Billboards, Bases, and Baltimore

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  • janchup

    Oh, such a slippery slope…those poor weapons makers deprived of cash flow. Not only is it amazing that $30 billion could end starvation on earth, $30 billion is what the Pentagon spends in 2 1/2 weeks.

  • thomas h

    Haha!! Billboards involving math in a city that can not read or do maths? BRILLIANT!!!

  • Sparticus

    And, that tells you how sick the PTB are and there is no changing them. Those who are afraid of getting their hands dirty are to blame. You cannot have peace with warmongers! You all pay for it and they could never have done it without YOU … remember, those words, You will all hear them Again!

  • ShibumiMC

    1000 bases allegedly supporting “the global policeman” (i.e. USA) …..but which are really “protecting USA interests abroad.” And you can imagine what that means.