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Are Eric Zuesse’s Posts Promoting Healthy Debate?

  We’re on Day 2 of our experiment in letting Eric Zuesse post whatever he wants from a “Progressive” perspective. There have been a slew of comments – and responses – to Eric’s posts (look at the new “Recent Comments” … Continue reading

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Sweden Joins NATO’s Emerging War Against Russia

Eric Zuesse Sweden, which historically has been a ‘neutral’ country between the U.S. and Russia, is joining the NATO buildup against Russia, allowing NATO to place nuclear weapons in Sweden for an attack against Russia, and, like NATO (of which … Continue reading

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Putin Warns Romania and Poland Against Installing ABM Missiles

Eric Zuesse On Friday, May 27th, Russia’s President Vladimir Putin again asserted that American President Barack Obama lies when saying that the reason America’s anti-ballistic missile (“ABM”) or Ballistic Missile Defense (“BMD”) system is being installed in Romania, and will … Continue reading

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Sanders Probably Will Campaign For President Till Election Day

Eric Zuesse Ever since the start of 2016 — and this means throughout the entire period while primary elections and caucuses have been held — only a single person has led both political Parties’ head-to-head hypothetical matchups against all of … Continue reading

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First Deposition Released on Clinton Email Case

Eric Zuesse U.S. Ambassador Lewis Lukens’s sworn testimony in the case of Hillary Clinton’s privatization of the U.S. Secretary of State’s email is the first evidence to be released in the Clinton email cases, and it was published on May … Continue reading

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