Our Protected, Predatory Oligarchy: Dirty Secrets, Dirty Lies

The revelations coming to light about Hollywood Oligarch Harvey Weinstein perfectly capture the true nature of our status quo: a rotten-to-the-core, predatory, exploitive oligarchy of dirty secrets and dirty lies protected by an army of self-serving sycophants, servile toadies on the make and well-paid legal mercenaries. Predators aren’t an aberration of the Establishment; they are the perfection of the Establishment, which protects abusive, exploitive predator-oligarchs lest the feudal injustices of life in America be revealed for all to see.

The predators reckon their aristocratic status in Hollywood/D.C. grants them a feudal-era droit du seigneur (rights of the lord) to take whatever gratifications they desire from any female who has the grave misfortune to enter their malefic orbit.

Anyone who protests or makes efforts to go public is threatened by the oligarch’s thugs and discredited/smeared by the oligarch’s take-no-prisoners legal mercenaries. (Recall the Clintons’ Crisis Management Team tasked with crushing any Bimbo Eruptions, i.e. any eruptions of the truth about Bill’s well-known-to-insiders predation of the peasantry.)

The dirty secret is that the oh-so-hypocritical power elites of Hollywood and Washington D.C. circle the wagons to protect One of Their Own from being unmasked. The first weapons of choice in this defense are (as noted above) threats from thugs, discrediting the exploited via the oligarchy’s paid goons and lackeys in the mainstream media and dirty lies about what a great and good fellow the oligarch predator is. The last line of defense is a hefty bribe to silence any peasant still standing after the oligarchs’ onslaught of threats, smears and lies.

Should the worst happen and some sliver of the truth emerge despite the best efforts of the thugs, corporate media, legal mercenaries and PR handlers, then the playbook follows the script of any well-managed Communist dictatorship:the oligarch predator is thrown to the wolves to protect the oligarchs’ systemic predation and exploitation of the peasantry/debt-serfs.

Just as in a one-party Communist dictatorship, an occasional sacrificial offering is made to support the propaganda that the predators are outliers rather than the only possible output of a predatory, exploitive feudal status quo comprised of a small elite of super-wealthy and powerful oligarchs at the top and all the powerless debt-serfs at the bottom who must do their bidding in bed, in the boardroom, in the corridors of political power, and in the private quarters of their yachts and island hideaways.

Media reports suggest that the real reason Mr. Weinstein has been fired is not his alleged conduct over the past 27 years but his loss of the golden touch in generating movie-magic loot for the oh-so-liberal and politically correct Hollywood gang that was pleased to protect Mr. Weinstein when he was busy enriching them.

What’s truly noteworthy here is not the sordid allegations and history of payoffs–it’s the 27 years of intense protection the Hollywood/ media /D.C. status quo provided, despite hundreds of insiders knowing the truth. Just as hundreds of insiders with top secret clearance knew about the contents of the Pentagon Papers, and thus knew the Vietnam War was little more than an accumulation of official lies designed to protect the self-serving elites at the top of the power pyramid, only one analyst had the courage to risk his career and liberty to release the truth to the American public: Daniel Ellsberg.

Why are we not surprised that Hollywood, the corporate media and Washington D.C. lack even one courageous insider?

If you want to understand why the status quo is unraveling, start by examining the feudal structure of our society, politics and economy, and the endemic corruption, predation and exploitation of the privileged oligarchs at the top.

Then count the armies of self-serving sycophants, toadies, lackeys, hacks, apologists, flunkies, careerists and legal-team mercenaries who toil ceaselessly to protect their oligarch overlords from exposure.

Open your eyes, America: there are two systems of “justice”: one for the wealthy and powerful oligarchs, and an overcrowded gulag of serfs forced to plea-bargain in the other. If John Q. Public had done the deeds Mr. Weinstein is alleged to have done, Mr. Public would have long been in prison.

As Orwell observed about a totalitarian oligarchy, some are more equal than others.


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  • diogenes

    Yes, all true, but also, let’s not forget that Weinstein has little or no blood on his hands, he hasn’t looted billions or driven millions out of their homes. That is,

    Weinstein is small time slime.

    That’s why he gets to be a fall guy — like Madoff — instead of Chair of the Federal Reserve or Sect. of the Treasury or something.

    • Rich

      Yes, my god yes!! On the surface a worthy useful sacrifice, but really a simple piece of cake for the rabble. Reminds me of Carmen Segarra’s testimony and her civil suit against Geithner, Silva and The Fedreserve were discarded by a federal judge.

  • Pizzagate has much more information regarding this phenomenon. Worth looking into and investigating in my opinion. It’s historical and widespread.

  • ICFubar

    Has not the oligarchy always operated in this manner? The only difference in the situation is that the status quo social compact has now been abrogated by outright financial looting and the wholesale slaughter of the public in mass murder events for political and financial gain. Basically a soft war has been declared against the public at large.

    The only recourse the public has is to withdraw their support of the oligarch’s structures. Don’t vote for their candidates. Don’t enlist in their law enforcement, military and surveillance agencies. Don’t continue to do your business with their financial entities like the big banks. Don’t participate in their circuses, as in BDS Las Vegas and let their casino resorts rot in an Ozymandias desert. Organize, resist, challenge and if all else fails then the general strike is the only non violent tactic left to the public. Otherwise the pick the public off one person and one segment at a time.

    • Lying Sweetly

      ICF – I agree with all of your points almost completely. Except “The only recourse the public has …” There is something else that anyone/everyone can do to topple the top heavy structure, but it is actually (strangely) much more difficult, which is surprising since all of the elements are already within each person’s control:

      • ICFubar

        I read your link. Interesting concept. Of course the biggest and most damaging lies are the ones we tell ourselves, the distortion of reality the author goes on about. Lying also allows humans to get along, the white lies we all tell to prevent hurting another or damaging the relationship we have with them. If we were all brutally honest we would all have to live by ourselves.

        • Rich

          Lying gregariousness versus honest solitude. Even to address the distinction confers legitimacy to the notion of equally acceptable and meritorious positions in between the two suggested extremes.
          I don’t think so. A false dichotomy for sure.
          Oddly, psychiatry and psychology, the two professions, actively rationalize the former, lying gregariousness, as the epitome of mental health and, solitude, the absence of lying friends, as a major indicator of psychopathology. Then again, these two professions are the underwriters and apologists for Bush’s Torture Program and Obama’s Drone Assassination of minor children, al Awlaki’s 16yo son and 8yo daughter. And didn’t The Obamas share their daughter with Weinstein as an unpaid intern?

          • ICFubar

            Have you ever spent a considerable time alone? I have in wilderness settings. Knowing what to expect I wasn’t concerned with hearing the occasional hushed words by the wind in the trees or the low conversations I was not privy to in murmuring creeks. Stay long enough and you get ‘bushed.’

            Benign lying allows humans to get along in the community we were meant to live in, Deceitful lying tears that community apart.
            But to tell the truth I could give a **** about your comment as a non sequitur.

          • Rich

            Thanks Jeremiah Johnson.
            Nonsequitur huh?
            I suspect we’re closer to agreement. But lying that does not betray the conscience or provoke the autonomic nervous system is coldness and soulessness evident in antisocial personality disorder and psychopaths. All stuff rampant in the remorseless, self-annointed leadership class ruining society. Surely, some people value and enjoy the solitude and that scares the shit outta people who can’t handle it among the leadership class.

          • ICFubar

            You would suspect correctly. The whole social compact is based on lies that the rulers and the ruled tell each other and themselves.

            But lies can also serve a useful purpose, like those we tell to encourage if there is any hope of improvement. The distortion of reality for good.

            This lying of ours is not a black and white situation that we all live in.

        • Lying Sweetly

          So I take it you’re not going to try it and tell me how bad it was ;-P

          • ICFubar

            The only lies I tell are white ones…like if my wife asks me if she looks fat in a new pant suit. Being retired, older and hopefully wiser helps. I will be on the lookout for the lies we tell ourselves though as a self deceiving distortion of reality..

  • Shiggity

    A story like this infuriates me.


    The woman was a mob wife for the entire marriage, now that he gets ‘caught’ it’s a big problem for her.

    She’ll play the feminism card and get to keep half of the gangster money while everyone says how strong she is.

    People love psychopath’s for their capacity to acquire wealth, but will turn on them at the drop of a hat when scandals go public…while attempting to keep the psychopath’s monetary gains.

    Mob wives are as out of control as the gangsters themselves.

    • Todd millions

      Too right.
      I had one German report, about a young student shrink giving the basic psychopath test too her sister students and the -“further testing indicator”s rated at 70 % of respondents. A normal sample-Men, for this preliminary test would be expected too be less than 30% “further testing.”
      Since as we all know-only men are psychopaths*,this test had apparently never being done in gender group run troughs !
      The student stressed that it was a small sample and more runs would be needed too confirm these interesting results. Fair enough.
      But I’ve no report of these new runs. One garbled report(via translate) had it that a couple male students were quite excited by these results and wanted too conduct further runs on random lots of women.
      I don’t know what happened too them-they seem too have-disappeared!
      Really disappeared.
      *Wry irony mode-with a concrete pump too lay it on.