Highlights from No War 2017

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  • Sparticus

    Any talk of a plan? What motivates all of these wars? Wall Street.

    Wall Street bought the US government and thereby the US taxpayer. There is only one way to bring peace. Strike Wall Street and Close the Exchanges, until the Bankers learn their lessons. US taxpayers could get a refund if they show some discipline. Afraid … Then, you are a slave and should not complain. Fear is for the Weak.

    • Jed Grover

      Actually there is no need for private banking if just and proper restructuring took place.

      • Sparticus

        True. That is why Americans have a Constitution; because it was known that sinister powers would take over and “sooner or later” the people would have to re-liberate themselves from tyranny. Americans have the rights to bear arms, assemble, form militia, and even Citizens Arrest ( which allows use of Force). Americans will have only themselves to blame if they do nothing. Everything could be renegotiated in a WEEK or LESS if 1-million people ( a petty number considering the population) show up and close wall street. Washington would be Paralyzed, until they LEARN AND OBEY. You cannot vote out Tyranny, the founders knew this, and that is the only reason that they wrote the Constitution.