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NAZIs in 2017 Kiev? Ukraine Thinks YOU are a Moron or the Fascist

Ukraine is having its coming out party in 2017. It’s a real trans’ democratic affair. The flower of European values and democracy Petr Poroshenko, championed by Ukrainian ethnic Victoria Nuland as a model, has declared 2017 the Year of the … Continue reading


How Vault 7 Tools Used by Private Contractors Build MSM News- Part 2

So, let’s begin at the end. The fastest way to get things done on a geopolitical level has become hiring the private Intel and policy-making professionals and letting them loose as experts to the mainstream media. Who is using chemical weapons on … Continue reading


The Private Contractors Using Vault 7 Tools for US Gov: US Intel Needs a Ground-Up Rebuild Part 1

George Eliason is an American journalist that lives and works in Donbass. He has been interviewed by and provided analysis for RT, the BBC, and Press-TV. His articles have been published in the Security Assistance Monitor, Washingtons Blog, OpedNews, the … Continue reading


A Simple Letter From a Girl After a Fascist Coup

In early 2014 I was sent this letter when Maidan was winding down. It was a young Russian woman in Kiev who wrote exactly what was going on. NO ONE would publish it that first year. It wasn’t until 2015, … Continue reading


Tic Toc Why The Clock Stops for Progressives if Trump is Dumped

Did progressives ever think their fortune was tied directly to Donald Trump? In the new game of American politics gone wild, this is exactly the case for the following reasons. Let’s start with voter fraud. Was there voter fraud in … Continue reading


An Open Letter to Those Who Voted for Clinton and Protest Trump

There isn’t an easy, kind, or right way to open this conversation with people that have stood up for the rights of people worldwide as well as on the home front for decades. Any and every starting point seems wrong. … Continue reading


A Real Look at Islamists Hiding Behind Pink Pussy Hat Protesters

Protesters support Islamists pretending to be rights activists. Around the world, legitimate protests in recent years were turned into color revolutions. So-called humanitarian groups attach themselves to protests and in many cases changed the agenda and nature of the protest. … Continue reading


Indict Clinton For the Russian DNC Hack

As if neo-liberal sensibilities weren’t hurt enough, it’s time to get to the bottom of the Russian hacks. The problem is no matter what direction you investigate the hacks from, it always goes back to the Hillary Clinton campaign and … Continue reading


Why Crowdstrike’s Russian Hacking Story Fell Apart 2 The DNI Report Faked Sources

Pravy Sektor Hackers and Crowdstrike? The only thread that holds the DNI report together at first glance is the false testimony and fake evidence Crowdstrike and Dmitri Alperovitch provided to the FBI and other agencies involved. When you look at … Continue reading


Why Crowdstrike’s Russian Hacking Story Fell Apart- Say Hello to Fancy Bear

[Preface by Washington’s Blog: As patriotic Americans,  we are most concerned about what’s best for the U.S.   If it’s Ukrainians – more than Russians – who are interfering with our country, we have a right to know. We are for … Continue reading


Russia Hacking the Election the Inside Story

In the last few articles, I described a soft coup. There is a strong inform and influence operation against the American people still going on. The big question today is whether Russia had any influence on the election. In a … Continue reading