Aaron Hernandez’s Daughter – Avielle Janelle Hernandez Wiki (Age, Bio, Kid, Instagram)

In the year 2017, Aaron Hernandez was sentenced to serve a lifetime sentence in prison without ever having the possibility of parole.  This happened because he had murdered one of his friends who was named Odin Lloyd.  Aaron would eventually go on to murder himself in his jail cell, meaning that he would leave behind his fiancé and daughter, whom he would leave a letter behind for.  The letter to his daughter, Avielle Janelle Hernandez, would be left to her while she was only five years old.  

Some of the most heartbreaking photos that were taken during Aaron’s trial are going to be of his daughter, Avielle, sitting with her mother in the courtroom practically on the verge of being in tears.  You may be wondering what ever happened to Avielle after her father’s conviction and suicide.  Here is everything that you need to know about Avielle and how she is doing today.

Where is Avielle Janelle Hernandez Today?

Avielle, who is now going to be 7 years old, is currently living with her mother and Aaron Hernandez’s former fiancé, Shayanna Jenkins.  They are currently living in Rhode Island and Shayanna has since made Avielle a big sister.  In June of 2018, Shayanna would end up giving birth to another baby girl, this one named Giselle.  While it would be nice to think that this daughter would belong to Aaron Hernandez as well, the identity of the father is actually unknown and has never been determined publicly.  

Shayanna would stay out of the spotlight and not even recognized that she was pregnant until just a month before her second child was born.  While there was some speculation going around that Shayanna was pregnant, those rumors were never confirmed, as she wanted to make sure and take some time to prepare Avielle for the job of big sister.  

Shayanna and Aaron had known each other since they were in elementary school together, having started to date while they were teenagers.  Despite some rumors that were never confirmed about Aaron actually being gay, Shayanna has confirmed that she never had any once of suspicion that these rumors held any type of truth at all.

Avielle and the NFL

In February of 2019, a judge would rule that Avielle (and for that matter his entire family) would be unable to pursue a lawsuit against the NFL for $20 million.  The lawsuit would be due in part to the fact that Aaron had been previously diagnosed with CTE, which is more commonly referred to as chronic traumatic encephalopathy.  CTE is known to be a degenerative brain disease that is caused by having repeated trauma to the head.

Aaron’s estate had been fighting to file an individual suit against the NFL due to his death happening after the NFL had ended its concussion settlement deadline.  This would be the way that the NFL would provide the compensation to the families of the player who would commit suicide due to the CTE that they were suffering from.  

The lawyer for the Hernandez family, whose name is Brad Sohn, would try to argue that Avielle should be able to pursue what is called a ‘loss of consortium’, which essentially means that there was a loss of benefits due to the injuries that Aaron acquired while playing in the NFL.  The entire basis of the case would be that the NFL was negligent and took no intentional action to help treat injuries that were sustained while in the NFL.

The saddest part of this entire saga is going to be that Avielle now has to go through the rest of her life with only one parent.  There is no denying the fact that it can be hard to lose a parent at any age of life.  But to have to do so at just the age of 7 years old is going to be something that not many people are going to ever have to experience.  While there are not going to be many people who are able to relate to Avielle, she does still have her mother who loves her and is trying her best to give her the absolute best life that she can ever imagine having.  Even though her father is gone and is not coming back, she does still have memories of him and will be able to keep his memory alive for the rest of her life.  This is going to be the most comfortable reward that she could ever imagine having.


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