Powers that Be Try to Take Down Washington’s Blog

The powers-that-be took down the site yesterday with a massive hacking attack.

We must be doing something right …  As they say, “If you’re not taking flak, you’re not over the target”.

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  • Xkeyscore

    I noticed that yesterday.

  • Sparticus

    Yes, it is a badge of honor. However, they need to be hacked in return or it will never stop. There are ways to unmask your attacker and launch a vicious counter attack of your own. I would hire professionals. Look at your last articles because those are the likely offenders.

  • thermite is present in all world trade center dust.

  • iseeit

    Just a drill…
    Remain calm.

  • kimyo

    why is carl gone?

    • nomadd

      where indeed is carl herman?

  • jadan

    And what are these “powers that be”? Cybersecurity companies looking to drum up sales, or deep state entities that fear the political influence of Washington’s Blog?

    • CensorMeFirst

      The political influence of a digital blog? Don’t make me laugh. Until I can get a monthly Washington Blogs magazine in the mail, and hand that to a total stranger or through some other means leave it for someone else to read, there is no influence towards anyone who did not intend in the first place to be here. This site is frequented by repeat visitors primarily, as are all strictly digital ‘news sites’. They say the printing press changed the world forever, and this is true. The internet and digital however, is an ever changing fluid power structure that an individual is rarely and only temporarily in control of. There is no david vs goliath online, there is only goliath. If you want sites like this to have pervasive influence, there must be a printed publication and ongoing funding sources. Is that another ‘donate’ button? Please! I’m a consumer not a one man charity. If there is nothing to buy, there is nothing worthy of purchasing. If I can’t hold it in my hands, there is nothing of substance worth spending on. At least get a t shirt or bumper sticker and an ebay link. There are more digital bums with their hands out then there are actual homeless people these days. Produce, thrive, prosper. Or wait for handhouts, its every ones own personal decision to make.

  • Sparticus

    Yes, Where is Carl …

    He is civil and open minded; while “others” are myopic and hostile. Great Writers have to be Open Minded and embrace a broad range of possibilities.

  • Mark J. Novitsky

    Yes…where is Carl Herman? He provided informative, well-researched, insightful and logical / critical perspectives. I appreciated the Crib Notes / condensed writing style that offered ALOT of Bang for the Buck per word! — I know for a fact the article he wrote about me a few years ago about the Joint Military Industrial Surveillance Complex was VERY well-read by DC and the USG DOD/IC. Peace. Mark J. Novitsky

  • CensorMeFirst

    If you printed a publication on paper, hacking your website would be pointless. Disguss is not a commentary platform, it is an informational control utility. Online ‘publications’, are not ‘published’, they are merely hosted. If you don’t routinely post your mirrored content online, previous data within posted articles may be manipulated without you knowing it. The last day of the paper print press will truly be the first day of tyrannical rule without freedom of speech. You’re not doing it right, that’s why I’m suffering a post via Disqus instead of the millions of other alternatives. Nothing new will ever rise over the competition as long as it remains strictly in the digital realm. Have a yearly or quarterly of best printed articles I can subscribe to and receive in the mail? No, well, that’s not really news then is it, but rather a temporary electrical signal travelling a board with finite space, eventually to be replaced by more important ‘modern data’. If you want to make a difference in the future, you must print on paper today.

    • Mark J. Novitsky

      Exactly… USG DOD/IC has the capacity to edit / alter, manipulate, censor words, links SECONDS AFTER THEY HAVE BEEN WRITTEN / POSTED ELECTRONICALLY! — GG/Intercept recently wrote how the DEEP/DARK STATE USG DOD-IC & Israeli Govt. Intel forced and bragged about FaceBook complying with their orders to Delete, Alter, Censor specific FB Targeted posts / posters. FB complied with the orders…To learn who really has control over you…identify those you are not allowed to criticize! BTW… Be Advised: http://www.finance.yahoo.com/mb/TTEC Peace. Mark J. Novitsky / FPVSFF