Gainesville Bans Torches, Charlottesville Allows Guns

Here’s a list of items banned from an event in Gainesville, Florida, with hatemonger Richard Spencer. It includes all conceivable weapons, and even open flames of any kind.

Here’s an NBC 29 report on our petition to ban weapons from public rallies in Charlottesville. It seems to focus on this Virginia state law, which bans loaded guns from public places in a list of localities that does not include Charlottesville. The intent in citing this seems to be to claim that Virginia state laws allowing “concealed” and “open” carrying of guns cannot be overridden in any way except in the list of localities found in that law. Yet, Richmond, which is in that list, apparently decided it could ban every type of weapon except guns.

Still, here is a list of weapons banned in Gainesville that nobody in Charlottesville has yet proposed, as far as I know, any justification whatsoever for not banning from the fascist rally in August or any future rally:

simulated firearms, tasers, knives, sharp objects
Lighters, matches, torches or open flame
Any athletic equipment or other items which could be used as a weapon
Masks of any kind, goggles, bandanas/scarfs, neck gaitersFlag Poles, bats, clubs, sticks (including sticks on signs)
Aerosol/pressurized cans, mace
Chains, padlocks, bicycle locks

Backpacks, bags, purses, clutches
Signs made of anything other than cloth, paper, foam core, cardboard
Cans, metal or glass containers, premixed beverages or alcoholic beverages
water bottles of any kind

Perhaps some of the items above go overboard. Certainly the rest of the list not reproduced here does. And of course it seems crazy to ban non-gun weapons while allowing guns. But we are asking the City of Charlottesville to ban guns, knives, and sticks, and it has yet to produce any excuse for not banning knives and sticks. And the city will only be moved to pursue banning guns from public rallies if we keep up the pressure.

Please sign and share the petition:

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  • thomas h

    Regulating tools is the moron’s way of countering bad behavior, and it DOES NOT WORK. Attack the behavior.

    Anybody with half a brain could find something to kill you with in a 5 minute walk through the grocery store.

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    • Shiggity

      No one wants to talk about the tens of millions of Americans that need mental health benefits and receive nothing.

      We have wonderful Republican leadership trying to take health care away from these people around the clock so they can give themselves bigger bonuses.

      • thomas h

        Obamacare transmogrified my TEXAS RISK POOL (because I am a cancer survivor) into self-employed me ending up paying everything out of pocket, signed up to the only health mktplace plan I qualify for, that being a HORRID BC/BS HMO. (Bluecare)


        NOW I PAY 6K/YEAR TO HAVE TO PAY OUT OF POCKET FOR EVERYTHING if I want competent surgeons. And if it accidentally is in network, 5k deductible.

        You know nothing about what you are talking about. As a person with pre-existing, Obamacare ruined a system that had worked well for me for DECADES.

        Pay attention to the kool-aide you are drinking. Word to the wise.

  • Shiggity

    Banning things works super well.

    Just look at how effective the drug war / DEA has been. Just look at how successful prohibition was in the 1920s.