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Covering the Leaking Reactors At Fukushima With Tents Will Only INCREASE Global Exposure to Radiation

Fukushima Nuclear Radiation Will Be Spread By Use of Tents When I first heard that Tepco will place large tents over its leaking Fukushima reactors, I reacted with derision, as did Tyler Durden: Artist’s impression of this latest Japanese venture: … Continue reading

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There Are More Slaves Today Than At Any Point In Human History

More Slaves Today Than Ever Before In History You would assume that – as messed up as things may be today – at least there is not widespread slavery, as in ancient Egypt or the American south. But as Time … Continue reading

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Despite The Ongoing Efforts To Cover Up The Scope Of The Disasters, New Videos Prove That All Is Not Well At Fukushima … Or The BP Oil Spill Site

Despite the ongoing efforts to cover up the scope of the disasters, new videos prove that all is not well in Fukushima … or the BP oil spill site. A strange flash was observed at the Fukushima nuclear power plant: … Continue reading

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Labor Day Has Been Rendered Completely Meaningless (Happy Serf Day)

Labor Day … Or Serf Day? As I noted in 2008: A highly-regarded economist (Michael Hudson, Distinguished Research Professor at the University of Missouri, Kansas City, who has advised the U.S., Canadian, Mexican and Latvian governments as well as the … Continue reading

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When the Rich Get Richer, It DOESN’T Raise All Boats … It SINKS The Standard of Living For Everyone Else

I’ve repeatedly noted that rampant inequality destabilizes the economy as a whole, and actually causes depressions … but that government policy is increasing inequality. I’ve also pointed out that no one – liberal or conservative – likes runaway inequality. Now, … Continue reading

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