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Proposed Bill To Block Mandatory Microchipping Of Citizens

Brandon Turbeville Natural Blaze A new bill being proposed by a Nevada state senator is drawing attention not only from Nevada citizens but from people across the country. This is because Senate Bill 109 proposed by Senator Becky Harris is … Continue reading

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Trump, Trade and Taxes

Donald Trump has made trade agreements a central issue in this presidential election, declaring trade treaties such as the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) as unfair and subject to cancellation or renegotiation. Setting aside the issue of whether presidents … Continue reading

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Will 2016 Be The Year Of Wireless Energy?

Wireless power has been a dream of mankind’s for decades, but the technology finally appears to be gaining some traction. Theoretically, numerous studies have shown that wireless power is possible through a variety of aerial transmission modalities. Yet the problem … Continue reading

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Why I Will Never Hire Anyone, Even at $1/Hour

One of the most appealing beliefs about technology–that it will always create more jobs than it destroys–is no longer true. It was true in the first and second industrial revolutions, for one simple reason: the new industrial revolution created vast … Continue reading

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Technology, Competition and the ‘Crapification’ of Jobs

Two recent articles shed light on the ‘crapification’ of jobs and the rise of income inequality: Martin Wolf on the Low Labor Participation as the Result of the Crapification of Jobs (Naked Capitalism) The Measured Worker: The technology that illuminates worker … Continue reading

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The Changing Nature of Middle Class Work

As a result of profound systemic changes, new models of work are emerging. Gordon T. Long and I recently discussed the changing nature of work–specifically, work that can support a middle class lifestyle and aspirations. This is the third of my … Continue reading

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Sorry, Fed Inflationistas: Technology Is Deflationary

Technology, like Nature itself, has no emotional stake in what is creatively destroyed. We all know the Federal Reserve is terrified of deflation, because they keep telling us that deflation is the equivalent of death and inflation is the equivalent … Continue reading

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Clearing Billions in Profit Is About to Get Much Harder

The math of netting $1 billion is daunting. The mainstream financial media nearly wet its collective pants with excitement in reporting that the planet’s corporations paid $1 trillion in dividends in 2013. What they didn’t report is that clearing billions … Continue reading

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Why Banks Are Doomed: Technology and Risk

It’s not just that banks are no longer needed–they pose a needless and potentially catastrophic risk to the nation. To understand why, we need to understand the key characteristics of risk. The entire banking sector is based on two illusions: … Continue reading

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