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US, Japan, Canada, Australia and 8 Other Countries Sign Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement

The Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) would be horrible for Americans and the people of the world. But most politicians are thoroughly corrupt.  Neither the Democratic or Republican parties represent the interests of the American people. Both parties ignore the desires … Continue reading

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Bloomberg: Trans Pacific Partnership Is “Corporatist Power Grab”, “As Democratic And Transparent As A One-Party State,” Shrouded In “Big Brother-Like Secrecy”

Stop the Anti-American Power Grab The U.S. Trade Representative – the federal agency responsible for negotiating trade treaties – has said that the details of the Trans Pacific Partnership are classified due to “national security”. A Congressman who has seen … Continue reading

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A Great Awakening – Public Support for Fake “Free Trade” Deals Plunges in the U.S. and Europe

Submitted by Mike Krieger via Liberty Blitzkrieg blog,   Public opposition to the sovereignty killing corporate giveaway marketed as a free trade deal known as the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) has become so widespread that all the leading candidates for the … Continue reading

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Even Mainstream Economists Starting to Admit that “Free Trade Agreements” Hurt the American Worker

Trump and Sanders have whipped up a lot of popular support by opposing “free trade” agreements. But it’s not just politics and populist sentiment … mainstream economists are starting to reconsider their blind adherence to the dogma that more globalization … Continue reading

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Don’t Give a Damn About the TPP? You’re Going to Wish It Gave a Damn About You.

By David Swanson, American Herald Tribune Try this at home. Dress up corporate. Stand on a corner with a clipboard. Hover a drone with a video camera nearby. Ask passersby: 1. Who’s in the Super Bowl? 2. Who should be … Continue reading