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Endless Atrocities: The US Role in Creating the North Korean Fortress-State

Paul Atwood, a Senior Lecturer in American Studies at the University of Massachusetts Boston, provides a concise summary of the history that informs North Korea’s “relations with the United States” and “drives its determination never to submit to any American … Continue reading

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As Yemen Humanitarian Crisis Fueled by US-Assisted Food Blockade Worsens, Al Qaeda in Yemen Grows Stronger

Shortly after Donald Trump’s unauthorized rocket-attack on Syria in early April, which Trump said he carried out to avenge the deaths of ‘beautiful babies’ killed in an unattributed chemical attack*, Gelhorn prize-winning journalist Gareth Porter noted that Trump, following Obama … Continue reading

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History Lesson awaits Trump if he Attacks North Korea: Analysts

Korea specialist Professor Bruce Cumings notes North Korea became a national security fortress-state as a result of “the holocaust the North experienced during the Korean War”.  After the ‘Communist’ label and racial epithets were applied to dehumanize the populace, the … Continue reading


Addendum to Dr. Theodore Postol’s Assessment of the White House Report on Syria Chemical Attack

Addendum to A Quick Turnaround Assessment of the White House Intelligence Report Issued on April 11, 2017 About the Nerve Agent Attack in Khan Shaykhun, Syria Theodore A. Postol Professor Emeritus of Science, Technology, and National Security Policy at the … Continue reading


MIT Rocket Scientist: White House Claims on Syria Chemical Attack “Cannot Be True”

One of the world’s leading rocket scientists, national security advisor and MIT Professor Theodore Postol, who has won awards for debunking claims about missile defense systems and has been a scientific adviser to the US Chief of Naval Operations, says … Continue reading


Yemen Humanitarian Crisis Worse than Syria; with US Assistance, Saudi Starving Yemen: Porter

Gelhorn Prize-winning journalist Gareth Porter: By February 2016, the humanitarian crisis in Yemen as a result of the Saudi blockade was already worse than Syria’s. The UN Security Council had a series of meetings about humanitarian access in both Syria … Continue reading


[Fake] Breaking News: Citing ‘Humanitarian Concern’, Putin Strikes Child-Killing US-Allies Saudi Arabia and Israel

Upon observing the jubilation in US elite circles over Trump’s illegal bombing of Syrian military equipment (reportedly also killing several civilians) in response to an as-yet unattributed chemical weapons attack (a similar 2013 attacked was initially blamed on Assad by … Continue reading


US Public Directed to Condemn Chemical Attacks and Election Interference – Unless Carried Out by US or Collaborators

Dr. Noam Chomsky, a scholar who taught classes on US foreign policy at MIT and whom International Business Times notes is “one of the world’s most eminent academics and political commentators”, gave a more than one hour-long interview this week … Continue reading


US Selectively Invokes Liberal Virtues to Serve War Propaganda: Bashar Assad Today; Bertrand Russell in 1922

Interviewer: “All sides in this war have been accused of civilian casualties, but Western media has been almost completely silent about the atrocities committed by the rebels” [who, according to internal US government analysis, operate predominantly under the umbrellas of … Continue reading


Largest Hunger Crisis since Creation of UN Underway as US Hoards Food to Feed Harmful Addiction

The UN notes the world is “facing the largest humanitarian crisis since the creation of the UN … more than 20 million people across four countries face starvation and famine. Without collective and coordinated global efforts, people will simply starve … Continue reading


Murky Picture of Death Figures begins to Emerge from US/Iraqi Mosul Siege

A prominent Iraqi Sunni politician, Khamis Khanjar, who is in touch with civilians on the ground in the ISIS stronghold of Mosul, which is being bombarded by US airstrikes and US-trained Iraqi ground forces, told Washington this week that …a … Continue reading


UN Commission: States have a “Duty Not to Aid or Assist” Israeli “Apartheid Regime”

A UN commission has found “overwhelming evidence” that Israel is an “apartheid regime” which uses force and violence to “oppresses” and “dominate” the Palestinian people as a whole for purposes of “racial” and “demographic engineering”.  (Likewise, in 2009, “a comprehensive … Continue reading


Oxford Study: The More Plants and Fewer Animal Products we Consume, the Greater the Health, Economic, and Emissions Benefits

Health benefits: Moving to diets with fewer animal-sourced foods would have major health benefits (Fig. 1A). Compared with the reference scenario, we project that adoption of global dietary guidelines (HGD) would result in 5.1 million avoided deaths per year [95% … Continue reading


This May be the Most Dangerous Point Ever in US-Russian Relations: Cohen

Professor Emeritus of Russian Studies at Princeton, Stephen Cohen, this week in The Nation, dissects the six “factually unverified allegations” that supposedly prove “Trump has been seditiously ‘compromised’ by the Kremlin” and that Trump and Putin worked together to steal … Continue reading


US Gov Egg Promotion Board in Private Emails: Eggs are Unhealthy, Unsafe

If egg companies want to receive subsidies from a US government agency that was created to “increase demand for egg and egg products on behalf of U.S. egg producers”, companies can’t say eggs are healthy, healthful, nutritious, contribute nutritionally, are … Continue reading


Nationalist Propaganda has Many Progressives Demonizing ‘The Russians’

Neocon and neoliberal war propaganda, as exhibited in the Washington Post, New York Times, etc., “has turned much of the liberal/progressive community” in the US “into a pro-New Cold War constituency willing to engage in a new breed of McCarthyism”, … Continue reading


On Email Hacking Allegations, West Establishment says Trust Torturers, Distrust Torture-Whistleblowers

British mainstream paper the Daily Mail reported that former British Ambassador to Uzbekistan, Craig Murray, says he can attest firsthand that the Clinton/Podesta materials handed to Wikileaks were leaked from a Washington insider, not stolen by Russia. But the Daily … Continue reading


Trump has Opportunity to End Obama/Clinton Weapons Sales to Anti-Woman Tyrants

I attended the women’s rights rally in Portland, Oregon, today to support women worldwide and urge Trump to end Obama and Hillary Clinton’s record weapons deals with the most repressive state for women in the world, the totalitarian dictatorship of … Continue reading


US Corporate Press Selectively Publicizes Disagreements between CIA, President

The US corporate press was abuzz with front page, top stories today about the disagreement between incoming president Trump and some figures from the CIA and other intelligence agencies regarding the leaking of facts about Hillary Clinton, which some in … Continue reading

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Carter Helped Argentine Satellite Dictator Drown Thousands of Dissidents: New Docs

Newly declassified documents pertaining to ‘Operation Condor‘, a deadly crackdown on pro-democracy sentiment in US satellites in Latin America, reveal that the government of Jimmy Carter provided assistance to the US proxy dictator in Argentina that helped him drown thousands … Continue reading


US Gov’t, Oligarchs Behind Planned Fake News Flagging on Facebook

Facebook is adding a new feature wherein a group that the Washington Post calls an ‘independent third party fact checker’ will decide whether stories are real or fake, and flag ones the group decides are fake. WaPo leaves out of … Continue reading


1943 Gov’t Film Offers Sharp Contrast with Current US Elite Attitude toward Russia

The film The Battle of Russia, produced in 1943 by the US War Department (which was renamed the Defense Department in 1949), illustrates a respectful and favorable US elite view of Russian history, the Soviet/Russian people, and Stalin for defeating … Continue reading


NYT, WaPo Fake News Still Bringing Real Guns to Iraq, Killing Thousands

Fake news propagated by the US government and collaborating organizations such as the New York Times and Washington Post helped create an environment in which the US was able to illegally invade Iraq in 2003, killing at least one million … Continue reading


Are US Corporate-Media Businesses ‘Independent’?

Professor Noam Chomsky is one of the most cited scholars in history.  His work continues to be prominently taught in classes at top US universities like Yale.  He teaches classes on US government at MIT, and has written some 100 … Continue reading


US Forces Caught Lying about Blasting Civilians with Fire-Hose in Below-Freezing Weather to Protect Dakota Pipeline

US domestic forces using both lethal and pain-inducing weaponry to guard the expansion of the Dakota access oil pipeline denied to NBC the use of fire-hoses (The Guardian has called them ‘water cannons’) against civilians last night.  However, many live-streams … Continue reading


On the Knife-Edge of Western Globalization: A Stint at Standing Rock

Armed men in jackboots, some masked and toting assault rifles, stand mockingly, defiantly, heavily on the mound of graves – a sacred indigenous burial ground.  A site non-natives can understand as similar to Arlington National Cemetery.  How US nationalists would … Continue reading


Help Send Washington’s Blog to Standing Rock

Journalist colleague Sha Hebert and I will be heading to the North Dakota water-protector camps tomorrow from Portland, OR. We are going out of pocket for all expenses and bringing humanitarian supplies. If you would like to help cover costs … Continue reading


US Gov Releases ‘Surprisingly Honest’ Ad for Dakota Access Pipeline

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How Hillary Clinton Helped bring Death Squads back to Honduras

Clinton backed a group of oligarchs in an anti-democracy coup in Honduras in 2009 that reintroduced death squads and assassination of human rights activists like Berta Caceres.


Taking Personal Responsibility for Our Health: Introduction to Evidence-Based Nutrition

Why should we care about making diet choices based on peer-reviewed scientific evidence?  Because diet appears to be the number one cause of death and disability in the US… Physician and New York Times bestselling author, Michael Greger, “scours the … Continue reading


New Research Indicates Google ‘Brazenly’ Manipulating People to Vote for Hillary: Prof. Epstein

Must read article by Robert Epstein, noted psychologist and professor with PhD from Harvard. He covers Google’s motives for wanting to influence people to vote for Clinton, and research his team is conducting that illustrates how Google may be doing … Continue reading


US Citizens Can’t Sue Saudis for Perpetrating 9/11, but Can Sue Iranians Who Had Nothing to Do With It: Obama

Update to the situation covered in the below video report by Washington’s Blog: Since the video was made, the House and Senate have unanimously passed an act that could make it possible for US 9/11 victims to sue Saudis for … Continue reading


Historian Gerald Horne talks to Washington’s Blog about the Reaction to Kaepernick and why No One Should Stand for the Current US National Anthem

As Colin Kaepernick’s choice to remain seated for the US national anthem continues to highlight and provoke conversation about racism and oppression in the country, I asked attorney and Professor of African American studies at the University of Houston, Dr. … Continue reading


Black Movements in US must Work with Int’l Allies to Fight Oppression at Home: Prof. Horne

In the below interview, attorney and history professor Gerald Horne stresses that it is important for black (and other) anti-oppression movements in the US to make use of international allies to put pressure on an angry white majority culture that … Continue reading


Despots “Donate” to Clinton Foundation, Receive Weapons from Hillary: Leaked Docs

Newly leaked documents provide further details on what Harper’s magazine calls the Clinton family’s “slush fund”, the Clinton Foundation. As Secretary of State (the US government position chiefly responsible for coordinating US international arms trafficking), Hillary Clinton accepted millions of … Continue reading


Easy Way to Boost Testosterone


Hillary Clinton Invoked Possible Assassination of Obama as Reason to Stay in Race in ’08

After Donald Trump’s comment this week that could possibly have been interpreted to be leaning towards brushing with suggesting the assassination or imprisonment of Hillary Clinton, or, more likely, as Robert Parry pointed out, some kind of violent revolution, Clinton … Continue reading


Progressive Leader Norman Solomon Slithers Into Bed With Neocon Leader Robert Kagan

by John V. Walsh Norman Solomon betwixt the political sheets with Robert Kagan?  How could that be?  Has our political world turned upside down? Driving south to Mountain View in my new home state of California, I tuned into KPFA, … Continue reading


WaPo: Trump, Adviser Carter Page are ‘Broadly Non-Interventionist’

US military magazine Stars and Stripes published a WaPo piece noting that Carter Page, an “American foreign policy adviser to Donald Trump”, says the US takes an “‘often-hypocritical focus on democratization, inequality, corruption and regime change’ in its dealings with … Continue reading


UN: Root of US Police Terror is ‘Lack of Accountability for Perpetrators’

Philando Castile, shot to death this week by a police officer. US police kill approximately 1,000 people per year according to Federal statistics, disproportionately targeting African and Native Americans and other minority groups.  The UN expert panel on people of … Continue reading


Chomsky on Noble Intentions, Self-Deception, and Relation to Acts of State Terror like Iraq Invasion

Clip from Chomsky interview with Professor of Anthropology and Biological Sciences at Rutgers, Robert Trivers. Full interview. We may also draw analogies between liberal-intellectual rationalizations for mass murder by state and those given by executives at companies pushing and selling … Continue reading


As US Controlled NATO Meets: U.S. War on Russia and China Will Mean Ruin for the Whole of Europe and Asia

by John V. Walsh What we shouldn’t do now is inflame the situation further through sabre-rattling and warmongering. .. Whoever believes that a symbolic tank parade on the alliance’s eastern border will bring security is mistaken. .. We are well-advised … Continue reading


July 4th reflections from a man who may have experienced the US more fully than anyone in its history

Frederick Douglass, one of the most brilliant minds in history, had many praises for the US and its founders. However, he experienced the nation more fully than any of them, beginning his life a victim of the totalitarian fascism they … Continue reading


Studies Suggest Google is Biggest Mind-Control Device Ever Created and is Manipulating in Favor of Hillary

Additional information here: In this extract from his new book When Google Met Wikileaks, WikiLeaks’ publisher Julian Assange describes the special relationship between Google, Hillary Clinton and the State Department — and what that means for the future of the … Continue reading


Corporate Government Complicity with Big Tobacco


US Eugenics, Enslavement, and Neoliberalism in Puerto Rico

Republished with permission.



Businessman Graham Vanbergen points out: Corporate interests now have a disproportionality high level of political influence on a truly global scale. A good example would be Cecilia Malmstrom, the lead EU Trade Commissioner of the TTIP negotiations between Europe and … Continue reading

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Leading Antiwar Progressives Speak Favorably of Aspects of Trump’s Foreign Policy

by John V. Walsh (republished with permission of the author).  Until recently the progressive mind has been resolutely closed and stubbornly frozen in place against all things Trump. But cracks are appearing in the ice.  With increasing frequency over the … Continue reading


Amnesty International: “Slavery Still Reigns in US Prisons”


Pictures of Major Cities Before and After US Aggression, Proxy War

US foreign policy is intended to ‘help’ people like US slavery was intended to ‘help’ Africans (which US slave-drivers said it was). (via Jeblary Bushton, @Jeblary2016)