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Business Owners Who Employ Illegal Aliens Should Be Arrested

Alcatraz Prison by miss_millions CC 2.0 They should be jailed, denied bail due to the severity of the crime, and tried under the Patriot Act and other federal code for supporting whatever heinous crimes Trump and company blame on undocumented … Continue reading


Swamp Thing Takes Over Treasury – ForclosureGate II, the Sequel

ForclosureGate (circa 2010 forward): Widespread mortgage fraud as a result of an unregulated, rigged housing market guaranteed to create a collapse and waves of foreclosures, all of which leads to major hardship for homeowners and their families. (Washington, DC)  Wall … Continue reading


Why are the Russians Exposing their Pre Election Links with the Trump Campaign?

A national sport in Russia. Habibah Agianda, Creative Commons Why are the Russians Exposing their Pre Election Links with the Trump Campaign? (Washington, DC) A senior Russian diplomat announced that the Russian government had ongoing ties to the presidential campaign … Continue reading


The Trump – Epstein Rape Lawsuit

Donald Trump’s post election experience may be as bad or worse than the nightmare he hopes to visit on Hillary Clinton, perhaps worse. Jane Doe (proceeding under a pseudonym) filed a civil lawsuit against Donald Trump and convicted sex offender, … Continue reading


What is Comey up to and who is he working for?

FBI Director James Comey.Wikimedia FBI Director James Comey’s letter to Congress on new evidence in the Clinton email scandal represents interference in the presidential campaign commensurate with his failure to indict candidate Hillary Clinton for crimes greater than those committed … Continue reading


Time for Hillary Clinton to End Her Campaign

Michael Collins It’s a beautiful day in New York.Hillary Clinton, 9/11/16 Video of Hillary Clinton leaving a 9/11-memorial ceremony in New York City establishes a clear case to question her ability to continue running for president or to serve if … Continue reading


Why would (Ras) Putin target a sure loser like Trump?

By Michael Collins Master of deep intrigue, the Russian faith healer who controlled the Tsars, Grigori Yefimovich Rasputin. Dennis Jarvis Former CIA director Michael Morrell claims that Russian President Vladimir Putin controls Donald Trump’s mind. The new McCarthyism was born … Continue reading


Exclusive Interview with Putin on DNC Emails – From Russia with Love

Putin watching the Democratic National Convention Image: Compilations.TV/GAVRILOV (screenshot) By Michael Collins Satire (Washington, DC 7/25) As I was idly wondering what Vladimir Putin would say about the DNC email scandals, I received a call from Vladimir Putin himself. He … Continue reading


End Times – When Supreme Court justices just don’t matter

Michael Collins “Are you ready for the football?” Image: Maxwell Hamilton & DonkeyHotey (Washington, DC) In 2016, we have a choice between Scylla and Charybdis, cancer and the plague, teen Dance Moms and the 800 Club. Hillary and the Donald … Continue reading


The Clinton Nonevent

Michael Collins the end Creative Commons FBI Director James Comey’s recommendation against indicting Hillary Clinton is truly a nonevent. In the big picture, it means very little and signifies nothing new. Clinton indictment or not, the money dominated, corrupt, and … Continue reading


Democrats Need a Conscience to Close Morality Gap with Republicans

There’s a morality gap between Democrats and Republicans with the Democrats lagging far behind. The Republican National Convention rules committee will consider a conscience clause allowing committed delegates to change their vote on the convention’s first ballot. This could unseat … Continue reading


What about violence from the Clinton campaign?

By Michael Collins (Creative Commons 4.0) Some rough housing at a Democratic Party convention in Nevada over the weekend shocked party leaders and the mainstream media. The official custodians of propriety demand that Sanders control his followers and denounce their … Continue reading


Erdogan Tries to Bully EU on Visa Free Travel Deal – More Bizarre than Ever

By Michael Collins Welcome to Europe President  Recep Tayyip Erdogan of Turkey could be headed for troubled waters after a series of seeming victories against the European Union, NATO, and the United States if he blows his latest big deal. … Continue reading