Our National Madness

The nation has lost its common sense, its soul and its sanity. Can we summarize the source of this remarkably pervasive madness?

Our efforts are now focused not on solving core problems but on covering up core problems, as if covering up problems is a substitute for solving them. Down this path lies madness, for this substitution of false narratives for reality erodes our ability to distinguish not just between reality and fantasy but our ability to distinguish between moral rights and wrongs.

The efforts of those in positions of power are now focused on obscuring the truth, marginalizing critics, blaming malevolent external forces, cloaking self-interest with virtue signaling and staking claims to victimhood. These are the five dynamics that are powering the nation’s descent into madness and dysfunction.

Consider Harvey Weinstein. Evidence is now emerging that Mr. Weinstein and his army of toadies, bullies, thugs, et al. put enormous effort and resources into obscuring the truth, marginalizing critics, and cloaking self-interest with virtue signaling. Next up for Mr. Weinstein’s team of apologists: blame the Russians (or an equivalently malevolent Other), and claim to be a victim of all those testifying against him.

This is the model for everyone in positions of power. The only variation is which of the five will be spewed as a first line of defense, and which will be held in reserve for the last-ditch defense against the truth becoming public.

I’m sorry if this is a shock, but the economic “recovery” is nothing but smoke and mirrors designed to obscure the pillage of the nation’s wealth and income by state-protected cartels. The central bank can’t actually fix what’s broken in our economy, but it can manually push the needle of the stock market higher.

So rather than actually fix what’s broken, the “solution” is to make the stock market the primary measure of “prosperity.” In effect, the stagnation of real prosperity is a problem that would require profound (and painful to those gorging at the feeding trough) changes in the status quo; so the solution is to label the stock market “the measure of prosperity” and then shove it higher.

This substitution of trickery for reality solves nothing. It is the exact equivalent of the student who didn’t study and who learned nothing erasing his F grade and forging an A in its place. Nothing has actually changed in terms of the student’s knowledge or skillset, but he has fooled the authorities focusing on superficialities: incompetent, self-serving administrators who then tout the student’s high grade as evidence of their own success, the media which mindlessly accepts the fake grade as evidence that all is peachy-keen in the school district, and so on down the line.

If this happens often enough, the student actually starts believing he can get away with trickery as a solution for all problems: just BS your way through any challenge, and if that fails, then marginalize one’s critics, blame malevolent external forces, furiously virtue-signal, and if all else fails, stake a claim to victimhood.

In other words, the student loses touch with reality and is lost. The USA has lost touch with reality, for its leadership has embraced the notion that trickery and fakery that covers up problems is a substitute for solving problems–and if this fails to convince an increasingly jaded and cynical public, then body-slam the public with the other four tactics: marginalize critics, blame malevolent external forces, cloak self-interest with virtue signaling and stake claims to victimhood.

Unfortunately for our nation, madness is repeating what’s failed and thinking it will work next time. Trickery, maligning critics, virtue signaling, blaming outside forces and claiming victimhood no longer have the desired effect on all but the most delusional (or self-serving) supporters of our profoundly corrupt leadership.

Actions have consequences. Fakery and trickery are not solutions; they are a form of self-delusional madness that destroys the nation’s ability to face reality squarely and choose real solutions, no matter how painful the choice and path might be.


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  • ICFubar

    Good analysis by CHS. Any politician who somehow manages to get elected, such as Dennis Kucinich had or perhaps Tulsi Gabbard has, with the desire to make changes for the greater good is now viewed as dangerous by those who really wield power. The political class is there to manage the jurisdiction on behalf of the financial and corporate power owners and to keep the facade of an elected democracy in place by any means at their disposal as outlined by CHS in this article. This while the power holders go about their business of murder, looting and rape. These practitioners of power have no national loyalties other than what use they can make of a particular national entity and hail from many national jurisdictions. They share a common international statehood which is above the laws of individual nations which is hidden from the citizens of these individual nations. They do this through the institution of laws and decrees in capital movement-trade rights agreements and by simply issuing blanket immunity decrees as the BIS has done for all its central bank members and their supporting ‘systemically important banks.’ Their stranglehold over the entire planetary human economy when they act in concert is untroubled by actions at the nation state level but which will increasingly have to be dealt with in some manner as unrest by the masses builds.

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  • sometime

    this author is correct when saying, our efforts are on covering up core problems…..I would add, maybe much more so now than in the last many decades….cause, always been some covering up. of….the truth.

  • Sparticus

    There is only one way to bring change. Your founders gave YOU ( America) a Constitution because in their Wisdom they knew it was the only way to Keep Your Freedom. You Freedom is Lost. To get it back you must tackle Wall Street and Close its Exchanges. This will Cause the US government to be downgraded by the International banks who will lose TRILLIONS.

    In short, you will turn all your enemies ( Bankers, Governments, Corporations) against one another; and as, TSUN TSU ( Art of War) quotes: ” The Master of War wins without Firing a Shot. This is the only way to WIN without Firing a Shot. However, you need to put 500,000 – 1- Million protesters on Wall Street and Close the Exchanges. Media will do the Rest and Bankers will be Jumping out of Windows followed by Corrupt Politicians. You will get “anything” and Everything YOU want on a Golden Platter, America! THEY WILL BEG YOU TO STOP!


    Oh, btw, There are over 6-Million people living in Abject Poverty in NYC alone within walking distance to the Exchanges!

  • Lying Sweetly

    It’s all lies.
    Everybody’s lying.
    All the time.
    What can you do about it?
    Only one thing: http://lyingsweetly.blogspot.com/2017/05/lying-sweetly-i-am-going-to-tell-you_3.html

  • Black Swan

    ” By a continuing process of Inflation, Government can confiscate secretly and unobserved, an important part of the wealth of their citizens.” John Maynard Keynes
    ” Poverty is the worst form of violence on Earth ” Ghandi
    Usury: The Cancer Plaque on Humanity