Troopaganda Eats Its Own Tail

First they tell you what to think the wars are for. They’re for protection from evil enemies, for spreading democracy and human rights.

Then you discover that wasn’t so. The evil enemies were actually human beings and no threat. The wars on terrorism have created many more enemies and spread terrorism far and wide. They’ve endangered rather than protected. They’ve damaged democracy at home and abroad. They’ve violated human rights and normalized their violation.

Then they tell you to keep the wars going for the sake of the poor fools sent into them and coming out of them with PTSD, brain injury, moral injury, and suicidal tendencies. If you’re not for harming more troops you’re “against” the troops.

Then you discover that this is all a twisted lie, that these one-sided slaughters that so devastate even the aggressors have no benefits, that people could have better and better-paying and more satisfying and less environmentally destructive jobs in peaceful industries for less financial, moral, and societal expense. It turns out the wars are for weapons profits and resource control and political domination and sadism.

Then they tell you it isn’t your right to have an opinion on the matter at all, that the troops themselves can decide what the wars are for. Even retroactively, they can simply choose some nice things to say the wars were for. And the wars can have been for different things for each person. It’s a question of personal preference.

If you don’t believe me, check out the hash tag #WhatIFoughtFor, pointed out to me by Coleen Rowley and created by a “human rights” organization. One guy declares that he fought for his family. That’s nice. How much more pleasant for him to love his family than for him to be willing to kill and destroy for a larger salary for the CEO of Lockheed Martin, or for the creation of ISIS, or for turning Libya into a hell on earth, or for the advance of climate change, or for any of the other actual results.

Others declare that they fought so that one particular collaborator or refugee could flee the hell that their fighting created or contributed to. That’s nice too. Surely veterans’ groups promoting kindness to refugees is better than veterans’ groups promoting hatred toward refugees. But what about the idea of ending the wars that create the refugees? What about the millions killed, wounded, traumatized, and left homeless for every one charismatic refugee whom someone claims after the fact that they were somehow fighting for?

And if veterans simply get to declare what they fought for, what is to stop the veterans among the fascists who come to Charlottesville from declaring that they fought for white supremacy? Surely they will be given louder microphones for that claim than will any members of Veterans For Peace. And if the contradictions between those who say they fought for genocide and those who say they fought for women’s rights are compounded by those who fought for some particular nice thing about their own family or town or non-profit funder, what becomes of public understanding?

Once war is understood as having no actual justification, but rather as having as many different justifications as participants, what if it occurs to someone to suggest that perhaps war isn’t justifiable at all?

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  • tubularsock

    Excellent! “Suppose they gave a war and nobody came.”
    The absurdity of war is breath taking.
    David, you were truthful and straight talking. Now just how
    do you believe you can get away with that?


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  • Sharon Marlowe

    That was the best thing I’ve read today:)

  • Sparticus

    I am really getting tired of the lack of intellect on this planet. I could sleep throught this Horror Show!

    Simply, You cannot believe in JESUS and support the WAR on Terror. First, you are breaking “genociding” Commandments; but nevermind the obvious, because you cannot believe in GOD and Support the US governments War on Gods Creation. Simply, there are no Terrorists, that`s simple Euphemism … Just like, ” Sub-humans and Disinfectant Shower” and it is amusing that mankind cannot get it? Sad.

    Everyone who supports the US governments war on Terror ( THE POOR) will be held accountable for the blood. John 2:15. There will be no forgiveness because JESUS will say, ” I never knew YOU.” How many years has it been since 9/11? DEAR GOD … How Stupid can people be. How many Wars, How Many Dead?

    Oh, and you better take the LESSON well, because it is a WAKE UP CALL. If you were not STUPID I would not have to SHOUT! GOD will not Shout, Simply, You just won`t wake up or you may wake up to find yourself being hunted by demonic drones in HELL with US taxpayer stamped on your foreheads?

    Think About it, because “if” there is a GOD this is all an absolute. I always leave room for the athiest. He is welcome to try and debate me, but I will warn … Nobody Wins.

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  • Hapa

    It used to be that men got bored at home and wanted to go to war for adventure. Now that we can travel and be passive tourists, who needs to go abroad to kill someone.

  • behnam bagheri

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  • ICFubar

    This short article would make a great pamphlet to hand out outside recruiting offices to those thinking of joining the armed forces as such decisions should be made with full knowledge before acting.

  • Black Swan

    ” The U.S. has more aggressive chicken hawk warmonger psychopaths in their Govt. than any nation on Earth. Few of these crazed militarists or their families have ever served in the military, much less ever engaged in combat, but still, these psychopaths seem to delight in killing innocent Human Beings. Since the year 2000, America and her allies have conducted at least 118,000 air strikes against various countries that oppose absolutely no threat against any Western Nation. The millions of Human Beings we have radiated, dislocated, severely injured, or killed through out the Middle East since 911 seem to have made little impact on the general American Public. But utter a politically incorrect word or phrase and many Americans will have their feelings hurt. This alone is proof we are a programmed society incapable of critical thought. For what reason have we killed so many innocent people? To bring them democracy? Where in Heaven? Do American care for anything other than being politically correct? Jack Speer Williams