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Will You Join Me in Voting for Neither Trump Nor Clinton?

I’m committing to not vote for Clinton or Trump, and you can do the same. The Democratic Party’s undemocratic primaries are not over, and nobody has won them. It is entirely possible that Hillary Clinton will not be nominated for … Continue reading

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The Choice For Venezuela Is Stark: Either Print Money and Fail or Establish Sound Money (USD to the Rescue?)

Let’s start our analysis of Venezuela’s economic plight with two exhibits: Exhibit A is a chart of the market (free) exchange rate of the Venezuelan Bolivar and the U.S. dollar (USD), and Exhibit B is a chart of the USD. … Continue reading

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The Embarrassing Referendum

By Craig Murray, former British ambassador to Uzbekistan and Rector (i.e. president) of the University of Dundee. I declared this blog an EU referendum free zone a few months ago. In the last couple of days I chanced to … Continue reading

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Bernie Sanders Is No Ralph Nader

Why the Argument Against Nader’s 2000 Candidacy Isn’t an Argument Against Sanders’s 2016 Candidacy Eric Zuesse On May 23rd, Amanda Marcotte, at Salon, argued against Bernie Sanders’s Presidential candidacy as if it were comparable to Ralph Nader’s candidacy in 2000, and she … Continue reading

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The War on Cash Is a War on Your Freedom to Opt Out

I’ve covered the war on cash i.e. the proposed elimination of cash, a number of times, for example, The War On Cash: Officially Sanctioned Theft (June 13, 2015) Our first question should be: just how big a share of our … Continue reading

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