Charlottesville Finally Gets A Peace Monument

Well, we tried a petition, and I tried a TED talk (in fact two of em), and the Daily Progress daily newspaper, and Channel 19 four times: one, two, three, four, and Channel 29 too. No opposition whatsoever has been voiced to the idea of putting up a peace monument in Charlottesville, a town famously full of war monuments, including several for a war that has fallen out of favor.

Finally, the Charlottesville City Council has listened. A peace monument is not only in the works but is already visible right on the Downtown Mall pedestrian street in good ol’ Cville.

Ha! Just kidding!

Thus far we do still lack any public governmental body that has indicated any inclination whatsoever to give a flying fig.

But the popularity of peace *is* being used temporarily to sell stuff at this store. If you have to buy stuff, I encourage you to buy it there.

Sadly, “Peace on Earth” in December is camouflaged language, invisible to the human brain, like people singing “Imagine” by John Lennon in church. If “Peace on Earth” stays up in January, and people start to read it as a collection of three words with meaning to them, that will be more significant. I’m still willing to bet that it could stay up all year round and never be protested. Yet I’m sure it won’t last. We didn’t vote for this marketing gimick or elect anyone who did. We have no ability to keep it there.

But this peace monument does raise possibilities for motivating the creation of a public one. It was store windows in Charlottesville putting up $8 stickers back in the day that created living wage policies. Store windows have displayed hearts in opposition to fascist rallies, and rainbows in opposition to homophobia. What if stores were to display peace signs with the message “We want a peace monument in Cville”?

That wouldn’t win over elected officials who dream of bigger careers in a Democratic Party funded by weapons dealers. But it could win over elected officials not suffering under such burdens — and we do have some of those. It could be worth a try.

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  • Sparticus

    You do not have Peace, Why build a Monument? You are all supporting the US governments war machine with your tax dollars, so, none of you are in a place to call yourselves “peaceful people.” I can show every American the blood on their Hands. If you want peace than you must force the government into compliance; which is why you have constitutional rights.

    Arrest the Thieves on Wall Street and Put the House in Order. Only then, will there be Peace.

    • Army of Addicts

      True. Any bonehead can slap a Peace sticker on his/her bumper, and many do. But it only serves to illustrate that they are living in a bubble.

      How about we stand outside church on Sunday morning with picket signs, chanting that their savior is a Gnostic myth?

      Now THAT would be fun!!!

      • Sparticus

        I would gladly stand outside a church with picket signs; because those who think they are following God are actually following the dictates of a Roman Emperor!

        Nevertheless, God would have them protesting on wall street, and toppling that golden bull, because that is the only semi-peaceful way to absolutely control them all. He who controls Wall Street will Control the World, and everything in it, so why waste time with the Church? I would only stop by church and pick up the smart ones ( if there are any) to get the Job done on Wall Street.

        I only need 1-million people and I promise them “anything and everything” that they want without any hesitation; because if wall street topples 1-quad-trillion worth of bad debt comes down on the global orders head. They will beg for forgiveness!

        • Army of Addicts

          This country has a Christian moral base, with 2000 years of brainwashing to back it up. And if they want to forgive Wall Street or wait for Jesus to come back and take care of the low life’s, that’s how it’s going to go down. Meanwhile, it’s business as usual.

          Out of 323 million people here, 280 million of them are Christians, Christians who will sit back and watch as their prophesied apocalypse materializes right before their eyes. And do it with a smile on their face.

          If you think this is far fetched, then you don’t know brainwashing.

          • Sparticus

            Jesus told his apostles to gather swords, after he sacked the temple, and drove out the money changers. Jesus was for Action. Jesus was Violent. I do not care if Jesus was real or not; because I know how to read His book and it calls for Sacking Wall Street, Holding Back Tax, Because “Caesar” is due Nothing, and God would know that, but the Stupid Sheep Got the Gospel Translated by NERO! No pastor, priest or bishop will argue with me because they know I am right.

            The Church will comply or they will be Held Accountable for Governments Sin. And, simply, if they do not comply … Their ( Church of the Lost) Alter will be covered in Pigs Blood, Rendering it Unclean, Unholy and Abominable by God.

            God does not need passive sheep who serve Satan because they are too addicted to STUFF! Simply, Christians are an Embarrassment!

          • Army of Addicts

            They are liken to a raft adrift on a raging river, paddling gracefully with an oar made of straw.

            The river flows this way and that, and they say,

            “See, this is the course we have charted! Join us and be part of God’s plan, or else be thrown into the depths.”

            Unbeknownst to them, the raft is sinking, but their strong conviction will not let them scatter like rats, until the entire structure is no longer visible above the surface.

            And the rest of us will be going down with the ship.

            This is our fate, like it or not.

            In its psychotic quest for eternal life, Christianity is destroying the one life it has been given. It hates its life, and everyone else’s as well.

            Christianity: the one bubble that can not be popped.

            Absolute power corrupts absolutely.

          • Sparticus

            I agree. There is much to say here; however, there can be no doubt of their spectacular failure. If only 1-Million of them would stand, because they would be unstoppable! However, all we get is a lame church hell bent on serving government!

            I am working on bringing formal charges against the church. I will hold them accountable for supporting the US government ;and thereby, they are the sinful element of the government. They are responsible. I will not allow them to hide behind Jesus. Jesus did not pay tax voluntarily. Jesus is not for them.

          • Army of Addicts

            It’s only the clergy that does not pay tax, the sheep do. Without the sheep, the church has no money. Wow! That’s a great deal right there!

            If I decided to worship Satan and open up my own church right there on Main Street, I wonder if I could get a tax exemption as well.

            I hope you succeed in your endeavor. It sounds like a good plan. Lots of publicity would forward your cause.

          • Sparticus

            Not off topic because if we want peace then we are going to have to assemble numbers and make that peace. No Peace, No Profit.

            The Church can even be controlled by such means. If it does not set a good example than it should be banned by the people so that they have no funds. Everything can be controlled financially, but you`ve got to pull the right leavers to get the correct market action; which is why we have Constitutional rights.

            Protest entitles much more than just protest when taken in consideration to other rights: militia, bearing arms, citizens arrest ( allowing force to be used). We have everything we need except the numbers. What really is amazing is that there are 6-million people living in poverty in the neighborhoods surrounding the NYSE. Sad. Poverty is not Necessary, either.

            HE WHO PUTS those numbers together will have the Power of God. I am not exaggerating, either, Revelation 18, even God has to get Control of the Market. Wall Street will OBEY and so will the Government because neither want to be BROKE and Downgraded to JUNK on Political Instability!

            The Leadership of said movement will be well compensated. Pass the Word. Wall Street is the Gordian Knot, and He who controls it, controls the World. Peaceful Revolution = Siege on Wall Street. This is the only way.

          • Army of Addicts

            I don’t think you comprehend the amount of time and energy needed for such a project. First you must educate a large number of people, who have solid conviction. Then it’s got to be done in secret from start to finish, so that it’s not sabotaged during the process.

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