Emigre Super Bloc Part 5 The Failed Turkish Coup – An Exploded View

By George Eliason, an American journalist living in Ukraine.

Is Fethullah Gulen the feeble, kindly imam that mainstream media is making him out to be? Hardly. What this article will show is that Gulen is instead a career ultra-nationalist bent on carving up the Middle East and Asia. Gulen is on a mission to destroy Russia and China by cutting out territory that contains Turkic peoples from both nations.

Important to understand is Gulen is at work creating a Turkic Islamic World Order inside the countries his schools, people, and businesses reside in.

How did Fethullah Gulen become so powerful in Turkey? In brief I’ll describe his rise for what it is; Erdogan’s self-inflicted wound, that without his own best effort and direct early support could never have happened. It will also show why Erdogan’s purges are going so deep and broad inside all of Turkey’s power structures. What do his people consider Gulen? He is a prophet. –Fethullah Gülen’s Grand Ambition Turkey’s Islamist Danger by Rachel Sharon-Krespin Middle East Quarterly Winter 2009, pp. 55-66

This is a step down from being God. With a whisper, a prophet releases the Word of God to creative or destructive purpose. To his people, this is Fethullah Gulen.

Ankara has accused Gulen of setting up a counter government. I’ll show the proofs that within the United States, Gulen has in fact set up a political organization that is only a step down from a full blown government in exile. It is complete with diplomatic ties to other like minded countries.
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Failed Turkish Coup: Sabotage, Incompetence or Deception?

By Federico Pieraccini. Originally published at Stategic Culture.

Failed Turkish Coup: Sabotage, Incompetence or Deception?

The Coup in Turkey remains yet to be understood but the first consequences are starting to reveal themselves

To understand the coup in Turkey, we have to analyze the reasons that led the plot to fail. A premise: was there really an intention to overthrow and shut down Erdogan’s government? And who are those behind the coup? Starting from these questions and exploring the possible answers, we get a reasonable and authentic framework for a story still very confusing.

Let’s start from here. Assuming the existence of a manual of the ‘Perfect Coup’, it is very likely it would thoroughly explain the importance of the first goals to pull off for the success of a government overthrow:

  1. The arrest of the head of State.
  2. The nomination of a representative for the coup, presented through a press conference on national media to reassure the population.
  3. Controlling all the information/communication sources.
  4. The support of at least a substantial part of the police.
  5. Control of ministries.
  6. Taking under civil and military airports.
  7. Controlling the parliament.
  8. Full control of the skies.
  9. Installing a Curfew.

The radar track of Erdogan in his Erdogan’s flight TK8456, the night of the coup

Failure to arrest Erdogan is a very important indication of the real intentions to overthrow the government. The president was on vacation in a resort on the Mediterranean, as soon as he learned about the coup, he immediately took off in his private jet and urgently released the famous message via FaceTime, echoed by CNN Turk where he called on people to take to the streets in order to defend democracy. While he continued to fly unobstructed in the Turkish skies, many mosques in Ankara and Istanbul began to convey similar messages calling on the population to take to the streets. A few minutes later around 1:00 AM, most of the Turkish people were receiving an SMS message that again urged the population to take to the streets and protest the ‘revolution’. Just when the situation seemed to be solved, around 3AM Erdogan landed in Istanbul.
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Emigre Super Bloc Part 4- Clinton’s Jihadis | Will the Super Delegates Vote YES to More Terrorism?

By George Eliason, an American journalist living in Ukraine.

By the end of this section, you will understand Islamic terrorism better than most analysts. Where it came from, where it’s going,who’s driving it there will be to a large degree answered. The background detail makes this poignantly clear.

Can we trust American politicians that already know these things, like the idea of them, and throughout the primary cast their superdelegate vote to make sure terrorism becomes a fixture in our world? How about in our own country?

Can we trust “party delegates” or presidential candidates that openly welcome known terrorists to their presidential conventions as honored guests, bomb innocent people for them, and give a green light to genocide and breaking federal laws because their bloc votes and money elect the next president?

Will the “Super Delegates” vote YES to more terror against Americans and the world? What am I talking about?

Come on, we’ve all heard of the Albanian power bloc vote haven’t we? Albania is sometimes known as America’s 51st state and boy do they take the elections seriously. Their bloc vote concentrated in a few geographic areas makes a big impact.

…will be seeking to convince more than 400,000 Albanian Americans to vote for the Illinois senator…The Albanian American community lives in states such as New York, Massachusetts, Florida and Michigan, and the candidates are not leaving anything to chance considering that the 2000 presidential elections were decided by only 561 ballots from Florida.
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Being human on a psychopathically controlled Earth: Three lessons from the movie ‘Groundhog Day’

The 1993 movie Groundhog Day is the story of a person trapped to live the same day over and over. The main character responds to this situation in three phases:

  1. Manipulative control for selfish short-term desires.
  2. Depression and attempted rejection from no escape and no satisfaction.
  3. Self-expression for virtue and service with satisfaction.

After selfish desire is transcended, the character awakens on a new day with all the earned skills of practiced virtues.

Five-minute overview:

2016 planet Earth is the story of humanity trapped to live the same psychopathic control system over and over. Relatively unaware humans are like the background characters in Groundhog Day, operational work animals for the .01%. Relatively aware humans respond to this situation in three phases:

  1. Manipulative control for selfish benefits (willfully operating within parasitic systems and/or joining the .01% psychopaths).
  2. Depression and attempted rejection (aware and disliking the system, refusing to join it, but also with resistance to embracing engagement)
  3. Acceptance of the factual condition of a psychopathic control system, with engaged self-expression for virtues.

Let’s consider three possible lessons from this analogy:

First: If the point of Life is evolution of experiencing and expressing virtue, be focused and go for it

Both in the movie and our lives, virtue (however we best define it) seems to be the purpose, both in experience (what we feel) and expression (thoughts, words, actions).
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American Samizdat — Publication Forbidden in U.S.

Eric Zuesse, originally posted at strategic-culture.org


Here’s an example: Ron Unz has called this article that he published in his magazine, The American Conservative, in 2010, and which The Nation magazine had briefly published in 2008 in an abbreviated version and quickly removed from its website, and which The Nation also blocked from being stored on any web archive site — he called it “the biggest story of his [i.e., of Pulitzer-winner Sydney Schanberg’s] career, which has seemingly vanished down the memory hole without trace.” Unz asked, “Could a news story ever be ‘too big’ for the media to cover?” The “alternative news” site Counterpunch reported on this story in print at the same time as The American Conservative, but also removed it from their site if it ever really was on their site (which site has far more readers than their print magazine ever did). Counterpunch had even earlier quoted excerpts from it but then removed that article also from their site. However, on 26 May 2010, The American Conservative did actually publish, in its print magazine, which was dated July 2010, Schanberg’s 8,130-word report — the report which The Nation had originally buried (after having ‘published’ briefly in only an abbreviated version). Counterpunch summarized it, honestly, at their site, headlining, on 28 May 2010, “Vietnam MIAs: Ghosts Return to Haunt McCain and the US Press”. They quoted there, from Schanberg’s article about the difficulty he had had, in finding a publisher (two years too late) for his article (which had previously been available only temporarily and only online and only shortened, at the website of The Nation, in 2008), Schanberg’s story about the newsmedia’s resistance to publishing this:

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2-minute videos: copied ‘leadership’ speeches reveal Left and Right arm puppets of one US political body, psychopathically pretending to care while engaging in rogue state endless wars, debt, and lies

James Corbett’s sharp 2-minute video:

It’s not just speeches; 2-minute video of President Bush defending government-scripted videos pretending to be news:

Conan O’Brien’s 2-minutes revealing corporate news copies the same scripts thoughtlessly; please note the script-readers’ attempts to sound authentic in their readings:

But these tragic-comic copied speeches and admittance of government scripts as “news,” are just the invitation to examine the type of government these blatherings cover. Looking is required for responsible citizens, with the facts of a rogue state US empire quickly and easily seen in Emperor’s New Clothes obviousness for those with intellectual integrity and moral courage to trust their own eyes.

Of course, confirmation of these facts also require at least minimum action to demand arrests of US “leaders” orchestrating a rogue state empire with blatant crimes centering in war, money, and lies, with annual costs killing millions, harming billions, and looting trillions.

“The only thing new in the world is the history you don’t know.”  – President Harry Truman, Plain Speaking: An Oral Biography of Harry S. Truman (1974) by Merle Miller, pg. 26.

3-minute video: Police, Military – Was your Oath sincere?

The United States of the 21st Century is the most dangerous, destructive, and psychopathically vicious rogue state in Earth’s recorded history. Moreover, this conclusion is obvious for anyone caring to look at objective and easily verifiable facts.
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Could This Rally Be a Head-Fake?

Let’s say you wanted to engineer a stock market rally that triggered every technical “buy” signal and wiped out those who are short the market–what would you do? First, you’d engineer a new all-time high to signal “all clear for further advances.”

Then you’d crush volatility as measured by the VIX, signaling that there is nothing standing in the way of more advances.

Next, you’d engineer new highs every day for a week or more.

To do this, you’d unleash a wave of strong buying at every bit of “good news,” no matter how jury-rigged, to trigger computer-trading buying: bogus earnings “beats,” any M&A activity, rumors of more stimulus in Japan, a pop up in crude oil, etc.–whatever could be construed as even modestly good news.

This entire rally has an engineered feel. All the technical “buy” signals are precisely what you’d expect in a rigged rally.

The rally’s strength is reminiscent of the 1999-2000 Internet-era stock market, but compare the fundamental backdrop of then and now. Back then, earnings, sales, profits and employment were all up strongly globally, and China and the emerging markets were experiencing trade-based organic (i.e. not the result of central bank stimulus) expansion.

Can the same be said of the present? No. Employment is stagnant once low-paying part-time jobs are stripped out of official cheerleading statistics, and corporate profits are sliding–especially if “one-time charges” and other accounting trickery are stripped out.
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