Our Culture of Rape

Stripped of pretense, ours is a culture of rape. Apologists for the system that spawned this culture of rape claim that this violence is the work of a few scattered sociopaths. The apologists are wrong: The system generates a culture of rape.

The engine of our culture of rape is the elevation of the entitled-insider classto untouchability: they are above the law, and more equal than others in their freedom to impose every sick sociopathology known to humanity on the powerless peasants imprisoned in our noxious neofeudal system.

For the true sickness of our society and culture is measured not in the vile crimes of our entitled-insider class: it’s measured by the armies of enablers, protectors, enforcers and apologists who protect the entitled-insider classfrom exposure and justice. After 25 years of blatant abuse of power and crimes that have yet to enter the court docket, 25 years during which the cream of the American media purposefully ignored his blatant abuses of power, the moldering putrid remains of American journalism has finally emerged from its fetid nests, trembling in the unaccustomed brightness of day, to “report,” 25 years too late to save his innumerable victims, Harvey Weinstein’s Army of Spies (New Yorker).

You know how incestuous and cowardly our entitled-insider class is, and how they operate: for 25 long years, editors in the self-glorifying citadels of American journalism killed every story that would have exposed Mr. Weinstein’s actions to the world.

The same can be said of all the other predators hiding beneath the cloak of secrecy that protects the entitled-insider class from exposure.

Voracious predators like Bill Clinton mastered the fine art of forcing consensuality on their innumerable victims, considering the act of forced sex as little more than a standard perquisite of power, much like having the hotel door opened by servants.

The armies of spies, informers, PR flacks, security guards, attorneys, thugs, sycophants and handlers didn’t just enable predatory exploitation of the peasantry: they actively recruited victims and set them up, just as powerless maids were trapped in the chambers of lords in feudal times.

The truly sick reality of our culture of rape is that nobody involved reckoned they were doing anything wrong. The sociopathological predators reckoned they were simply exercising their droit du seigneur, their right to take any woman they desired as a privilege of belonging to the entitled-insider class.

Every single individual in the vast armies of spies, informers, PR flacks, security guards, attorneys, thugs, sycophants and handlers were simply doing their job, doing what they were told to avoid reprimand or being fired. In other words, every one of these individuals was a good German, pulling the trigger, defending predators from justice, protecting the most vile, sick abusers of power from exposure and attacking any victim who dared speak the truth, because, well, they were paid to do so.

Were there no other jobs in America other than protecting evil predators from exposure and justice? Or did these good Germans secretly revel in their proximity to power, much like the SS reveled in their proximity to Nazi power? All you good Germanswho served your overlords so well: please don’t deny the thrill of being close to sociopathological power. Or were you just too afraid of losing your own pretty perquisites?

These are the poisoned fruits of a neofeudal system in which power, wealth and political influence are concentrated in the apex of the wealth-power pyramid, a system so corrupted that predators don’t just get off scot-free, they are celebrated as wunnerful guys because their abuses of power are so well hidden, their victims so well marginalized and their PR flacks so relentless in painting over the rotting flesh of their corruption.

While tens of thousands of men and women rot away in America’s teeming Drug War gulag, the exploiters and predators of our entitled-insider class are free to ruin and rape. It’s time we stop making excuses for the predators of our entitled-insider class, stop accepting the cover provided by the worm-ridden decaying corpse of our corporate media, and stop the armies of Good German executioners who have bludgeoned every attempt to expose the truth of our pervasive culture of rape, exploitation and pillage.

Our abject servitude is now exposed. We are peasants and debt-serfs imprisoned in a deeply corrupt and oppressive neofeudal society. Will we ever tire of worshiping our predatory entitled-insider class exploiters? 

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  • Shiggity

    We need to start talking about *financial* rape.

    Physical rape is awful, but getting financially raped is worse.

    When you pay interest rates above 10% and the elite pay interest rates that are essentially 0%, yeah you just got financially raped.

    By that definition, almost the entire US is getting raped / the entire world. When you look at wealth inequality, it’s pretty hard to argue against that point now.

    People who are standing up are disappearing / ‘mysteriously’ dying.

    • diogenes

      Moreover, financial rape is pervasive, affecting over 90 in 100 Americans.

      • Louella

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      • Army of Addicts

        And environmental rape.

  • Ol’ Hippy

    This country(US) is steeped in a pervasive ‘rape culture’. How else can one explain a president getting elected when exposed as a sexual predator in the media?? Same goes with big money college campuses as when star athletes get a free pass and poor victim is run off the college for having the audacity to accise their ‘star player’. It makes me sick. Also when the military was called out and Senator Kirsten Gillibrand was dismissed with no real action taking place. At least she tried. Same goes with the media. The old casting couch ‘jokes’ come to mind. It’s pervasive and systemic here in the US. To take it a step further, using the rape allegory, the continuous ripping off the few that have real property or savings and financially tanking the market in the biggest transfer of wealth toward the top. This country has moved to a dystopic state for a majority of it’s citizens and there’s no relief from anywhere to address these pervasive and systemic practices. Is there anything we marginalized assaulted struggling folks can do?? These are hard questions and they need real answers, not just a few news blips on the media that glamorizes the whole culture.

    • Army of Addicts

      One thing we can do is show religious fanatics that there is no pie in the sky judgement on the hereafter for all these crooks and criminals, so they might get off their back sides and take a stand.

  • Xkeyscore

    That’s funny. I am now 54. I was falsely accused of rape in 1980. I had consensual sex with a beautiful blonde. She, within just a few hours reported me to the police for raping her. The detectives knew within 5 minutes of interrogating me that I was innocent and she was lying. I’ll never forget it and I’ll never trust another female ever again. AmeriKa can kiss my ass, forever!

    • Sparticus

      Yes … People do not seem to comprehend that women can be even worse than the steriotypical man. I had sex with a 20-something year-old woman when I was 15. She really attacked me! I was not ready. I could have cried and made a fuss. However, had I done so, everyone would have called me a Baby! Double Standards, Inequity and Bias are alive and well in America; however, the target is the male population. I think back and laugh. However, why do women think back and CRY? Society ( for its own filthy reason) made them to feel that way. Women are used against men to bring men down.

  • Sparticus

    Rape is bad; however, I am getting sick of all the babies crying about who groped who. I have had women grope me. I have had married women ask me for sex. I have had to leave jobs because of women. Men need to wake up and smell the Coffee, because the women are walking all over YOU. I have worse stories! Nevertheless, people need to mature and stop acting like Children. There is far worse in life.

  • Black Swan

    ” In a society governed by Militarism, Consumerism and Neo-Liberal Savagery, it has become more difficult to assume a position of moral, social and political responsibility, to believe that politics matters, to imagine a future in which responding to the suffering of others is a central element of a democratic life turned upside down, for the reality of Democracy is Debtocracy refined Demonacracy.” Henry Giroux

  • ICFubar

    It is bad enough that these insiders carnally go after any woman they fancy but many also go after children who are completely defenseless. Perhaps these types of persons rise in the hierarchy because the hierarchy is itself a system of financial induced debt rape or outright instances of financialized genocidal murder {‘starvation in the midst of abundance”] and those who can do one can do the other without blinking. I would think that this culture goes back into the mists of time rather than the 25 years CHS states as being particularly brazen. Only the advent of nuclear weaponry has stopped the recurrence of the unbelievable carnage of world wars, leaving these insiders only the viciousness of proxy wars to sate their appetite as proof to themselves of their powerful existences. They become aroused when they see the torn bodies of the dead they have wrought.

    Perhaps these insiders know their own nature and their striving to bring globalization into being is to prevent themselves from killing all human life on this planet through a nuclear war and bringing their rule to nothing.