OPINION: Bannon Likely to Become America’s President


“Steve Bannon DESTROYS George W. Bush and John McCain in NEW Speech at California GOP meeting”

22 October 2017

Bannon’s first-ever public statement, in depth, about the 2016 campaign and about “economic nationalism.” He’s the best salesman for right-wing populism I’ve ever seen. I don’t think that the phoniness of the Democratic Party will be able to withstand it. (26:00 — “There’s not been a more destructive Presidency than George [W.] Bush’s.” And Bannon got applause from these active Republicans for saying such things, though Bush’s favorability-rating amongst Republicans at that time, which was just after Bush’s damning speech against Trump on October 19th, was 76%; it had been 82% before Bush’s speech.)

Bannon is the best extemporaneous public speaker in American politics. I think he’s probably brilliant enough to know that conservatives are destroying America, but he’s certainly bright enough to know that liberals are also destroying America; and his progressive statements are probably merely for show — he’s a binary guy, either-or, all the way, and I think he’s at least intelligent enough to know that the entire aristocracy are only liberals and conservatives, with no progressives at all, and that he’s an agent for the conservative ones against the liberal ones, the most gifted agent that the entire aristocracy have. His chances of becoming elected U.S. President might be higher than anyone else’s. His message is far more cunning than Reagan’s ‘Greed is good’ libertarianism; his is instead a moralistic crusade, for a mercantilist nationalistic form of conservatism such as preceded the laissez-faire conservatism that was introduced by the French physiocrats in the 1750s and that became refined by Adam Smith in the 1770s as the libertartianism or neoliberalism which is expounded in today’s microeconomic theory and in the mainstream conservative political parties.

Authentic progressives such as Bernie Sanders are probably now totally blocked, because they won’t become able to control either Party, and they won’t get any money from the aristocracy to win as a third party.

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  • hyperbola

    Well, the video suggests that Bannon is just another “hot-air-politician”. Lots of bla-bla-bla about how to win, but little about what to do if one wins. In fact, Bannon’s background suggests that he is just another “feel-good-lackey” of a corrupt, abusive, sect – something we have been increasingly suffering from ever since Reagan committed treason with the sect to get elected.

    Steve Bannon Loves Israel And The Jews — Really – The Forward

    No thanks. Time for an American president that is NOT a puppet of the sect.

    • cettel

      It’s not ‘the sect’ you bigot! It’s the aristocracy — of all religions, and of no religion at all. If ypu disagree with this, then tell me why the world’s richest family, the Sauds, get a pass from you, and why George W. Bush gets a pass from you, and why Osama bin Laden gets a pass from you, and why Hitler gets a pass from you, and why Stalin gets a pass from you, and why the Rockefellers get a pass from you, and why Bill and Melinda Gates get a pass from you, and why the Kochs get a pass from you, etc. I see no other possible explanation but that you’re a plain-vanilla anti-Semite (a hater of all Jews), and that’s bigotry, pure and simple, just like the KKK, the Nazis, etc.

      • kimyo

        everyone who disagrees with zuesse is a nazi, isn’t it obvious?

        sect (definition)

        A sect is a subgroup of a religious, political, or philosophical belief system, usually an offshoot of a larger group. Although the term was originally a classification for religious separated groups, it can now refer to any organization that breaks away from a larger one to follow a different set of rules and principles.

        • The definition appears appropriate – In the end aren’t we all sharing similar goals?

          • nomadd

            ‘The definition appears appropriate’

          • Do you get the impression that there’s too much infighting?

            Collectively we appear unable to get organized and deal with the issues that are effecting all of us.

          • kimyo

            In the end aren’t we all sharing similar goals?

            this is truly a key question.

            i think the answer is clearly no.

            zuesse’s goal: to sow discord and fear in order to get people into the voting booth.
            swanson’s goal: to divert useful energy into non-productive protest activity.
            herman’s goal: to seek the arrest of criminals engaged in war crimes.

            of the above, only herman’s goal offers a true path forward. neither voting nor protesting will restore our democracy.

          • What I believe we all have in common is the passionate desire to end the rule by Neocons and see that replaced by a more humanitarian alternative

            That and seeing war criminals at the ICC.

          • kimyo

            80% of us agree on 80% of the issues. we want clean water and safe schools for our children. we want wrinkled but sharp grandparents telling jokes to smiling grandchildren. we want a world where the industrious are rewarded as much or more than the connected.

            we agree. that is our strength.

            the apparatus seeks to make this not so. unfortunately, zuesse serves the apparatus when he sets ‘morally superior’ progressives against ‘racist’ conservatives. he could work to unify, rather than divide.

          • I’ve read many articles by EZ over the last few years and very much doubt that EZ serves the ”apparatus” you mentioned.

            All of us have our own style – the point is that too much infighting has the effect that we become the weaker team when we should be scaring the hell out the Neocons.

            Unholy alliances might need to be formed in order to end these wars of aggression and see to it that the war criminals of today are served the very due process they’ve denied their victims.

            Unity makes us stronger.

          • kimyo

            articles like these do not promote unity:
            Gallup Poll Finds Democrats More Compassionate; Republicans More Psychopathic

            Studies Find that Conservatives Are Bad People, And That Successful People Tend to Be Bad

            Social Science Findings about Conservatism

            In each religion, the more fundamentalist one was, the more bigoted one tended to be, not just against non-believers, but against homosexuals, Blacks, and so forth. Religious belief, in other words, causes bigotry.

          • Those articles are critical of the establishment, conservatives and capitalism in general – the present economic model based on perpetual economic growth regardless of the consequences is out of date like a 1969 gas-guzzler.

            The point is that the US isn’t a democracy – but an oligarchy which needs to change – and quickly since the Neocons are risking everyone’s lives while wastefully diverting taxpayers funds into the privately owned MIC, instead of funding infrastructure projects.

            It simply doesn’t matter which side of the proverbial duopoly wins an election – They’re both wrong.

            The agenda of the deep state stubbornly continues while these lie-based wars of aggression are allowed to continue unabated – Sadly no one is being held accountable for the war-crimes committed in the process – US exceptionalism has to be ended.

            My point – Lets not wasting our time and energy on infighting when its the Straussian Neocons that we should be concentrating on – so for the record – none of the writers on WB fit that description.

            These wars have been going on for far too long – Unholy alliances will need to be formed so that all of us that are opposed to these lie based wars of aggression will become stronger than the war-mongering Neocons.

      • hyperbola

        So we should discuss the whole world before noting that Bannon is a lackey of a corrupt, abusive, foreign sect! The “shoah business” is not an excuse for the sect’s crimes and abuses.

        On using Jews as a human shield for Zionist advocacy

        By the way, neither of the Bushes, neither Clinton, nor Obama get a pass from me – they have all been traitorous lackeys of the sect.

        Yinon, PNAC and the Zionist / US / NATO Project to Destroy Syria

        In fact, the treason to America started much earlier.

        Our First Jewish President Lyndon Johnson? – an update!!

        Woodrow Wilson: Pawn of the Jews
        …. With their man now in the White House, (a man of compromised morals), the Zionist plan for a central bank; renewed legislation for an income tax – (abolished in 1872 after it had been employed to finance the Civil War ); and American involvement in a global war, was a fait accompli….

  • Shiggity
    • kimyo

      but not obama? from your link: ‘malignant narcissist’ – check. ‘projection’ – check. ‘nonsensical conversations from hell’ – check. ‘changing the subject’, ‘moving the goal posts’, the list describes obama to a T.

      likewise the clintons. mccain. pelosi.

      • Harvey Price

        Almost most American politicians use these tactics. On the right, and the left. You should not trust any of them. The Republicans seem to be the most toxic when it comes to this kind of strategy. However, the Democrats have a few that are similar: see Hillary Clinton. At the end of the day no matter what stripe the politician is, they are bought and paid for by someone whether its AIPAC/Israel, Russia, Big pharma, whatever. However, watching all the Trump-Russia stuff going on, I’ve learnt that there are good things that can be done by bad people. I think the Russians tried to destabilise the “program” in the US, and the powers that be (actually, just Democrats really in this case. The Republicans are basically at this point, traitors to the country) are trying to put it back to the status quo. Trump, and his cronies took things way off course, and they’re trying to put the country back on the course they want it to be on. The only way to do this is to do the “right” thing, and that is get rid of the horrendous Trump, and his cronies like Manafort, Sessions etc … and a good thing too. Trump and friends are dismantling the US bit by bit, and it is extremely dangerous to the country, and maybe even the world.

        • nomadd

          “I think the Russians tried to destabilise the “program” in the US, and
          the powers that be (actually, just Democrats really in this case.”

          nonsense. thats a deep state psy op, clinton wing.

      • nomadd

        well you know virtually all our presidents and other so called leaders are psychopaths sociopaths or extreme narcissists. but i get your point. trump and bannon are pikers compared to barama. and compared to slick bill clinton. but not hillary. shes terrible at cognitive manipulation. which is why she failed so miserably.


  • paul

    Well it ‘s nice to see someone who can speak without reading off a piece of paper. That’s as enthusiastic as I can be about Bannon

  • ICFubar

    Bannon or another pandering to a populous style movement could be elected president but if they are unable to allow the shadow government and its owners to realize their ambitions and efforts to reach an agreement are not reached then we have that glaring daylight lesson as to the final solution. Hell MLK was made an example of for just being a possible threat. History seldom reaches to the real power centers in its telling so those reciting history are often reciting the fairy tales that are told of our past. Politics is the front from behind which the real powers operate. Only the people organized and operating independently of the state can achieve any results in their own interests. “The state exists to enforce the dominance of elites, all the rest is propaganda, misdirection and obfuscation.”

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    • Shay

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  • jammer

    I’m sorry, thinking at first that the headline said: “ONION: Bannon Likely to Become America’s President.”