Tony Robbins Ex-Wife – Rebecca “Becky” Jenkins

Rebecca was born in the USA, an author, philanthropist and popularly known as the ex-wife of Tony Robbins. Tony became famous as a result of his works on self-help, e.g., Unlimited power- one of his best-selling books. Tony is also a philanthropist, life coach and entrepreneur.

The Wealth of Becky Robbins

What is Becky Robbins’ net worth? At the end of 2018, it was disclosed by trusted sources that Becky Robbins had a net worth of about $1 million. Her wealth was as a result of her many ventures and businesses and also as a result of her being associated with Tony.

Tony is said to have a net worth of above $550 million. As Becky continues her businesses, it is only anticipated that her net worth would only keep rising.

Becky’s Life Before Meeting Tony

Becky was raised in a family who had a strong philosophy that women are meant to be neck-deep in education. In her family, it was compulsory to study literature, arts, etiquettes, music and even academics.  She always admired people who got involved in athletics, even though no one encouraged her. 

She tied the knot at quite an early age (18 years). Life seemed vague and unclear, especially about what path she wanted to take. As at the time of her marriage, all she wanted to be was a housewife. After coming out of two divorces, she felt empty and knew that there was more she could become and achieve.

This was the time she met with Tony, who was then starting to become famous for his seminars in the 1980s. They began to date shortly after this and finally got married. From her previous marriage, Becky had three children who were adopted by Tony. Later on, she disclosed how she struggled in the early days of her marriage to Tony due to a gap in lifestyle.

She was able to come out of this insecurity by taking on the courage to become more outgoing. She and Tony went for more events together; they were inseparable. The reason for this was so that she could adapt to Tony’s lifestyle and close on the gap.

Her desire for knowledge and zeal to learn new things about life made her embrace Tony’s seminars as a valuable tool. His famous seminar that was targeted at making people discover their hidden treasures and potentials was her favourite. Indeed, Tony’s life made a lot of impact on hers, transforming her life beyond her imagination.

Tony Robbins

Tony ventured into business and carried out lots of infomercials asides organizing seminars and writing books. Tony is a very influential man today as lots of multi-billion-dollar companies were founded and are led by him.  At the age of 17 years, Tony Robbins began his career by promoting Jim Rohn’s seminars.

The experience he gathered from Jim Rohn’s seminars gave him confidence, stamina and the know-how to organize workshops of his own. He started doing infomercials in the later parts of 1980 where he promoted himself as a top coach for actors and athletes.

Between 1980 and 2000, Tony organized lots of seminars, and eventually went on to become a speaker at the TED conference. He is the founder of Robbins-Maddanes Intervention Centre which aids people with addictions. It was his way of going into business and investing. 

His interest in sports and business as well led him to acquire the professional gaming organization (eSports) and also the Los Angeles Soccer team (A Major football league). On a personal basis, he has worked with notable celebrities, e.g., Serena Williams, Pitbull, and Hugh Jackman.


Despite Becky’s initial hesitancy, she later went with Tony on may adventures. Even though she never wanted to go sky diving or bungee jumping, she learnt all of them at the end. A whitewater rafting adventure, which was one of her original ventures changed her perspective about life.

She became a Top profile member of Tony Robbins’ company after a while, mostly when there was a shift in her lifestyle. She lived everyday life with regular life troubles such as car issues, inability to wear makeup on outdoor treks, and so on. 

It dawned on her that all these were just ways for her to be able to appreciate life from a different perspective. She did a lot of work with less privileged youths, and she also gave speeches at schools. She also played a great role in sponsoring the education of their kids and giving them a better life.

She began to reach out to girls, teaching and mentoring them to become financially independent and pursue their dreams. It obviously must have been a strength she drew from her personal experience in her youthful days. 

Becky’s marriage with Tony finally ended in a divorce in the years 1998.


Tony stated that he had felt that his original marriage would end up in a divorce. He said this in an interview with Oprah Winfrey. He admitted that even though this feeling was strong, he never wanted to disappoint Becky. They disagreed on many things in their marriage. 

She is still a passionate believer in the vision and message of Tony even after the divorce. As at now, she has risen to become the vice president of his research company. She writes articles, carries out outreaches and conducted interviews for the company.

Meanwhile, Tony went on to get married to Bonnie Humphrey (fondly called “Sage”) in the year 2001.  They have been happily married and have enjoyed staying together since that time. Tony states that Bonnie is a significant reason why he is excited about his life and that his marriage is a gift to him. 

Presently, there is no information from any sources that state or affirms whether or not Beckie is in any relationship or has gotten married. She has focused all her strength to building the company, chasing her dreams and making an impact with her message. 


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