NBA’s Tony Parker Ex Wife – Axelle Francine Biography

Tony Parker’s Ex-wife, Axelle Francine, is an entrepreneur and image consultant who became famous because of her marriage to Tony Parker, the renowned NBA star. 

About Tony Parker

Tony Parker was introduced to San Antonio city as a French Flair in 2001. Tony Parker has two nationalities; he is a French American.

Before leaving the team in 2019, he played for San Antonio Spurs, a basketball team as the point guard. During his playing days for Spurs, Tony won four different NBA championship.

After he left Spurs, Tony Parker still plies his basketball career with the Hornets in Charlotte. 

Axelle’s Background, Education and Career

Tony’s ex-wife, Francine, was born and brought up in Paris, France. She obtained a Master’s degree in Journalism, majoring in scientific specialization. This certification marked the beginning of her journalist career in the health sector.

Axelle has always been interested in beauty and fashion, which prompted her to work as a field correspondent in 2010 in New York City. Later in 2011, Axelle migrated to San Antonio to kick start her Image Consulting Company.

The company was borne out of her childhood passion for fixing people externally to make them feel confident inside. Her goal was to do a complete makeover using European methods. This was why in 2018, she later created Le Petit Med Spa.

Marriage to Tony Parker

Axelle Francine and Tony Parker were first seen together in 2011. Rumors had it that they began their relationship in the same year. Tony Parker was married to Eva Longoria then, but the couple later divorced in 2013.

Axelle married Tony Parker on the 2nd of August year 2014, albeit in a secret wedding one year after Tony’s divorce. Their marriage produced two children- both boys.

 Their sons are named Liam Parker and Josh Parker. Liam, the younger one, was born in July 2016, while Josh was born shortly before their marriage in April 2014.  

The couple later divorced in August 2020 after six years of marriage. 

About Image Consulting and Axelle’s passion

Axelle first stated image consulting service Le Petit Med Spa is only expanding the consulting service, which she started in 2015. The image consulting service includes hairstyle recommendations, makeup artistry, and personal styling.

Axelle had a strong passion for fixing people up. She believes that one’s potential should not be a waste because they cannot feel and look best. 

Living in San Antonio opened her eyes and gave her ideas on converting all her passions to business. She considers San Antonio as a home base for her and her family and feels lovely to have open her business there.

About Le Petit Med Spa

The company has a motto that states that ‘beauty is not pain,’ and they usually work to prove it. This new spa also proved that Axelle did not completely severe her connections back in San Antonio.

Axelle’s new Franchise enjoys the patronage of French men and women from San Antonio. Now the city is conversant with many European methods, all thanks to Axelle. 

Even the divorce with her famous basketball player husband did not deter Axelle from diversifying Alamo’s city wellness scene and beauty through her new business.

The grand opening of Le Petit Med Spa was celebrated by the native Parisian at 23567 West Interstate 10. The shop is a one-stop destination for all, which merger all of Axelle’s passions – health, beauty, empowerment of others, and style, all under one roof.

Axelle has high hopes for San Antonio city to learn about non-intrusive European methods and employ them for wellness and beauty.

Le Petit Med Spa boasts of using non-intrusive European methods to make clients look their best and age gracefully. This explains why their shelves inspired by Parisian are stocked with Valmont’s cellular products rather than fillers, needles, or Botox otherwise found in other spas.

Valmont is a cosmetic company based in Switzerland. Axelle prides herself on her spa, being the only spa in Texas where clients can access the line.

Clients of Le Petit Med Spa can sign up for jet peel sessions in addition to other traditional services on offer. This jet peel session plumps lips naturally and fights aging with the use of a gentle hairbrush.  

The spa also offers face reshaping to clients using radiofrequency to improve and tighten the skin in a painless way. Other areas of the body, especially those prone to cellulite, can equally enjoy the shaping services.

Paul Saenz, the medical director at Le Petit Med Spa, doubles as Spurs team physician works hand in hand with Axelle. They both make sure that laid down protocols and procedures are adhered to in all their services.

Also, Le Petit Med Spa offers other services like wardrobe consultation, infrared sauna, and personal training to clients all by Axelle herself.

Axelle peddled all her services at an affordable price for the luxury they give. She says that because people’s health is essential, then it is possible that they buy her packages and save or they pay out rightly. 

Axelle prides in the treatment her spa gives to clients and explains that it helps maintain and prevent their radiant skin and overall health.

Axelle is excited to be in charge of her beauty hub and using the avenue to regularly educate the people of San Antonia about her European techniques. 

Francine says she wants her clients to care about how they feel and how they look at themselves—projecting a strong feeling on the inside after working on the outside by empowering them.

Axelle’s migration To New York

Axelle admitted that it was not easy to move to New York City from Paris, but she later got used to it although, that did not make her forget her family roots.

Axelle said that the transition was challenging in the early stages, but she and her family soon got used to life in Texas, especially the beautiful weather and the kind people.

Other Achievements

Axelle was honored as a Member of Les Lumineuses, a French association, in 2017. This association brings women together to deliberate on the true equality of women and provide a way forward.


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