only meant for adult cats
  • The hydration is inadequate

3. Purina Pro Plan (*Best Grain Free Wet Cat Food)

For a healthy and gluten free cat food, Purina Pro Plan can be a great shot. Unlike the first picks, this one is a wet diet plan that will fit those pet owners who love to feed their feline friends hydrated food.

Purina has no traces of grain substances so it will be a perfect match for cats that often have stomach upsets and allergic reactions. Besides, it also has no artificial additives or preservatives. Neither does the diet plan include any food colors.

As for the protein content, it accounts for 11%. Chicken meat forms the larger part of the proteins, with minimal supplements from liver and other meat by-products.

The calorie count and fat content has also been kept at the minimum. A single serving contains about 103 calories. If you want to manage your cat’s weight or if they are diabetic, this is it.

Even better, there is sufficient hydration as moisture accounts for 78% of the components. It also has about 1.5% fiber, 5.5 % fats, some fatty acids, and minerals to help with maintaining a healthy skin.


  • Has low calorie count
  • Has healthy vitamins and minerals
  • Has enough water content


  • Meant for adult cats only
  • Low protein content

4. Purina Beyond

Another Purina product found its way to the fourth slot. It has been approved by veterinaries and nutritionists as being fit for consumption by your pets.

Purina Beyond, unlike the last pick, has a different source of proteins. Whitefish and eggs are the main suppliers of protein. These make up for 35% of the total components. 

The cat food also boasts of healthy and whole food ingredients. It has no traces of chicken by-products. Neither does it contain gluten, wheat or soy. Also, there are no artificial additives or food colors included.

The fat content has also been kept at the minimum (14%) to ensure that your cat remains healthy instead of gaining weight in the long run. 

Thanks to the added mineral salts and essential vitamins, you will not have to go looking for separate supplements as the serving is balanced. 

On the downside, however, Purina Beyond lacks enough water content. With moisture accounting for 12%, you will have to find some clean water for your cat.


  • Has high protein content
  • Has enough fiber
  • Has low fat content


  • High in calorie count
  • Inadequate hydration

5. Wellness Core 

According to the manufacturers, this food cat has been specially mixed such that it closely resembles the food in the wild that would attract your feline friend. It is therefore highly probable that your pet will like it.

The first point would be to note that the packet includes quality proteins obtained from whole food substances that will be of great value to your cat. Given that the concentration is pretty high (45%), it will work perfectly in helping your cat maintain lean body mass.

Deboned chicken is the primary source of the protein.

Unlike most of the cat food, this one includes some key supplements including glucosamine hydrochloride. These are very effective in maintaining a healthy cartilage by repairing damaged one and slowing down the breakdown of healthy ones.

There is up to 3% fiber obtained from dry kelp. This will step in and make sure your pet stays satiated always and that it does not overeat. 

Finally, Wellness Core contains some cranberries that prohibit multiplication of unhealthy bacteria around your cat’s urinary tract area.


  • Has high protein content
  • The fat content is low
  • Has high fiber content


  • Meant for adult cats
  • Less moisture content

6. Weruva 

For a wholesome and well-balanced cat food, Weruva is the ultimate choice. The package boasts food substances obtained from natural sources that pose no health risk to your feline friend.

Weruva has no traces of gluten or grains. It is also not filled with GMO products that would be risky for consumption. Starch-based products including potatoes have not been included.

Besides, the package comes with low but healthy fats having been obtained from omega 3 and 6. The calorie count is also significantly low as a serving only contains 64. Protein has been sourced from tuna and locus beans, among others.

On the brighter side, enough water has been included in the composition. Moisture content accounts for 83%, and it would not necessary to find some separate clean water for your cat.

Although low, there is some fiber that has been included to help with your cat’s digestion. It will also come in handy in keeping your cat full, so it doesn’t eat too much or too often.

Weruva is the perfect meal plan for pet keepers who want to keep their cat’s weight in check.


  • Contains low carb content
  • More water content
  • Meant for all cats


  • Low proteins
  • Low in fiber 

7. Blue Buffalo Freedom

Blue Buffalo has been manufactured for indoor cats in such a way that they can still benefit from everything a wild cat would. Still, their interests have been taken into account and they wouldn’t grow obese.

As always, we start by emphasizing that only healthy food substances have been used in the composition of the food. Whitefish is the key source of proteins and they account for 32% of the total ingredients. This will aid in the development and repair of its muscles.

No grain, soy, corn or wheat substances have been included as fillers. This will be a perfect blend for cats that develop reactions towards certain food types. Also, it is gluten free and non-GMO – no meat by-products are added.

Blue Buffalo Freedom contains some vital minerals and vitamins that will give your cat strong eyesight. They will also improve the health of its cartilage and muscles. Plus, there are some anti-oxidants to ensure your cat’s coat remains healthy.

Blue Buffalo is manufactured in temperatures that are low to ensure it remains fresh.


  • High protein content
  • Adequate fiber
  • Low in fats


  • Has high calorie count
  • The moisture content is low

8.Merrick Purrfect Bistro

If you own some grown cats that need a healthy and balanced diet, Merrick Purrfect Bistro is here with a solution. All ingredients used here are clean farm products obtained from whole foods and other animal protein.

At the top of the ingredients is the deboned salmon which has been used as the primary source of proteins. The same has been supplemented with some chicken and turkey meals, and some minimal plant based proteins from peas.

As for allergens, no wheat, soy or corn has been included in the make-up. There is no gluten or dairy based products as well. 

Your cat’s skin has been taken into consideration. It is because of this reaso0n that some fatty acids including omega 3 and 6 have been included, so that the coat is healthy at all times.

Since the target audience is home cats, the amount of fats and starch has been reduced to ensure they don’t become overweight and be exposed to certain conditions including obesity.

As dry food, it is not sufficiently hydrated so you will need some water.


  • High protein content
  • Contains omega 3 and 6
  • Enough fiber content


  • Only for adult cats
  • Inadequate water content

9.Natural Balance

As the name suggest, this cat food has attempted to strike a balance between the individual classes of food such that your cat gains maximum nutritional benefits from each.

To start us off, there is relatively high protein content included in the ingredients. The protein is majorly obtained from salmon which is natural and of high quality. It will help in the development of your cat’s lean muscles. 

You will also be pleased to note that quality carbohydrates have been used here. Since the intention is to accommodate allergic cats, no wheat products, corn or even soy has been used.

Instead, they have been replaced with green peas.

In addition to salmon, some fatty acids have been included for instance both omega 6 and omega 3. These help with the health of your cat’s skin and coat. The fats account for 12% of the ingredients.

As for the calories, they are a bit high. Each cup has a calorie count of 410. There is about 7% fiber content to help with your cat’s digestion.


  • The proteins are enough
  • No artificial additives
  • Has healthy fatty acids


  • High calorie count
  • Minimum water content

10.Blue Freedom

This Blue Freedom cat food was slated in the 10th place, having met all the dietary requirements necessary for the good health of your cat. To set the mood, we note that the cat food is meant for cats of all ages, and especially indoor cats.

Among the ingredients are some cranberries. These are super foods that are very important when it comes to the wellbeing of your cat’s urinary tract, as they prevent the multiplication of bacteria.

Natural fibers have also been included to see to it that your cat remains satiated for longer periods and that the digestion is smooth and easy.

To minimize the chances of your cat becoming overweight, the amount of fats and calories has been kept at the minimum. The former accounts for about 6.5% while the latter stands at a count of 97 per each serving.

Blue Freedom also includes some omega 3 and 6 fatty acids for a healthier and shiny cat coat. 

However, the protein (with chicken being the main source) content is very low.


  • High in water content
  • Contains a low calorie count
  • Has healthy fatty acids 


  • Low protein content
  • Low fiber content

What to look out for When Buying Cat Food

Knowing the various brands of cat food is one thing. Being aware of the factors that you will consider before buying a given brand is another thing. 

You see, each manufacturer uses different ingredients when processing the cat food. Some will add tones of fillers and additives, or maybe food colors. Some will include GMO products in the ingredients.

On the other hand, some manufacturers will be keen to use natural food substances obtained from whole foods. So, it all boils down to your feline friend’s preference. You should know him well to find the right food.

Does he react to certain food substances? If so, which ones? 

In this section, we point out some key aspects that contribute to the buying process.

Customer reviews 

The first factor that you want to consider before buying a particular cat food brand is going through the customer reviews found at the platform you want to buy from. 

In most cases, you will not be able to tell the effects of a certain food type until you have bought and tested it. This is especially the case if you are making the purchase from an online platform. 

But what is the point of buying something then leaving it lying idle just because your cat wouldn’t take it? You can prevent such incidences by checking out what previous buyers are saying about the food product.

If negative comments are too many, you should avoid it and check out the next type. However, such comments might not carry much weight since individual cats might react differently.

So, you want to ensure that the negative comments are more than 10 before making that decision.

Artificial additives 

Always make sure that you go through the ingredients engraved on the food to find out what has been included. In that line, leave out those foods that have too much artificial additives.

That also includes things like food colors and sugar alcohols. While you cannot take what has been written there as the gospel truth, it might go a long way in identifying non-healthy foods.

Just so you know, the artificial additives can cause stomach discomfort to your feline friend.


You should also ensure that the food has no allergens included, especially if you cat is allergic. While there could be no grains, there are other things that might cause adverse effects upon consumption.

Check to see that the food has no wheat, soy, or gluten.

Nutritional benefits 

At the heart of the cat food is the nutritional benefits it can give your cat. There would be no need to go for something that has no nutritional value. Here are some of the benefits you might consider.

Amount of proteins

There should be significant amount of proteins among the ingredients. These will help in the development of your cat’s body and lean mass. As such, ensure that there is 30% protein content at the minimum.

In addition, ensure that the proteins are obtained from high quality food substances such as chicken or whitefish.


Fiber is an essential component of cat food since it has numerous nutritional benefits. To begin with, it will help in your cat’s digestion.

Further, fibers also ensure that your cat remains satiated at all times so that it does not end up eating too much. 


Ensure that the cat food has healthy fats that are obtained from natural plant sources or otherwise. You might want to give some priority to those with fatty acids like omega 3 and 6 since they will give your cat a healthy skin.

However, the fat content should not be very high as it can be dangerous for indoor cats.


There is a good and a bad side when it comes to keeping a cat as a pet. On the bright side, they will be fun having around especially if you love their company. On the other side, it will be a tedious task if you don’t know how to look after them well.

At the top of the list is how well you are able to meet their dietary requirements. As indoor cats, they will not have the freedom to look after themselves as wild cats would. So you have to find cat food that will keep them healthy and happy.

We recommend the Taste of the Wild. It has been specially processed in such a way that your indoor cat still gets what a wild cat would. One, the brand incorporates 42% proteins that have been obtained from chicken as the primary source.

Peas has been used to supply some starch in the place of grains and other allergens like wheat, soy and corn. Thus, your allergic cat will take it very well. There is some healthy fats and some fatty acids including omega 3 and 6 that will maintain your cat’s coat.

Also, no artificial colors or additives have been included in the composition.

Get your feline friend this cat food and watch him grow healthier.


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