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USA Cares about Trapped People being Attacked, People being Beheaded

Believers of the above statement may also be interested in: Stanley’s Cures What Ails You To carry out more bombings and invasions to increase its incomparably sadistic stranglehold over the Middle East, the USA™ recently, as its latest incredibly weak attempt … Continue reading

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So, I Asked the Russian Ambassador What He Thinks of NATO

The Russian Ambassador to the United States, Sergey Ivanovich Kislyak, spoke at the University of Virginia on Tuesday evening, in an event organized by the Center for Politics, which no doubt has video of the proceedings. Kislyak was once ambassador … Continue reading

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The Problem Isn’t Islam … It’s ALL Religious Fundamentalism

While the Koran Calls for Violence, The Bible Is Even Worse … Calling for Genocide Christians and Jews rightly point out that the Koran is a violent text which calls on Muslims to attack “unbelievers”. But they fail to see … Continue reading

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It’s Not Just Politics That’s Broken–The Status Quo’s Model of “How the World Works” Is Broken

The Status Quo is dysfunctional because its model of how the world works is broken. Much has been written about the dysfunction in Washington D.C. Pundits have been wringing their hands for years over the rise of bitter partisan politics and … Continue reading

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Losing Losers and the Pentagon That Hires Them

At the 200th anniversary of the jackasses of 1812 getting the U.S. capital burned by the British in 1814, I found myself watching a new film by Rory Kennedy called Last Days in Vietnam. This film covers the moment of … Continue reading

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