Censorship “Is The Cause Of Every Revolution In Human History”

In response to a question about stopping “fake news”, Edward Snowden notes:

Censorship does not do good. We might want to believe it does, and this gets into the fake news problem, for example, that if we just empower Facebook to decide what we can and can’t see and what is good and bad, the problem can be solved. But this is a mistake for a number of reasons.

One, it creates a slippery slope where now we have private corporations deciding what can and cannot be said. But further, let’s say there are clear cases, we’re talking about things like Jihadist propaganda, we’re talking about fascist communities that are promoting ideas that are actively harmful, out in the public. The problem is, if you censor them, you don’t actually remove them. You don’t stop the idea from being spread. You just force them underground. It is underground where these ideas actually propagate best and most effectively. This idea that we can just stamp out ideas, we know does not work. This is the cause of every revolution in human history.

President Kennedy agreed:

Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable.

Indeed, the American government is doing what King George did before the American Revolution … trying to crush dissent.

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  • andrew1212

    Looks like William Blum (one of my favorite writers) foresees a turbulent 2018 coming…


  • thermite is in all world trade center dust.

  • Danielvr

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  • Michele Baillie

    Soft Power, Hard Power……..Logical Fallacies employed by Academics, Violence, suppression used by the foot soldiers. Lenin/Trotsky….same game plan……. same Marxist/ Bolshevik ideals and goals……the result is going to be the same too….unless people come to the awareness they are being manipulated.

  • Sparticus

    Censorship is tolerated by weak and cowardly people who are easily ruled.