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How would arrests of US/UK/Israel ‘leaders’ to end lie-began Wars of Aggression actually go down?

Three essential questions: How are we certain US/UK/Israel current armed attacks are unlawful and lie-began Wars of Aggression? How would arrests of “leaders” happen? What can the average person do to help cause arrests of obvious criminals for obvious War … Continue reading

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Book review: ‘Cancer Vortex’: industry history to devour profits, lives

73-minute documentary: Cancer: the forbidden cures Author Ken Anton delivered powerful history in his novel Popsicle Man of US oligarchs with Emperor’s New Clothes’ obvious crimes centering in war and money. His new novel, Cancer Vortex, provides similar powerful history of the medical oligarchs who block medically and legally proven … Continue reading

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Analogy to US media reporting on Israel & Gaza: ‘1776: Congress vows to destroy England!’

US/Israel corporate media reporting lies that Hamas threatens to “kill all Jews”, and ongoingly that Iran threatens to “wipe Israel off the map.” How would such reporting cover the US Declaration of Independence to protect Empire interests? (Satire): His Majesty, … Continue reading

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US ‘News’ lying sack of spin warmonger: ‘It’s in the Hamas charter they want to kill all Jews’

2-minute interview FOX News (sic) interviewed Anna Baltzer, an ongoing hero to expose Israeli apartheid and now genocide upon Palestinians. This is the type of “coverage” Americans receive from corporate media, and why every other nation but America have negative … Continue reading

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Game-changing US/Israel lies: Hamas and Iran demand Palestinian justice, not to ‘destroy Israel’

Americans receive rhetoric that Hamas threatens destruction of Israel, but without substantiation of this damning claim. This claim is often linked to Iran. In support of Israel’s war on Gaza, US Senate Resolution 498: “Whereas Hamas is a United States-designated terrorist organization … Continue reading

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