What are the Top Sensitive Stomach Dog Food Brands?

There is many evidence that states pooches too might have sensitive stomachs. Many times, the food given to the dogs is the main culprit for a sensitive stomach. It is very important to choose the correct food to eat. Hence, you should know what to feed them so that you can make a list of dog food which you can feed your dog with a sensitive stomach.

You should make sure that you get the dog examined by your veterinarian and understand if they are suffering from any ailment or just a sensitive stomach. It is necessary because several health issues can also have the same symptoms and you would not want your dog to suffer from them by thinking that they have gastrointestinal problems. However, if it is confirmed that it is just a sensitive stomach you can get a lot of benefits from food items which are specially designed for dogs suffering from a sensitive stomach.

Some of the Best Dog Foods for Sensitive Stomachs

Just like humans, some dogs also suffer from a sensitive stomach. If you give then anything to eat it may result in an upset stomach, vomiting, and even diarrhea. If your pooch also suffers from a sensitive stomach, then you should always give it something to eat that will not harm the animal in any way. There are several dog foods in the market that are especially made for mutts with a sensitive stomach. If it is the first time for you, choosing the right product among so many may prove to be rather confusing. To make things simpler for you, here are some of the best dog foods that are designed for pets with a sensitive stomach.

1. Hill’s Science Dog Food for Sensitive Stomachs

When it comes to dogs with sensitive stomachs, nobody understands their problem like Hill’s Science Diet. There are several dog owners who have used their dog foods for their mutts and have given excellent reviews of their products. The Hill’s Science Dog Food for Sensitive Stomachs comes with an exceptional nutrient profile that makes it extremely suitable for dogs with a sensitive stomach and skin issues.

The Hill’s Science Dog Food for Sensitive Stomachs has worked like a charm for many dog owners who have pooches suffering from gastrointestinal sensitive stomachs. It features a unique mix of natural ingredients and has several key features. The Hill’s Science Dog Food for Sensitive Stomachs has 366 kcal per cup, 19.2% minimum protein content, 12% minimum fat content, 8% maximum moisture content, 4% maximum fiber content.


  • Contains prebiotic fiber to help the digestive system
  • Made with natural ingredients
  • Easily digestible to encourage stools and nutrient absorption
  • Made in the US with high quality global ingredients


  • Some say that it is filled with grains

2. Canidae Dog Dry Food

Canidae is another popular brand for dog foods. They have a wide array of dog foods in the market, some of which are extremely popular. When it comes to mutts with a delicate tummy, Canidae has one of the best dog foods to suit their weak digestive system. Named as All Life Stages Single Animal Protein Lamb Meal and Rice Formula, it contains lamb meat as the main source of protein. It is also beefed up by additional ingredients such as millet, barley, and rice. These ingredients are pretty easy to digest and are not at all hard on the tummy of your pooch.

Canidae’s All Life Stages Single Animal Protein Lamb Meal and Rice Formula has been used by several dog owners who have pets with sensitive stomachs at home. They have given excellent reviews about the product. The primary ingredient that helps the digestive system easily absorb the essential nutrients is the presence of cellulose and more than 100 million colony forming units of Lactobacillus acidophilus.


  • Optimum protein from lamb meal for a nutritionally dense formula
  • It is free from common allergens like wheat, soy, and corn
  • Contains antioxidants, probiotics, and omega-3, as well as omega-6
  • The formula makes it suitable for dogs of all ages, sizes, and breeds
  • Apart from premium ingredients, it also contains vital vitamins and minerals


  • Some dog owners say that the formula has changed
  • Some pooches may still suffer from upset tummies

3. AvoDerm Natural Dog Food

Most of you may think that avocados are not good for dogs with sensitive stomachs. The AvoDerm Natural Dog Food contains healthy oils and some special nutrients that are easily absorbed by the digestive system of a dog. As a result of this, it limits the possibility of upset stomach and indigestion in dogs. This is one of the prime reasons behind the popularity of AvoDerm Natural Dog Food making it one of the most trusted dog food for pooches with sensitive stomachs.

AvoDerm is rather proud of the fact that their AvoDerm Natural Dog Food is rather gentle and safe on the dog tummy. This is mainly due to the blend of rice, avocado, oatmeal, and chicken meal in its ingredients. The dog food provides the right amount of protein to support proper maintenance and tissue building.


  • It is absolutely free from wheat, corn, by-product meals, soy, and any artificial flavors and colors
  • Contains high quality premium protein
  • Comes with avocados that is rich in omega-3 and omega-6
  • Contains all the essential vitamins, minerals and antioxidants


  • There have been complains of some dogs still suffering from upset tummy after having this dog food

4. Wellness Limited Ingredient Dog Food

Just by the name you can well and truly understand that this dog food will be one of the best for dogs with sensitive stomachs. It has been formulated with the help of very simple ingredients that makes it simple on the stomach. This makes it one of the most successful dog foods for pooches with sensitive stomachs.

The Wellness Limited Ingredient Dog Food contains salmon as its primary protein source and it is supported by wholesome grains. These grains contain amino acids and peptides such as peas and potatoes. This dog food also contains 20 million colony forming units of gut-friendly bacteria.


  • Free from gluten and wheat
  • Designed to nourish healthy skin with flaxseed
  • Lamb is the primary protein source
  • Made with natural ingredients for dogs with sensitive stomachs


  • Has an unpleasant smell
  • Some dogs do not like to eat the food

5. Purino Pro Plan Dog Food for Sensitive Stomachs

This dog food is especially formulated for mutts with a sensitive tummy. The Purino Pro Plan Dog Food is said to be one of the best for dogs with a delicate stomach. It has been tried by several dog owners with success. This dog food is made with a novel single animal protein that is rich in omega-3 fatty acids EPA and DHA.

As compared to other types of dog foods available in the market, the Purino Pro Plan Dog Food contains a lower amount of protein that makes it possible for dogs to digest it easily. It also makes the food safe for mutts. It is a nice combination of wholesome grains and prebiotics that helps in proper digestion and easy digestibility.


  • Crafted without the inclusion of soy, corn, and wheat for easy digestibility
  • Contains omega-6 fatty acids to improve quality of coat and skin
  • Comes packed with both pro and prebiotic fibers for proper digestion and immune system
  • Contains salmon as the primary source of protein


  • Some dogs do not like it after change in formula

6. Blue Buffalo Grain Free Dry Dog Food

Blue Buffalo is one of those brands for dog food that is popular for its use of ingredients that were used in ancient times for dogs. However, this dog food by Blue Buffalo is slightly different from the rest. It is especially designed for dogs with sensitive stomachs. Thus, it contains 20% lower amounts of protein than its other variants.

This dog food by Blue Buffalo comes with turkey as the primary source of protein for dogs with delicate stomachs. As opposed to popular beliefs, turkey meat is still novel, allowing it to be easy on the digestive system of your dog. There are also peas and potatoes in the dog food that helps in proper digestion. It also comes with 5 strains of gut-friendly bacteria that helps in the overall digestion of the food.


  • Recipe is extremely digestion friendly with turkey, potatoes, peas, and pumpkin
  • It also contain gluten-free grains to assist in the digestive process
  • It is free from beef, wheat, chicken, eggs, soy, corn, and dairy
  • Contains all the essential carbs and protein to boost the energy levels of your pooch
  • Has a neat blend of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals to boost the immune system and maintain a healthy oxidative balance


  • There are 64 ingredients which to some may not sound like limited ingredients

7. Whole Earth Farms Dry Dog Food

This dog food is designed to help dogs that suffer from both sensitive stomach and food allergies. The Whole Earth Farms Dry Dog Food does not have any poultry products and it is also free from cereal grains. Both of these are proved to be highly allergic for some dogs. It contains pork meal as the primary source of protein for dogs.


  • Free from grains
  • Contains beef, pork, and lamb as the sources of protein
  • It is also free from soy, artificial flavors, corn, artificial preservatives, and artificial colors.


  • Some dogs do not like it after change in kibble size
  • Some dogs do not like it

8.Natural Balance Limited Ingredient Wet Dog Food

If you are looking for an expensive dog food for your pooch that suffers from a sensitive stomach, then the Natural Balance Limited Ingredient Wet Dog Food will be one of the best options for you. It contains just 5.5% protein that makes it one of the best choices for dogs with delicate tummies. It contains a nice blend of chicken with healthy starch. To make the dog food really palatable, it also contains chicken liver and meal. It contains 3.5% fat, 78% moisture, 1.5% fiber, and also contains potatoes and sweet potatoes.


  • Made with sweet potatoes to help digestion
  • It is a well-balanced diet for all types of breeds and dogs of all age groups
  • Contains all essential vitamins and minerals to boost immune system


  • Some dogs may not like this food
  • Some dog owners find it has limited ingredients

9. Wellness Natural Grain Free Dog Food

This dog food comes with a higher protein content than the previous product by the same manufacturer. Nonetheless, it is still lower than the protein content found in dry kibbles. This makes it one of the best dog foods for pooches suffering from sensitive stomachs. It contains turkey and potatoes that provide essential protein and carbs to dogs. This combination is also good for the sensitive digestion of some dogs.


  • Comes with an easily digestible formula
  • Designed to nourish dog skin with the presence of flaxseed
  • Turkey is the primary ingredient in this dog food
  • Free from gluten, wheat, and grains


  • Some dogs may refuse to eat it

What Could Cause Sensitive Stomach in Dogs?

Before you look around for causes of sensitive stomachs which are found in dogs, it is more important that they understand the way the food travels from the mouth of the dog to their stomach and gut and then finally gets excreted out in the form of stool through their anus.

It is very much similar to human digestion where the food is chewed in the mouth and mixed with the saliva and is broken down in small pieces of food to initially lead to the main component, carbohydrate. When the mixture of food reaches the stomach, it is digested by several fluids which are present in the stomach. This mixture, then moves to the small intestine where the pancreatic enzymes break it down into simpler form. Carbohydrates are now reduced to fructose, glucose or lactose. The fat is further broken into fatty acids and lipids. Peptides and amino acids are made from the proteins, which are digested. This is a very small component of food that is then absorbed into the stream of blood.

Now the mixture moves to the large intestine, here there are no nutrients which need to be absorbed. So, the water is separated from the mixture and the remaining product is excreted out in the form of stool. Now depending on the fecal matter, your dog might have loose or normal stools. If the stool is excreted fast, then the water content is more. So, the stool would be loose. However, if the movement of stool is slower, more water would be removed to form urine. Hence, the stool would be hard.

The sensitivities of the stomach occur mainly in the digestive tract which causes the stomach ache in dogs. You may find that the irritation may include the following:

  • Irritation in the inner lining of the digestive tract.
  • Digestion problems.
  • Problem with absorbing food.
  • Issues with the transport of the mixture of food through the stomach.
  • Normal Intestinal flora change.
  • Problems in the intestinal wall.

These conditions can happen due to the following reasons.

  1. Food Intolerance:  It is a very huge category of problems that happens due to the failure of digestion. When certain types of food can’t be absorbed because of their nutrient composition it leads to food intolerance. It is very difficult to understand which food will not suit your dog as it is virtually impossible to understand which food would not be digested or absorbed by your dog. If you face such a situation then you need to keep a note of what food items you are feeding the dog one by one and check which ingredient is causing the problem.
  2. Lactose intolerance: It is a very typical type of intolerance that indicates that your dog has zero intolerance to dairy products such as cheese, milk and many other products that are derived from milk. These products when ingested are passed onto the stool without being digested at all. Hence, create stomach problems.
  3. Gluten Intolerance: Some dogs have gluten intolerance. This is a type of protein which is found in grains such as wheat. Only because of this reason many pet food manufacturers don’t include cereals which include wheat, soy and corn.
  4. Fructose Malabsorption: There are many dogs which show signs of diarrhea when they eat fruits or products related to fruits such as beverages and juices.
  5. Normal Intestinal Flora Disruption: The intestine of canines is a habitat to many forms of bacteria. These organisms produce many substances that are responsible for proper digestion and immunity. These bacteria are harmed many times when the harmful bacteria enter the gut and destroy them. This results in the gut becoming incapable of producing the substances which are helpful in creating the enzymes. Thus, leading in problems related to digestion and absorption.

How To Determine If Your Dog Has Sensitive Stomach?

You might be very concerned and might not be able to understand if your dog has a food allergy, diverticular disease or gastritis or maybe some other condition of the gastrointestinal tract. There is no sure shot way to find out the reason for your dog’s condition. However, you can get help from a vet to identify the problem.

The Vet would perform a series of tests and do a thorough evaluation to find out the problem your pooch is facing. While the evaluation the Vet might ask you about what you have observed and other important aspects which might lead to the problem such as the food items your dog has been given. Keep all the information handy. You might even write the information on a piece of paper. While visiting the vet inform about all the details. It would surely help the Vet determine the problem. Listed below are some symptoms which show that your dog might have Sensitive Stomach.

  • Loose Stool
  • Vomiting
  • Less appetite
  • Development of gas
  • Pain in the Stomach
  • Loss of weight
  • Weight gain problem
  • Condition of body is poor

The condition should be properly evaluated by the Vet to understand if this is related to sensitive stomach or any other disease completely. It is required that your dog goes through a physical check at the Vet. They might run some tests to confirm the problem which is a requirement which includes blood tests. The blood test would give the Vet a complete understanding of the heath of the dog. Stool and cholesterol checks are also required to be completed to determine if there is anything unusual going on in the dog’s body. In many cases endoscopy is also required to check the condition of the pet internal organs. This is generally done when the Vet might suspect ulcers in the stomach of your dog.

What Kind Of Dog Food Is Best For Sensitive Stomach?

  • Digestible Carbohydrate and Proteins: You can feed your dog with pet food which has easily digestible carbs and proteins which would minimize the stomach upset.
  • Probiotics: Feed your dog with food items which have probiotics that would reduce the incidences of stomach aches and the severity of it.

Addressing dogs with sensitive stomachs is not as simple as it may seem to most of you. All the above discussed dog foods are really good when it comes to feeding pooches with delicate tummies. However, the best of the lot was Hill’s Science Dog Food for Sensitive Stomachs. It contains the right blend of protein, essential nutrients like vitamins and minerals, along with carbs and fiber. A number of dog owners have tried this dog food to good results. There have been several cases wherein people have said that this dog food has helped their pooches suffering from gastrointestinal sensitivities. This dog food is also designed to address food allergies that some dogs suffer from along with a sensitive stomach. This is what it is more popular than most of its competitors.


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