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The recent deal to keep Carrier jobs in the United States is not at all unusual. It only received so much press because Trump made it a campaign issue and saw an opportunity to record a big early PR victory … Continue reading

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Our Government, Destroyer of Jobs

Conventional economists and pundits are puzzled why jobs growth has been so anemic in this “recovery.” Here’s one factor they overlook: our government. In theory, our government is supposed to encourage private sector job growth. In reality, all the hundreds … Continue reading

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Does “Creative Destruction” Include the State?

Everyone lauds “creative destruction” when it shreds monopolies and disrupts private enterprise “business as usual.” If thousands lose their middle-class livelihoods– hey, that’s the price of progress. Improvements in productivity and efficiency can’t be stopped, and those employed making buggy … Continue reading

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The Changing World of Work 2: Financialization = Insecurity

Promises of wealth and security are far more contingent than is being advertised. The Millennial Generation, if we’re to believe various polls, aspires to either make boatloads of money on Wall Street, or secure a can’t-be-fired job in the government. … Continue reading

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