What Orwell Failed To Predict Is That We’d Buy The Cameras Ourselves, And That Our Biggest Fear Would Be That Nobody Was Watching

Great quote from Keith Lowell Jensen:

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  • ICFubar

    It seems the complexities of our world are all coming to a head. From faulty vaccines, GMOs, vast surveillance, through controlled opposition, to foreign policies and economic-monetary concerns the complexities have built to a point of total assault on society and the people. Politicians within the system they operate can no longer even hope to deal with the complex nature of the problems that have built up. Any politician that actually seeks to try and improve the situation is viewed as dangerous by the plutocracy. It feels that human kind has fast approached a make or break point as to what the future of the human experiment will be.


  • mountainbikerz

    It’s Brave New World, not 1984.

  • Sparticus

    The Only Reason it Occurs is because YOU, the people, allow it. You serve and fund it, so, in the end, and this is especially relevant for you “Christians,” they will BLAME YOU.

    Think you can escape? NO. How can there be a Church -that does no good- but yet has so many believers? This is, indeed, the Twilight Zone; however, God will not be impressed, so it should be Warned About. Patriotism is the Killer. -John 2:15.

    Those who serve the BEAST, PAY ITS TAX, and Abide by its Rules will be Blamed for the Outcome. You all had RIGHTS and FREEDOMS ( who do you think gave them to you?) To Protest, Militia, Assemble, BEAR ARMS and Even Citizens Arrest ( allowing use of FORCE).

    There will be no Excuses.

  • everybody is watching.

    nobody is watching.
    i do not exist.

    • Greta

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