Mainstream Media: The Evil Empire

By Anthony Freda of Originally posted at Medium.

As it becomes increasingly clear that yesterday’s conspiracy theories are today’s real news, the call to kill the messengers just gets more shrill and hysterical.

The attacks on free speech with high-tech censorship campaigns and old-fashioned hit pieces in the “War on Fake News” are massive and concerted.

The book burners are starting so many fires it’s impossible to stamp them all out.

What are the horrible thought crimes committed by the alternative press?

The new media has consistently exposed the lies and crimes of our corrupt and broken institutions.

Pioneers of alt media have passionately and convincingly made the case that The Patriot Act literally reversed the gains to human liberty codified in The Bill of Rights.

Independent media dismantled the lies that were presented as the pretexts to the invasion of Iraq. The same lies aggressively promoted by Bush, Hillary Clinton, CNN and The New York Times and that resulted in the death of a million people and global chaos. By contrast, how many people have died as a result of alternative media reports? The answer is zero.

The independent press interviewed NSA whistle-blowers who accurately described how the U.S. government was illegally spying on its citizens and retaining our data, and how these whistle-blowers were being persecuted by their own government for coming forward and refusing to break the law.

This was years before anyone heard of Edward Snowden.

Amazingly, there was very little interest in these bombshell allegations in the mainstream press.

It’s hard to believe now, but in those days, people who claimed the government was spying on innocent citizens were dismissed as paranoid by the self-proclaimed arbiters of truth at the NYT and CNN.

Grassroots media detailed a decade ago how police forces all over America were becoming militarized and predicted that this dangerous trend would lead to racially charged conflict on the streets of the nation. What kooks!

We have also railed against; torture, needless wars, police brutality, government corruption, the two-party duopoly, the criminality of the banksters and the end of privacy.

Now the very same mainstream media hacks who promoted the lies that lead to war in Iraq and Libya and mindlessly regurgitate whichever talking point is uploaded onto their teleprompter are gleefully assassinating what they call “fake news” using edited tape and misleading hit-pieces.

While these discredited war cheerleaders lie about why our sons and daughters are sent to die, we are bravely exposing the fraudulent casus belli they traitorously and disgracefully promote.

While these corporate spokespeople work for the interests of the oil and drug companies and political forces that pay their salaries, we risk everything to expose the crimes and scams of these same broken institutions.

We have done a great public service by exposing the deceptive, psychological methods used by the ruling elite to warp historical narratives, manipulate patriotism and manufacture consent.

By helping people to recognize and suspend their belief in propaganda and therefore their own complicity in it, the alternative media is helping to create a public awareness to the tactics our enemies use to keep us divided, steal our rights and slaughter countless innocents all over the world.

I know it’s fun and easy to call us tin-foil-hat wearers, or whatever pejorative has been chosen for you today, but let’s be clear about whose dirty work some are doing. Ironically, many are using talking-points written by deep-state operatives to ridicule the idea that the deep-state exists at all!!

Alternative media is in direct competition with the mainstream media for revenue and the MSM want to control the information we are exposed to.

The MSM is waging a concerted demonization campaign aimed at destroying some of the dominant platforms exposing the lies and crimes of their corporate and deep-state masters and many are helping them do it.

The MSM is an enemy of the truth and of the people. Friends of mine have been accused of being Russian agents in The NYT because they simply told the truth about Clinton during the campaign.

The corporate press has gone from lying to the American people to lying about the American people.

Do we have the will and power to destroy our common enemy?

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  • Tom Paine

    We have the best government money can buy.
    We need to mobilize massive civil disobedience to the police state and demand our freedoms and wealth returned to us.

    • nomadd

      They have the best government money can buy. Seems like they ought to be able to buy a better grade of politician.
      Obama was a good investment though.

  • imbroglio

    Google Hiring 10,000 Reviewers to Censor YouTube Content —

  • Jed Grover

    It sure seems like our tax dollars are really funding the US Mafia and its NATO hit squad! Just as in North Korea we are in a propaganda saturated society and connived into sleeping with the devil. The truth wrecking crew agreed upon between Reagan and Thatcher with oversight by those war profiteering gold bar hoarders at the Bank of London who seeded the coup long ago in 1871 and 1913.

    Reagan was a dunce and a fabricator. Besides that “Welfare Queen” one of his most famous assertions was, “Trees cause more pollution than automobiles do,” and he maintained, wrongly, that sulfur dioxide emitted from Mount St. Helens was greater than that emitted by cars over a 10-year period. (Claimed in one day, cars emit 40 times what Mount St. Helens released in a day even at its peak activity.)

    And let’s not forget the wages of “trickle down” economics and “Reaganomics,” from which we have still not recovered. In 1982, the Congressional Budget Office found that taxpayers earning under $10,000 lost an average of $240 from Reagan’s 1981 tax cuts, while those earning more than $80,000 gained an average of $15,130. By that fall, the jobless rate hit 10.1 percent–the worst in 42 years, and a year later 11.9 million were out of work. In 1983, the country’s poverty rate rose to 15 percent, the highest level since the mid-’60s. In 1984, a congressional study reported that cuts in welfare had pushed more than 500,000 people–the majority of them children–into poverty. He also gave “lying fool” Rupert Murdoch.

    The neocons would have us believe that Reagan was also a “really smart” foreign policy genius. Iran-Contra–the secret and illegal selling of weapons to our sworn enemy, Iran, to then fund the Contras–was both a constitutional disaster and a foreign policy blunder about which we were asked to believe Reagan knew nothing. His administration was also thoroughly corrupt: Eight senior officials in his administration were indicted.

    Fabrication, lying, cruel and counterproductive policies at home and abroad, bloating of the deficit, widening the gap between rich and poor: These are the Reagan legacy. As Republican candidates seek to wear his mantle all while their Democratic opponents turned to a blind eye. Lets recall that “Laffing Curve” the funniest damn napkin based academic theories in economic history.

    George H.W. Bush and his NAFTA negotiations for the wealthy, Kuwaiti Incubator babies, S&L scandal & Wall Street trial run, NWO opportunities of planet Earth domination and broken Russian NATO promises led to Clinton’s approval of NAFTA, ignorance and partake in corruption, I did not have sex with that woman, Super Predators, Privatized Prisons, seeding of Billionaire owned media propaganda & lies, Yugoslavia must be bombed, turning the wolf loose on Wall Street, kicking Broosley Born and meddling in Russia’s economy.

    2000 gave us “Entitled George” dumbest POTUS to date. Neocons, PNAC, Cheney, 9/11, Iraq, Afghanistan, Mission Accomplished, Enron and Mueller who hid the truth behind that manufactured War on Terror “Pearl Harbor” moment.

    Obama (one of our best orators) gave us more unfulfilled justice, nonconvicted fraudulent bankers, broken promises, false hope, haphazard healthcare and perpetual warfare including cowardly murdering drones. The thieving global elites and their “JackAs# DNC made their selection and chose to loose with the unscrupulous Manchurian candidate rather than win with Sanders. Now we are stuck with Mr. Chaos who has shown to be a misogynist, incompetent, sociopath and perhaps a reflection of everything above. Lessor of evil? To be determined. Do something for “we the people” Flush the toilet Trump and send all of the cheating BasTURDs to Guantanamo. All of these buffoons have implemented the Powell Manifesto so party matters NOT! I’m confident that Mr. Chaos has absolutely no clue what the Powell Memo was or ever knew who Lewis (a democrat) was. Vigilantly justice was be appreciated so long that it begins with a corrupt banker.

    I recommend not having kids in this place once known as America which I no longer recognize. We really should give democracy a try even it is a first time!

    • Sparticus

      You are correct. Additionally, the Rape of Generations continues ( they sold Industry to the lowest bidder) with the housing prices going insane, in some cases up 10x, since 1980, while wages lost and remain flat.

      Yes, do not have children. However, most people “have children by accident” and would not have had them in the first place if they had control. Mankind needs to take control. Cut the world order off of future slaves, People! If you have any respect for life, learn how not to get pregnant. Surgery is not a Bad option it will save YOU and YOUR children in the long run.