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Wall Street Journal Argument that Gazan Civilians Aren’t Innocent Is the Exact Same One Bin Laden Used To Justify 9/11

American Academic Embraces the Logic of Terrorists Yesterday, Matt Breuning pointed out the insanity of a Wall Street Journal op/ed trying to justify Israel’s killing of civilians in Gaza: In the Wall Street Journal, Thane Rosenbaum [from NYU school of … Continue reading

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U.S. Officials: The Missile May Have Been Launched By a “Defector from The Ukrainian Military Who Was Trained To Use Similar Missile Systems”

Rampant Speculation … Few Facts U.S. officials said earlier today that Malaysian Airlines flight 17 was probably shot down by mistake … and there was no proof that Russia was directly involved. The Los Angeles Times reports: U.S. intelligence agencies … Continue reading

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Senior U.S. Intelligence Officials: Russia Was Not Directly Involved, and The Most Likely Explanation Was the Plane Was Shot Down By MISTAKE

Despite the War Drums, There Is No Evidence that Putin Shot Down the Malaysian Airplane Over Ukraine We’ve previously documented civilian planes have accidentally been shot down by Ukraine, Russia, the U.S., Israel and China, and that the Malaysian plane … Continue reading

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Who Wants All Your Attention on “Hamas” and “Rockets,” and Why

European colonizers invaded the North American continent, surrounded Native Americans, herded them into ghettos, tortured and exterminated them - men, women, children, and babies alike - stole their land, and took it over for themselves. Under now-binding international law, those were war crimes. It was, indeed, also … Continue reading

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Instead of Providing Evidence for Russian Guilt in Plane Shootdown, U.S. Says: Just TRUST Us … Because Those Iraq War Lies Are Ancient History

Image by Michael Rivero U.S. State Department Says: We’re the Good Guys, and Russians Are Liars … So Just Take Our Word For It In the following 5-minute clip from a question and answer session between State Department spokeswoman Marie … Continue reading

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