Andy Hubbard & Stephanie Ruhle Wiki & Net Worth

Known for being a great American businessman, Andy Hubbard is somebody that you have more than likely hear of in one way or another. And just in case you haven’t heard of him, he is the person that works at UBS O’Connor, which he holds the position as the managing director. If you are unfamiliar with this firm, they are actually going to be based out of New York City, in the United States of America.

On top of that, Andy has also had his hand in many other companies that have done extremely well, some of those companies including Deutsche Bank, Klodex, and even the Suisse Financial Products Company. As if having a very successful career as a managing director at a huge firm is not enough, Andy is also very well known for being married to an extremely famous journalist and reporter, that person being Stephanie Ruhle. Here is everything that you need to know about the life, career, and everything in between when it comes to the person that is Andy Hubbard.

Andy Hubbard: The Early Life

Andy Hubbard, whose real name is Andrew Lewis Hubbard, was born in 1973. While the exact date of his birth has not been recorded or revealed to the public, it is known that he had the privilege of growing up in a household with both of his parents. While there is not a lot of information available on his parents or even his place of birth for that matter, what is known is that Andy likes to keep his personal life as private as possible. That is the reason that he has never really come out and spoken publicly about his family or his childhood, no matter how many times people ask. What is known, however, is that he did grow up with a younger brother, who went by the name of Jesse.

After graduating high school, Andy would decide to continue his education by attending Princeton University. It is here that he was able to gain the knowledge required in order to obtain his degree, which would be in Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering. On top of that, he also has another degree (Bachelor’s) in the area of Science. While not a lot if actually known about Andy’s college career, what is known is that he not only was able to graduate with the above-mentioned degrees, but Andy was also a businessman in college, as well as always enjoyed sports and was extremely interested in them.

Andy Hubbard: Professional Career

While Andy does hold a degree in Engineering, after college he would decide that he wanted to start a career in the finance sector. What this means, is that even though he had the education to do something else, he decided that the financial sector was where his future was. Moving forward, Andy would eventually land a job with the Swiss Bank Credit Suisse, where he would further his career to the point that he would become the Derivatives Marketer, as well as the Associate Manager.

In the year 2000, Andy would end up joining Klodex, which is where he would work for the next three years. Once leaving the Klodex firm, Andy would decide that it was in his best interest to join the Deutsche Bank, which is actually going to be one of the most famous and renowned banks in all of Germany. After Andy decided that he wasn’t able to further his career any further at this bank, he would leave them to join the likes of the Deutsche Bank, which is where he would end up getting the position of Chief of US Structured Credit Derivatives Trading. At the end of the day, all of these jobs may not have done very much for Andy’s career, except for the fact that they all have added much experience and knowledge to what he knows about the finance sector.

Moving forward, Andy would eventually join the UBS O’Connor, where he was quickly promoted to Managing Director. Several years later in 2018, he would decide to join HausMart, where he would very quickly become the co-CEO.

Andy Hubbard: Personal Life

Andy has not only been able to be successful in his financial career, but also his love life as well. This is because he has been able to meet and eventually marry the very famous journalist and reporter, Stephanie Rule. The two would meet while Andy was working at Credit Suisse, eventually falling in love and getting married in 2002.


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