American Expert: PropOrNot Is Propaganda

The anonymous website claims that they have analyzed alternative media websites and identified 200 sites which act as useful idiots for Russian-government propaganda.

The Washington Post and many other mainstream media have trumpeted PropOrNot as evidence of a vast conspiracy of American and foreign alternative media as spreading Russian propaganda.

PropOrNot claims that they use scientific methods to identify the sites, providing the following diagram as an illustration of their analysis:


We asked a former top NSA official and computer expert – Thomas Drake – to look at the diagram and PropOrNot’s website.

Drake is a decorated Air Force and Navy veteran, who has been awarded numerous medals including:

  • Meritorious Service Medal
  • Air Medal
  • Air Force Commendation Medal

Drake was a member of the Defense Intelligence Senior Executive Service.

With a strong technical background in surveillance and computers, Drake was one of the top NSA executives, and was Senior Change Leader within the NSA.

Drake was also one America’s top government experts on Stasi Germany … so he knows a thing or two about propaganda.

To get a sense of who Drake is, watch this PBS interview.

When asked to analyze PropOrNot and its diagram, Drake told Washington’s Blog:

My take?

It’s a prop for a disinfo op in order to serve a manufactured narrative.
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Are US Corporate-Media Businesses ‘Independent’?

Professor Noam Chomsky is one of the most cited scholars in history.  His work continues to be prominently taught in classes at top US universities like Yale.  He teaches classes on US government at MIT, and has written some 100 books on political and social science topics.  He has been voted in multiple polls as the world’s most important public intellectual.

So why do Western corporate and government media outlets like the New York Times (whose board members have often also been on the boards of weapons manufacturers) almost entirely avoid quoting or citing him?

Perhaps because they do not want to call much attention to his work, which includes meticulously documenting and exposing that what outlets like the Times produce is largely fake news – a new buzz-word for propaganda.

The New York Times, Chomsky has noted, is a particularly odious offender.  He refers to the output of that publication, which claims to offer “all the news that’s fit to print”, as “pure propaganda”, and documents how and why this is the case.

Chomsky has published many articles and books that detail the US propaganda system, but here is a concise, 8-minute summary of how it works:

Thus, media outlets that Western elites refer to as “independent” really are not independent.  They are major corporations with inherent conflicts of interest that both determine their output and allow them to peddle it widely.
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“Fake News” Has Been a Problem for Thousands of Years … Here’s How It’s Been Stopped

Throughout history, government officials have tried to stop “fake news” through various means before it was published.

The crime of the peddlers of fake news: failing to acknowledge that those in power were perfect saints.


For example, Socrates was killed in 399 BC for spreading “fake news”.

His crime: “Failing to acknowledge the gods that the [mainstream media of the day] acknowledges”.

William Tyndale

William Tyndale was killed in 1536 for spreading “fake news”.

His crime:  Translating the Bible into English so that everyone could read it for themselves, and no longer had to rely on the clergy to tell them what it said.


In 1616 and 1633, Galileo was tried for spreading “fake news”.

His crime: Saying that the Earth rotates around the Sun.


Scores of people have been killed over the centuries for spreading “fake news”.

Their crime: Saying anything that the church authorities of the day disliked.

Benjamin Franklin

In 1773, Ben Franklin was fired as colonial Postmaster General for spreading “fake news”.

His crime:  Informing the American Colonists about what the British were really doing.


Strongmen of all stripes have cracked down on “fake news”.

The fake news pushers’ crime:  Insulting the strongman (gasp!) or criticizing his policies.

Book Burnings

In 1933, the Nazis carried out numerous book burnings of “fake news”. The targeted authors included Einstein, Freud, Kafka, Hellen Keller, Jack London, Thomas Mann, Proust, Upon Sinclair and H.G. Wells.
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Beyond Income Inequality

Judging by the mainstream media, the most pressing problems facing capitalism are 1) income inequality, the basis of Thomas Piketty’s bestsellerCapital in the Twenty First Century, and 2) the failure of laissez-faire markets to regulate their excesses, a common critique encapsulated by Paul Craig Roberts’ recent book and 2) the failure of laissez-faire markets to regulate their excesses, a common critique encapsulated by Paul Craig Roberts’ recent book The Failure of Laissez Faire Capitalism.

These critiques (and many similar diagnoses) reach a widely shared conclusion: capitalism must be reformed to save it from itself.

The proposed reforms align with each analyst’s basic ideological bent. Piketty’s solution to rising wealth inequality is the ultimate in statist centralization: a global wealth tax. Roberts and others recommend reforming capitalism to embody social purpose and recognize environmental limits. Exactly how this economic reformation should be implemented is a question that sparks debates across the ideological spectrum, but the idea that capitalism can be reformed is generally accepted by left, right and libertarian alike.

Socio-economist Immanuel Wallerstein asks a larger question: can the current iteration of global capitalism be reformed, or is it poised to be replaced by some other mode of production? Wallerstein and four colleagues explored this question inDoes Capitalism Have a Future? Wallerstein is known as a proponent of world systems, the notion that each dominant economic-political arrangement eventually reaches its limits and is replaced by a new globally hegemonic system. Wallerstein draws his basic definition of the current dominant system—let’s call it Global Capitalism 1.0—from his mentor, historian Fernand Braudel, who meticulously traced modern capitalism back to its developmental roots in the 15th century in an influential three-volume history, Civilization & Capitalism, 15th to 18th Centuries.
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Swamp Thing Takes Over Treasury – ForclosureGate II, the Sequel

wallstxmasForclosureGate (circa 2010 forward): Widespread mortgage fraud as a result of an unregulated, rigged housing market guaranteed to create a collapse and waves of foreclosures, all of which leads to major hardship for homeowners and their families.

(Washington, DC)  Wall Street created the subprime mortgage crisis leading to the 2008 financial meltdown and ongoing recession. That cost trillions in homeowner net worth, near depression era unemployment levels, and a relentless struggle for the people. As a reward for their greed and incompetence, the authors of the financial crisis got trillions in Federal subsidies to stay afloat, receive huge bonuses, and plot to do it all over again. Goldman alumnus and foreclosure machine maestro Steven Mnuchin is set to usher in a new golden era for Wall Street greed as Donald Trump’s Secretary of the Treasury.  (Image)

Donald J. Trump is the first major party candidate to run for president of the United States using populist rhetoric since William Jennings Bryan in 1896. Just enough of the public craved payback for 2008 financial meltdown to give billionaire populist Trump the edge in that anachronism known as the Electoral College.

Trump repeatedly promised to drain the swamp in the nation’s capital and remove insiders, special interests, and the usual suspects that serve themselves so well at the expense of the people.   Who better to target than perennial Washington insiders, the Wall Street investment-banking firm of Goldman Sachs, believed by many to be one of the key authors of the 2008 financial meltdown? In Trump’s campaign for the Republican nomination, he excoriated Ted Cruz for his ties to Goldman:
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U.S. ‘News’ Media & Intel Agencies Blame Moscow for Trump’s Election

U.S. ‘News’ Media & Intel Agencies Blame Moscow for Trump’s Election

Eric Zuesse

On November 30th, Buzzfeed bannered “Intel Officials Believe Russia Spreads Fake News”. Their ‘reporter’ (that is, stenographer of U.S. government propaganda) opened:

“US intelligence officials believe Russia helped disseminate fake and propagandized news as part of a broader effort to influence and undermine the presidential election, two US intelligence sources told BuzzFeed News.

‘They’re doing this continuously, that’s a known fact,’ one US intelligence official said, requesting anonymity to discuss the sensitive national security issue.

‘This is beyond propaganda, that’s my understanding,’ the second US intelligence official said. The official said they believed those efforts likely included the dissemination of completely fake news stories. …

One intelligence official said, ‘In the context, did Russia attempt to influence the US elections; the aperture is as wide as it can possibly be.'”

Then, there was this:

“One of the intelligence officials who spoke to BuzzFeed News said the lack of clarity had proven to be a challenge in combating the propaganda efforts.

‘The real unanswered question is, why did they do it?’ the second US intelligence official said. ‘Is it because they love Donald Trump? Because they hated Hillary Clinton? Or just because they like undermining Western democracies?’

On this, the official said, there was no consensus.”

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‘Fake news’? Time to choose: Corporate media fakes us into Orwellian illegal Wars of Aggression with lies known to be lies as they were told (2 of 15)

“First they ignore you. Then they laugh at you. Then they fight you. And then you win.”  ~ unsourced, and attributed to Gandhi’s analysis of British empire response to having their hypocrisy exposed: claiming to bring Christian love and progress while looting resources with forced local labor.

The Washington Post added to President Obama’s rhetoric for Americans to be aware of “fake news”: easily refuted lies of omission and commission in media. This article series reveals the inversion of those claims: .01% “official” news by corporate media (six conglomerates) is easily documented as fake in our most important reporting.

‘Fake news’? Time to choose article series (links added as series progresses):

  • Corporate media fakes us into wars that aren’t even close to lawful, are Orwellian illegal Wars of Aggression (1 of 15)
  • Corporate media fakes us into Orwellian illegal Wars of Aggression with lies known to be lies as they were told (2 of 15)
  • Corporate media fakes us into ongoing bankster looting of increasing total debt impossible to repay, while ignoring solutions worth trillions (3 of 15)
  • Corporate media fakes us into their fake world never admitting to a history of their easily documented lies (4 of 15)
  • Corporate media fakes us into NOT ending poverty for less than 1% of ‘developed’ nations’ income, poverty-murdering ~1 million children every month, since 1997 killing more human beings than all wars & violence in all human history (5 of 15)
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