Trump Already Fading into Irrelevance

Eric Zuesse, originally posted at

This will be a nonpartisan commentary about U.S. politics, as viewed by an American historian who is disgusted with the profoundly corrupt U.S. Government — not merely the political Parties, but the billionaires who effectively control them. Not everyone who finds Trump and the Republican Party to be beneath contempt is a Democrat. All that this commentator is is a democrat — a person who is opposed to all forms of dictatorship, including America’s own.

Key factors are now coming together to indicate that Donald Trump’s Presidency is already doomed, even if he survives to the end of his term as President. His remaining chances of being elected to any public office are near zero; even his success with the Republican Party has doomed — tainted for years, if not ended — that Party, made it not just repulsive, but increasingly repulsive, both inside and outside the United States; and, here is how, and why, this extraordinary phenomenon is happening:

Everyone knows, by now, that Steve Bannon, who was reliably reported (both before the election, and, in even deeper retrospect, after the election) to have been absolutely crucial to Trump’s election, has recently become instead the total opposite, Trump’s enemy — out to destroy both Trump and his family. A book will soon be published from him, that’s sure to spill lots of disgustingly putrid beans, beyond anything previously wafted by the public, from these now rotting but powerful targets.

The well-connected political reporter Michael Wolff has also recently come out with a new book (excerpts here), in which many of Trump’s aides already anonymously leak damning testimony of Trump’s personal stupidity and psychopathy.

Also, the brilliant geo-strategic analyst and reporter Wayne Madsen posted to the Strategic Culture site, on January 4th, “‘I, Neocon’ – the Foreign Policy of Emperor Trump”, in which he says (and I know, from multiple reliable sources, that all of this is true):

Trump follows the advice of a dangerous cabal he has established around himself. On issues of the Middle East and relations with Muslim nations, Trump’s cabal possesses a toxicity never seen before in a US administration. This cabal revolves around the troika of Jared Kushner, Trump’s son-in-law with many portfolios; Jason Greenblatt, former chief legal officer for the Trump Organization and now Assistant to the President and Special Representative for International Negotiation; and David Friedman, formerly with Trump’s law firm of Kasowitz, Benson, Torres & Friedman and now US ambassador to Israel. They, along with Trump, have succeeded in reversing 70 years of US Middle East policy by ensuring America’s recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital. The Jerusalem decision will also see the United States move its embassy from Tel Aviv to property in Jerusalem originally seized by the Israelis from Palestinian landowners.

The Jerusalem decision sends a stark warning to Muslims everywhere, who regard Jerusalem as the third-holiest city in Islam, after Mecca and Medina. It also throws a gauntlet down to the Roman Catholic Church, Eastern and Coptic Orthodoxy, and mainstream Protestantism, all which regard Jerusalem as not only Christianity’s most-revered city but an international zone that ought to be placed under joint Israeli-Palestinian control or under a regime like those of past international city-states, Tangier, Danzig, and Trieste, for example. By rewarding Israel with US recognition, Trump’s action was a slap in the face to Christians in Jerusalem who have been forced to contend with hundreds of vicious Jewish hate attacks on Christians, such as the scrawled words in Hebrew, “Death to the Heathen Christians, the enemies of Israel” and “Christians to Hell,” painted on the Benedictine Monastery in the Old City of Jerusalem, the revered site of Jesus’s Last Supper. The Israeli government has taken no action to find and punish the perpetrators of these anti-Gentile attacks by Jewish hate mongers.

On January 1st, Israel’s own Ha’aretz newspaper bannered “U.S. Gives Israel Green Light to Assassinate Iranian General Soleimani”, who is, in effect, the Commander-in-Chief of Iran’s military.

Ayatollah Khamenei and the mullahs are at the very top of their state, but the elected President, Hassan Rouhani, though the nation’s President, is not, in addition, the head of Iran’s military institutions. Technically, Khamenei is Iran’s Commander-in-Chief; but, in reality, he relies for that function almost 100% upon the strategic brilliance of General Qassem Soleimani, whom the Israeli regime has long wanted to assassinate; but only now has the U.S. regime given them the go-ahead to do that. It would, effectively, decapitate Iran’s military.

Here is one scenario:

1: Major General Qasem Soleimani becomes assassinated by Israel’s Mossad.

2: Iran and its Hezbollah Shia ally in Lebanon release all their missiles against Israel, to blitz-destroy as much of Israel as possible. Any Iranian weaponry that would be held back in such an attack would only be destroyed in Israel’s counter-attack, and so there would be no sense in holding any of it back.

3: Israel nukes Iran, and it also attacks Hezbollah in Lebanon — but not with nukes, because Lebanon is too close to Israel, and Israel will try to minimize contamination of its own territory.

Here is another scenario:

2: Iran “takes it on the chin,” and tries to find, immediately, someone who is comparably brilliant to Solomeini, to fill his role — the role upon the basis of which, Iran has achieved remarkable improvements in its military, and thus made possible its remarkable achievements in their international relations.

Obviously, Iran will be a much weaker nation, when Israel murders its commander-in-chief. Donald Trump, apparently, wants this as desperately as does Benjamin Netanyahu. Trump is the only U.S. President who ever has. This is a very big development. The U.S. regime is now, even more clearly than before, a rogue state, just as Israel itself is. It’s now clearly out in the open.

The highly respected analyst and commentator upon international relations concerning Middle Eastern countries, Abdel Bari Atwan, had already reported, on December 30th, that:

Israel’s Channel 10 has disclosed that a secret agreement was reached on 12 December, following talks between Israeli national security adviser Meir Ben-Shabbat and his US counterpart HR McMaster, for the two sides to take action and devise scenarios against Iran on several fronts. This reportedly entailed measures aimed at curbing Iran’s nuclear and missile capabilities, rolling back its presence in Syria, and confronting its ally Hezbollah in Lebanon. The White House later confirmed the existence of the agreement after news it of it was leaked to media.

Then, there’s the catastrophic domestic policy that Trump and his unanimous Republican congressmen rammed through Congress and Trump signed into law on taxes and lots more. Here’s a bit of the best summary of it:

NPR, December 19th:

In 2027, the Republican tax overhaul would raise taxes on 53 percent of households. Still, … Households making $1 million or more per year would get an average tax cut of $23,190. … in 2018, households earning $1 million or more — or, 0.4 percent of all tax filers — would be getting 16.5 percent of the total benefit from the bill.

In 2027, households earning $1 million or more — estimated to be 0.6 percent of all filers — would be getting 81.8 percent of the total benefit. …

In 2018, only 5 percent of taxpayers would have tax hikes, and by 2025, only 9 percent would. … In 2027, 53 percent of tax filers would have a tax hike.

Congress members could avoid that wave of tax hikes by extending those individual tax cuts beyond 2025. The White House has suggested that this is the plan. … But if they do, it means a much heftier price tag, as yet-another analysis released Monday found. As currently written [which is the bill that did become law], the bill would cost around $1.5 trillion. But if Congress extended provisions that expire early, the bill would cost more than $2 trillion.

The U.S. economy is already skating on thin ice, and federal debt at the end of the third quarter of 2017) is $20,244,900,000,000 and rising at an accelerated clip since 2009, when it was $11,126,941,000,000 in the first quarter of 2009 — almost a doubling during the past 7 years.

The Republican Party used to be nominally opposed to increasing the federal debt, but now they are totally committed to soaring the federal debt. Yet all of that increase is going to the military (the most-wasteful and corrupt of all federal departments). Other federal departments — especially the regulatory agencies such as the FDA and EPA, which protect consumers and the environment — are being slashed. Productive spending is thus to be slashed, while destructive spending is to be escalated.

Clearly, Donald Trump combines the worst features of the worst Presidents in American history — George W. Bush and Barack Obama — and displays those worst features even more than both of them together did.

And, then, there’s Trump’s removing America from the already weak Paris Climate Accord, so that global warming will increase even more — and fossil fuels corporations will benefit even more, at the planet’s expense.

Isn’t it now obvious that Trump, in the view of future history (if there will be future history) will be loathed?

The billionaires own the corporations that select and publish the newspapers, books, and other propaganda that newspeople and historians write, but anyone is going to be able to see through the lipstick that might be painted onto this pig.

Consequently: I predict that a progressive political party will soon be created, with almost only grassroots support, which will come close to winning (or even could win) the U.S. Presidency in 2020 (and then soon replacing either the Republican or the Democratic Party — just as the Whig Abraham Lincoln switched to the new Republican Party and won the Presidency in 1860 ending the Whig Party), unless this country is even more corrupt than I think it is. If such a new-and-committedly-progressive party wins (which I consider unlikely), then that will constitute America’s repudiation and reversal of the conservative Reaganite path it has been on ever since 1980 ended the progressive Democratic FDR era in America and started the conservative Reagan era — which now has more clearly become fascism in America.

The likelihood if no such grassroots party wins the Presidency in 2020 is that America’s billionaires will increase their control over America even more than than they already have now, because the Republican Party has represented only the wealthiest ever since 1865, and the Democratic Party has represented only the wealthiest ever since 1992 and especially since 2008. However, Trump is the first President in all of U.S. history who in peacetime greatly expands military expenditures while greatly shrinking non-military expenditures. Here is his proposed 2018 budget, as compared to the year before (Obama’s last):

TRUMP 2018 Budget:

-31% EPA

-29% State Dept.

-21% Ag. Dept.

-21% Labor

-18% HHS

-16% Commerce

-14% Education

-13% HUD

-13% Transportation

-12% Interior

-6% Energy

-5% SBA

-4% Treasury

-4% Justice

-1% NASA

+6% Veterans Affairs

+7% Homeland Security

+9% Defense

Not only is this a historically unprecedented give-away to America’s military-industrial complex, but it’s an unprecedented give-away to American’s billionaires, who will be subject to less regulation and less law-enforcement than they have even now, and who will thus be able to dirty the environment and poison consumers and cheat consumers and abuse workers even more than has previously been allowed to them — stripping away many of America’s meager protections for the public, while granting the super-rich to scoff-up even more of America’s economy than previously; the existing level of economic inequality isn’t vast enough to satisfy America’s billionaires and centi-millionaires who control the U.S. Government, and it will now certainly rise even further, until the next crash comes, and maybe even beyond that.

Consequently, since this is a solidly Republican U.S. Government, many voters will be so terrified of the evilness of Republican politicians as to vote for Democratic Party nominees no matter how conservative they might be (like they did for Hillary Clinton) — and the billionaires who select candidates will make sure that they’re as neoliberal and as neoconservative as a ‘Democrat’ can be (like she was). And this is the reason why only a successful new and uncompromisingly progressive political party in America, led by a well-known and politically-battle-tested consistently progressive person (with high and extremely positive name-recognition amongst the public) as being its Presidential candidate (inevitably a nationally prominent former Independent, or former Democrat, since there are no more progressive Republicans — the Republican Party will reasonably be blamed for what they’re now doing) could even possibly salvage the clearly sinking future of America’s public.

Thus, the Trump-Republican horribleness is unfortunately protecting, instead of endangering, the control over America by its billionaires and centi-millionaires, and making even less likely than before, the Democratic Party’s presenting decent nominees to voters in general elections for federal offices. Right now, the noose of corruption is tightening around Americans’ throats.


Investigative historian Eric Zuesse is the author, most recently, of  They’re Not Even Close: The Democratic vs. Republican Economic Records, 1910-2010, and of  CHRIST’S VENTRILOQUISTS: The Event that Created Christianity.

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  • WillDippel

    Here is an interesting look at how political polarization in the United States has grown over the past three decades:

    America’s growing divide is another symptom of a fading empire.

  • ICFubar

    This is interesting as an assessment from the trenches but a failure as far as assessing what the command structure seeks to impose. We have a Empire of bankrupt national LLCs on the one hand run as all empires by its financial, and to a lesser extent, its corporate elite. On the other ‘opposing’ side we have other nation state LLCs run by their elites who want a bigger seat at the table where the future is planned and implemented. All these elites are on the same page except for who is to be first among equals at the one level while conducting business as usual between themselves on many other levels.

    Nowhere is the question asked who gives Israel LLC, registered in Washington D.C., its marching orders and puts politicians in place to carry out those orders. Or are we to believe that Israel LLC is the exception and its people through elections have a say in the making of national policy and their implementation. Continuity of Agenda, through political charade, marches on throughout the Empire under differing marketing to suit the jurisdictional nuances

    Israel has a relatively low national debt to GDP of 62% but has a large surplus in its trade balance as an offset, BDS being a direct challenge to this situation. Israel also has large off book revenues from the illicit economy, dealing in everything unpalatable to the public. This by its mainly Russian mafia ‘Jewish” immigrants ‘allowed’ to set up shop in Israel. This crime syndicate does business on a world wide basis with other crime syndicates such as the CIA and their homey Russian mafia. and is entwined with the larger overall business planning of the various groupings of international elites. Even the Russian Federation LLC refers to the Empire as its “western partners.” and not just for the purpose of being diplomatic as many assume.

    “The state[s] exist to enforce the dominance of elites, everyting else is propaganda, misdirection or obfuscation.”.

    • Todd Millions

      Well Put.

  • empty

    “Trump Already Fading into Irrelevance”
    “a nonpartisan commentary”
    and i thought 0bomba was the height of democrats delusions

  • LostInTheStars

    Of all the horrid people who are Trump’s advisors, Jared Kushner is the worst. (With Nikki Haley not far behind.)

    I guess the United States is now a puppet of Israel. And I guess World War III will begin in Iran, a country that fights terrorism rather than supporting it. The people of Iran are Shia and they aren’t evil. The jihadist terrorist are either Wahhabi Sunnis or else Salafi Sunnis.

    Donald Trump was a wild card. There were a whole range of possibilities for how he might govern. Turns out we got the worst case scenario.

    Interesting that Zuesse includes Obama in his list of our three worst presidents. All my Democrat friends (and I do mean ALL of them) gasp in horror when I make the slightest criticism of his presidency.

    Finally, as difficult as it would be to pull off, I would love to see the emergence of a Third Party. I fear the Democratic Party is irredeemable. They are still doubling down on identity politics and neoliberalism.

    • nomadd

      Zeusse nails it w this:
      “Clearly, Donald Trump combines the worst features of
      the worst Presidents in American history — George W. Bush and Barack
      Obama — and displays those worst features even more than both of them
      together did.”
      Trumps only redeeming quality is his opposition to MSM aka the Deep State. Id be willing to hold my nose and back him if he actually went to war w them.

      “It seems that Trump and his Attorney General finally
      realized that they are in a fight for their lives and have decided to
      counterbalance Mueller’s investigation of fake crimes with an
      investigation of Hillary’s and the FBI’s real crimes.

      One can only wonder why they waited so long. Intelligence does not seem to be the hallmark of the Trump administration.”

      via The Focus Shifts From Trump To Hillary And The Corrupt FBI —

      • LostInTheStars

        Even though I occasionally disagree with PCR (Today, for example, he went overboard on Second Amendment rights), I am endlessly fascinated by his point of view. He makes me think more than any other blogger. It is interesting that the father of Reaganomics is today one of the strongest defenders of ordinary working people. Democrats don’t seem to give a damn about them any more.

    • nomadd

      ps: i also thing Obama was the worst president in history. if not the worst, the most despicable. but thats just me.

      • LostInTheStars

        Obama was the biggest disappointment of my lifetime. He is a closet Republican, but very, very few Democrats were able to see through him, so they cheered him on when he did things Democrats would not have tolerated from a Republican. I myself defended him longer than I should have. As an eloquent phony progressive Obama moved the country farther to the right than any Republican could have done. (The same could be said of Bill Clinton.) Obama also was a horrid warmonger. Nevertheless, run-of-the-mill Democrats are ready to canonize him as a saint.

        • nomadd

          i couldnt believe it. it was obvious to me in 2009 that he was a treacherous sellout. yet to this day you cannot convince his worshipers of that. the most incredible instance of mass brainwashing i have ever seen. i remain flabbergasted. hats off to the cia.

    • nathenism

      considering the presidents are just puppet figureheads who do not set the policy this means the only reason bush and obama are the worst presidents in history is because the agenda is the worse it has ever been as the globalists mover ever closer to their attempted global domination…there is nothing trump can do to control what is happening and he knows it…i’m not saying he’s a good guy…i have no idea what’s in his head and heart and i don’t really care…whatever horribleness happens won’t have a thing to do with trump

      • ICFubar

        Great comment with the full understanding of Continuity of Agenda.

    • Caldera

      Kushner comes across as quite creepy, like a character from Twin Peaks. Trump is an idiot for holding court with him.

  • kimyo

    the already weak Paris Climate Accord, so that global warming will increase even more

    you anthropogenic global warming people should really start to consider the possiblity that you’ve been totally played.

    Heroes of the Environment – Jeffrey Immelt

    No executive better exemplifies this new attitude than General Electric’s CEO Jeffrey Immelt. While his predecessor Jack Welch battled America’s Environmental Protection Agency over the cleanup of the Hudson and Housatonic Rivers, Immelt has positioned GE to be a leader in pollution control and natural-resource management. He has launched an “ecomagination” campaign designed to promote GE’s high — efficiency locomotives and jet engines, wind turbines, solar power and water-purification systems, and a range of cleaner coal technologies.

    By spearheading the formation of the U.S. Climate Action Partnership, a consortium of companies and NGOs that earlier this year asked the Bush Administration to take action against the buildup of greenhouse gases, Immelt has paved the way for hundreds of other business leaders to commit themselves to finding climate-change solutions. But his environmental focus does not derive from an overweening sense of corporate social responsibility. Immelt believes that GE’s eco-leadership will position it for success in a range of high-growth and high-margin markets. “Green is green,” he declares.

    Beyond praising Immelt’s vision, society should celebrate that environmental technology development is shifting from government to business.

    GE Is Trying To Figure Out Who Knew About Immelt’s “Chase Plane”

    The Wall Street Journal broke one of the most memorable news stories of the year over the summer when it reported that former General Electric CEO Jeff Immelt would routinely use a “chase plane” when flying to foreign destinations – that is, a second completely empty jet would fly behind Immelt’s aircraft. The company has provided multiple justifications for the second plane, including saying it was for security purposes, and to ensure timely arrival for “business critical” meetings.

    The story, which has become emblematic of GE’s longstanding tradition of grossly overspending on executive perks, was a major embarrassment for Immelt, who denied reports that he specifically requested the jet, claiming instead that his air transportation was arranged by the company’s corporate air team. Finally, he admitted that he had used two GE corporate jets in this manner up until 2014, when he changed the policy to use “locally sourced jets” as chase planes instead of one of the GE fleet.

    ‘ecomagination’, indeed. they laugh at you when you carry their water for them.

  • Tom Paine

    Forget the Republican Democrat template we have one party totally controlled by the plutocracy time to move on. The ruling class uses us vs them to distract the masses from turning on them.
    As Gandhi pointed out the masses need to cooperate with tyranny for it to work.

    Time for civil disobedience as the only solution but we are a nation of brainwashed materialists who can be easily bought off. Many do not mind wage slavery per se, just want a slightly better deal.
    Just give them a big screen TV and a BMW and they are happy obedient workers.

    Now we know how it was in the collapse of the evil Roman Empire. The whole idea of empire is fundamentally evil.

  • Todd Millions

    When have the circumzied Nazis ever required permission to assassinate anyone?
    If you doubt me ask the son’s of Gerald Bull.
    Since isreali firms now supply American plutonium to their fellow Semite partners in
    Saudi Arabia-The tritium from the regional nuc “powerplant” projects suppliers are tripping over each other
    to get the contracts for-including Rosatom,. A unending regional H bomb supply chain is garneted.
    The oil extraction as per Marsten’s book-“Stupid to the Last Drop”, is the least of the consequences
    that can be expected.
    More realistically and in the immediate future-even if the oh so green reactor projects feed no power to any grid ,in this region of no solar and wind resources-
    We can expect a reprise and expansion of the old playbook of West Germany supplying Massive long-term funding and knowhow for nuclear-“Desalination” projects at desert “textile mills”,
    in exchange for a few(6) of the warheads produced and Nato none the wiser.
    Warheads delivered apparently Before they were tested in South Africa in 1979.
    Well -you have to trust your partners don’t you?
    You can of course rely on them not to blackmail you for cruise missile capable submarines
    that are delivered on the promise of them paying you for them-after delivery.Over and over.
    Germans being known of course for such easy going credit arrangements-Ask any Greek.
    So we can expect the same scams on steroids developing very quickly.
    I’m sure our incorruptible governments on any level are up to the challenges .
    “The mistakes of the past will not be repeated”.