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Why Impeach Donald Trump

By David Swanson, What are the grounds for impeachment? They will likely be piling up rapidly. President Trump did use Day 1 to advise the CIA that the United States should have stolen all of Iraq’s oil. But here … Continue reading

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“Electronic Surveillance Of Private Citizens … Subversive Of Constitutional Government” Was One Of The Articles Of Impeachment Against President Richard Nixon Approved By A Bipartisan 28 To 10 Vote Of The House Judiciary Committee On July 27, 1974

Why Isn’t Obama Impeached for Mass Surveillance? One of the crimes against the Constitution for which the House Judiciary Committee voted to impeach Nixon was: The electronic surveillance of private citizens … subversive of constitutional government …. 2 former presidents, … Continue reading

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Obama Least Popular President In 4 Decades

Americans Have Lost Faith A new Washington Post/ABC poll released today shows that Obama is the least popular president in 39 years: The president’s overall approval rating stands at 43 percent, while disapproval is at 55 percent. *** Obama ends his fifth … Continue reading

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Top Constitutional Experts: Obama Is Worse than Nixon

Objective Analysis: Obama Versus Nixon In the wake of the twin scandals of the IRS targeting conservative groups and the Department of Justice spying on AP reporters, the comparisons between Obama and Nixon are everywhere. But what do experts say? … Continue reading

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Government Nanny Censoring “Conspiracy Theories” is Also Responsible for Letting Bush Era Torture and Spying Conspiracies Go Unpunished

Cass Sunstein was the main adviser to the Obama White House advocating against prosecuting Bush administration officials for torture, illegal spying, and other crimes. As constitutional expert professor Jonathan Turley wrote in 2008: Close Obama adviser (and University of Chicago … Continue reading

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