Talk Nation Radio: U.S. Military Promotes New Genetic Extinction Technology

Jonathan R. Latham, PhD is co-founder and Executive Director of the Bioscience Resource Project and the Editor of Independent Science News. Dr. Latham holds a Masters degree in Crop Genetics and a PhD in Virology. He was subsequently a postdoctoral research associate in the Department of Genetics, University of Wisconsin, Madison. He has published scientific papers in disciplines as diverse as plant ecology, plant virology, genetics and genetic engineering. Dr. Latham is also the Director of the Poison Papers project which publicizes documents of the chemical industry and its regulators.

His latest article is “Gates Foundation Hired PR Firm to Manipulate UN Over Gene Drives.”

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Producer: David Swanson.
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  • JC

    Is it possible to include a written transcript with these audio presentations,David?

  • Sparticus

    Very Interesting.

    There are many, many new developments in DNA manipulation and cloning technology. If they can clone a Woolly mammoth, and they are working on it, then they will have the powers of God, Genesis: 2: 22-24. This is no Joke. Mankind will be able to evolve itself into “???” anything it chooses. I have read many interesting articles, sourced from Harvard Scientists, who claim it is just as simple (same procedure) to clone mice or people. The Chinese may have begun? All the Noise in Government is to keep people unaware of what is coming. Clones will come, and it will be clones that one must worry about, not Robots! Compared to what DNA manipulation can do, Robots will not stand a chance.

    Good Topic, Good Work.

    • Yvette

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  • Sparticus

    I must comment again on this technology being used for good and evil. You cannot have one without the other; Good and Evil are inseparable. Sure, controls, treaties, and bans … however, then you are banning progress. Progress cannot be banned or society will suffer.

    Could disease be dead geaned? I think.

    Could Common Flu … I think. Imagine?

    Ticks … Why Not?

    Sure, you will have Darpa and others trying to make Apocolypse, and Super Soldiers; but the good that can come of these technologies outweighs the evil. Caution must be common practice. Top-Secret Government Operations will occur regardless of bans, treaties, or boycotts … So, in essence, to try and ban this technology, or any other is folly; because You will only have weapons by doing so. The Pentagon writes its own rules and it only takes one mosquito, right?

    Caution … yes, bans, NO. Bans will only affect corporations/medical use ( the good) we will have the BAD ( weapons) regardless. So there will always be the possibility of Apocalypse.

    I am aware of Firms trying to “Wine and Dine” government and this has been occurring Heavily recently under the Media FOG of Trump nonsense and Russia-Phobia. I wonder if it is all related? One thing is for sure, gene technology will go to the Germ Line, in Humans, and beyond. WE will Evolve.

    I would like to thank the Site Author, Publisher and Show Guest/ Host for contributing something useful to society.

    Absolutely Fantastic material.