What are the Top Beardie Tank & Terrarium Brands?

Most people go for bearded dragons as pets since they are easy-to-keep animals. With a bearded dragon for a pet, you will never suffer through a dull day since they tend to make your life very interesting and pleasing.

The most crucial question you should ask yourself as a pet owner is whether you are taking good care of it. It would be cruel to remove an animal from its natural habitat only to subject it to deplorable conditions.

Taking good care of a bearded dragon encompasses you, the pet owner, ensuring that it has the best living conditions possible. This, therefore, will require you to search for the best-bearded dragon enclosure in the market.

Every pet owner wants their pet to be healthy and comfortable and with the best enclosure, your pet will receive this and more. Spare yourself the frustration of having to visit a veterinarian every time by making certain that your pet’s surroundings are top-notch.

Having the wrong enclosure for your pet can have detrimental outcomes, such as reducing its life-span. However, it is possible for you to actually increase its lifespan by providing it with the most suitable living conditions.

With the reviews I will discuss below, as well as the multiple factors, you are bound to find the most suitable enclosure for your pet.

1. Exo Terra Outback

This enclosure contains an extremely professional design, which immediately assures the user of its effectiveness. Feeding time will never be the same with this enclosure, but instead, it will be so much better.

It has a double front door design that is meant to make it easier for you to feed your pet. This feature may make you skeptical, particularly when considering your pet’s safety. 

However, these doors are capable of being opened independently, hence reducing the probability of your pet escaping. The top of this enclosure has ventilation, ensuring that your pet’s surroundings are well aerated as should be.

For cleaning purposes, this ventilation is removable, making it convenient for you to clean your pet’s space every once in a while. Besides aeration, the ventilator also lets in UV rays that are really critical to your pet pet’s health and well-being.

You are capable of installing various decorations and other fundamental devices since it comes with wire inlets.


  • It has ample room for ventilation.
  • It is very convenient.
  • It is long-lasting.


  • It does not come with heating devices.

2. Carolina Custom

Carolina Designer Dragons is a renowned manufacturer that produces very top-notch pet equipment. Therefore, with Carolina Custom, you are certain that your pet is in good hands.

It has a very interesting and unique terrarium that your pet will definitely find appealing. The said terrarium is longer than other enclosures, which provides your pet with ample space to roam around and indulge in its activities.

Purchasing an enclosure that is difficult to assemble can be very annoying. This is why Carolina Custom is extremely easy to assemble and does not require any special skill.

To ensure versatility, this enclosure consists of the necessary compartments that are needed for utilizing any heating equipment. It also has a metal great that provides insulation, which is extremely vital.

How about your pet’s security? Carolina Custom contains numerous grommets around its perimeter that are meant to keep your pet in place and prevent it from escaping. These grommets also prevent any dangerous insects from entering the enclosure.


  • It is easy to assemble.
  • The glass is very easy to clean.
  • It has a waterproof base.


  • It may be too big for some.

3. Exo Terra Allglass

The second Exo Terra brand on the list is Exo Terra Allglass. This is a brand that has been carefully designed to completely suit your pet’s needs. Since bearded dragons are not climbers, this enclosure comes with a not-so-high terrain.

It constitutes two large doors that are very easy to open and close since they are attached to a pivot. This not only makes it easy for you to feed your pet but you are also capable of interacting with it more often.

Unlike most enclosures, Exo Terra Allglass has a huge distance between the bottom and the ceiling. This is really convenient since you can choose to hang a lamp on the top and it also reduces the probability of your pet escaping.

The terrarium is very natural and identical to what these creatures are accustomed to, so you are certain that your pet will feel definitely feel comfortable and at home. It also features a waterproof bottom, and this really helps foster durability and safety.


  • It is really homey and comfortable.
  • Has a natural-looking terrarium.
  • Has a safety lock to ensure your pet’s safety.


  • It is small in size, hence incapable of housing a grown creature.

4. Carolina Custom Terrarium

The first aspect that stands out with this brand is the neatness. If you are one for organization, then Carolina Custom Terrarium is a good pick for you. It is delivered in a very neat package that depicts class and style.

It has a lock that promotes the security of your pet since nothing goes in or out of the enclosure unless you want it to. The assembling is extremely easy, further proving to you that this is an enclosure that provides nothing but convenience.

You should not worry about cleaning around this enclosure since it has a waterproof bottom. This prevents scenarios whereby water either leaks from the enclosure or makes its way into your pet’s premises.

There are various provisions for electric cables, which basically entails versatility. You are thereby capable of connecting various useful devices such as heaters that are vital for your pet’s wellbeing.


  • It is affordable.
  • Provides your pet with ample space.
  • It is versatile.


  • The doors are difficult to maneuver.

5. Repti Zoo

The first word that should come to your mind when you see this enclosure is comfort. If you want all your pet’s comfort needs taken care of, then do not hesitate to go for Repti Zoo enclosure.

Just like we humans love relaxing in our homes, animals too deserve to be extremely comfortable in the enclosure that you choose for them. One of the ways this enclosure offers comfort is by containing a realistic and natural background.

The bottom is not only waterproof but also raised, making this enclosure ideal for utilizing alongside a substrate heater. You are also capable of connecting other useful devices since it has the needed tools for installation.

It is very easy to assemble and has a front door that guarantees maximum interaction with your pet. The safety of your pet is assured since the doors open independently, hence minimizing the risk of your pet escaping.

There is also a window that ensures your pet has ample ventilation. UVB is capable of penetrating from the top screen, providing your pet with all the critical nutrients it needs. This is beneficial since your pet gets so much more than just shelter. 


  • It comes with a window for ventilation.
  • The assembling is very simple.


  • The lock has only one key.

Buying Guide

Did you know that there are things you should consider before choosing an enclosure for your pet? The probability of you finding the best enclosure for your pet without considering any of these factors is close to nil.

The reviews above make it clear to you that there are numerous enclosures out there. How then can you tell that one is more suited for a certain animal than the other? It is okay to be confused since we all get confused when faced with so many options.

However, it would be irresponsible for you to allow this confusion to result in you making a poor decision. As a pet owner, you owe it to your pet to be cautious and attentive enough to make the very best choice.

It would also be very irresponsible of you to ignore these aspects since they not only help you find what you are looking for, but they also make it an easy task. 

These factors help you reflect on the paramount features that constitute an enclosure meant for a bearded dragon. It is through these aspects that you discover various things, such as, there are various types of bearded dragons.

You should therefore choose an enclosure that is specifically ideal for your pet. Avoid making a hurried decision upon seeing an enclosure that is stated to be suitable for pets.

These factors help you realize that you should take your time and carefully assess a brand before deciding to choose it for your pet. What are you assessing? You are simply assessing key features that either make or break an enclosure.

This is a place where your pet will call home for a very long while, hence you should be careful to give it the very best. 

Therefore, do not be in a rush, take your time and ensure that you find the perfect home that will offer maximum comfort and relaxation to your pet.

Is your pet comfortable?

I honestly cannot insist enough on how crucial your pet’s comfort is. Just as you would not fancy being uncomfortable in your home, so does a pet expect to have a home that offers it absolute relaxation.

This is accomplished by an enclosure that has a terrarium or backdrop that is suitable for the pet’s natural environment. These are animals that are accustomed to a dry environment and therefore the best enclosure is one that contains such a backdrop.

For your pet to be comfortable, you should try your best to recreate its natural habitat. Providing it with a surrounding that it is used to will certainly help it relax and feel at home.

Once you do find such an enclosure, the next thing you should ask yourself is how realistic is the backdrop? Some enclosures tend to exaggerate the terrarium such that it is quite obvious to everyone including the pet, that it is not real.

Therefore, ensure that the backdrop of the enclosure you choose is realistic, with an almost natural look.

Comfort is further determined by the size of the enclosure. Here, you have to take care not to choose a small brand for your grown bearded pet and vice versa. Being large in a small enclosure can be very uncomfortable and irritating.

Besides considering your pet’s size before choosing an enclosure, you should also take your time to envisage the future. 

In other words, by acknowledging the inevitable fact that your pet is going to grow, you may want to choose an enclosure that is capable of accommodating it through all these changes.

Most people choose a small enclosure because their pet is young, only for them to be forced to purchase another one once the creature grows up. For both convenience and ensuring that your pet is extremely comfortable, just choose an enclosure that is large enough.

Is it spacious?

It is fundamental for your pet to have enough room to move around as it pleases. Having limited room is really disadvantageous since it curtails the pet’s ability to move around and explore its surroundings.

Walking around is a form of exercise, and hence this helps keep your pet fit and ensure that its health is sterling. A spacious enclosure also helps a pet deal with boredom, which occurs every once in a while.

Being able to walk around and assess its environment serves as a convenient distraction. You can also incorporate various decorations that can also serve as a distraction and help prevent boredom.


The last thing any pet owner wants is for their pet to suffer from suffocation or any other respiratory diseases that can result from lack of enough aeration. Pets, just like other animals, require maximum ventilation.

To ascertain ventilation, an enclosure should feature a window or rather multiple windows. Just like in houses, windows ensure ventilation and thereby this ensures that your pet is in a well-aerated environment thus guaranteeing its wellbeing.

Having large doors can also help ensure ventilation since this lets enough air into the premises whenever the doors are opened. All in all, do not forget to consider ventilation when shopping for the best-pet enclosure.

Is your pet safe?

By virtue of the fact that a pet is your responsibility, it is imperative that you ensure its safety at all times. This entails you choosing devices such as enclosures that completely enforce this safety.

Just like you would love to feel safe in your home, so does your pet deserve an enclosure that promotes its security. The first thing you should look at is the doors. In most cases, enclosures contain two front doors.

If this is so with the enclosure you are contemplating to purchase, you should ascertain that the doors open separately. The rationale behind this is simply that having such doors reduces the chances of your pet escaping since the space is controlled.

Further, doors that are capable of being opened independently are less likely to allow unwanted insects that can pose a danger to your pet’s wellbeing from entering the enclosure.

After checking and ensuring that the doors open independently, the next thing you should check is whether they contain a lock. I think we can all agree that you can never be too careful, and thereby, having a lock helps provide additional safety.

You can therefore relax and sleep better at night knowing that your pet is safe and secure, as is required. The only thing to note when it comes to these locks is that you should be careful not to lose the key, and also ensure that the brand offers you more than one key.

It would be a nightmare if you completely locked your pet in its enclosure since you misplaced the key and have no spare because the brand you chose offered only one key. Always ensure that your pet is safe and secure.

Have you considered versatility?

As a reptile owner, it is critical for you to understand that reptiles are extremely sensitive animals. By sensitivity, I simply mean that it is not enough to only provide them with a place to dwell.

Certain characteristics such as being cold-blooded make them demand so much more than other animals would. It is therefore necessary for you to familiarize yourself with other devices that are crucial to their wellbeing.

These devices include reptile heaters, hygrometers, and so many others. Once you have identified, then the next step is to ensure that the enclosure you choose for your pet features installments that allow the utilization of these devices.

This is where versatility comes in. The best-pet enclosure is that which provides it with so much more than just a place to sleep and live.

The enclosure is supposed to promote the pet’s health and this is impossible if it is incapable of being utilized alongside the aforementioned devices. Therefore, decide on an enclosure that offers you enough room to install all the needed devices.

Substrate heaters are extremely beneficial, and thereby having an enclosure that contains raised bottom makes it possible for you to easily install this heater. The beauty of versatility is that it makes it possible for you to use a product for more than one use.

The top of your pet enclosure should also be permeable enough to allow UV and UVB rays to penetrate since these ensure your pet’s bone health. 

Is it hygienic?

Hygiene is a very important aspect to focus on when looking for the perfect enclosure for your pet. How clean your pet’s environment directly affects its health either positively or negatively.

A hygienic enclosure is therefore one that is very easy to clean. This ease is a result of certain features that are meant to make cleaning an extremely simple process.

The top of the enclosure should be removable, to make it convenient for you to clean it. This simplifies the whole exercise by making it easier for you to access the inside of the enclosure which results in better cleaning.

You should also look at the glass that is used to make the enclosure. Glass types vary, such that there are certain glasses that are harder to clean than others. It is therefore your job as a pet owner to choose an enclosure that is made of easy-to-clean glass.

There is no doubt that your pet will thrive in a clean environment, and any enclosure that makes it impossible for you to provide this is indeed not the best for your pet. Hygiene is everything, thus your pet’s enclosure should be hygienic.


With the numerous aspects to be considered, you may feel overwhelmed and decide to ignore them all and choose any enclosure for your pet. However, for the sake of ensuring that your pet gets the very best, make sure that you consider these aspects.

Exo Terra Outback is without a doubt the best- bearded dragon enclosure. This is an all-around enclosure that offers your pet the very best home.

It is dedicated to making certain that it provides a surrounding that closely resembles this creature’s natural habitat, which ensures that your pet is relaxed and comfortable. Its ease of use is another very phenomenal factor since it makes it easy for you to tend to your pet.

This is an enclosure that is more than a dwelling place for your pet and more of a safe haven for your pet. Its homey and serene terrarium provides your pet with the comfort and relaxation it requires.

With Exo Terra Outback, your pet’s health and wellbeing are prioritized, once again proving that you have so much more than just a home. For comfort, high-quality, as well as absolute efficacy, Exo Terra Outback is the most ideal enclosure.

Comparing all the aspects above alongside this enclosure will make you realize that it checks all the boxes. Purchase your Exo Terra Outback today!


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